Congratulations—you’re about to propose! When it comes to engagement rings, you want her to be head over heels in love with it to the point where she’ll show it off for years to come.

Considering that your soon-to-be fiancée will be wearing this ring forever, it’s important to research all of the engagement ring styles available before deciding on the one that suits her best. If she has her heart set on vintage style engagement rings, you don’t want to purchase a modern halo style engagement ring, and vice versa. To learn about the different styles of engagement rings and shop the best selection in NYC, come in to Roman Malakov where our expert jewelers will assist you to finding the perfect “say yes” sparkle for your bride-to-be.

Consider Her Lifestyle and Personal Style

It’s likely that your soon-to-be fiancée has been dropping hints about the engagement ring styles she likes and doesn’t like. Maybe she’s told you that she adores antique style engagement rings but isn’t a fan of other styles. Or perhaps she loves halo style engagement rings and is also open to halo vintage style engagement rings. Whether she’s given you some not-to-subtle hints or you’re completely in the dark about her preferred engagement ring style, we can help. The first thing we’ll recommend is to consider her lifestyle. Does she like non-traditional and unique jewelry? Does she dress up frequently? What is her current jewelry selection like? Thinking about her lifestyle will give us an idea about her personality and what she may want in a ring. At the same time, knowing her personal style, particularly in terms of wardrobe, will help us determine what looks she may prefer.

Different Styles of Engagement Rings

While you may be uncertain about the exact ring she would love, knowing her preferences for any type of jewelry is a great place to start.  Does she wear bracelets, and if so, are they colorful bangles or a simple chain? How about necklaces? What’s in her everyday rotation?

The closer you can get to knowing her style, the easier it will be to work through hundreds of ring options. Take a breath: For now, let’s focus on these four categories.

#1. Vintage

Vintage style engagement rings are incredibly popular nowadays, since they carry an air of history that cannot be easily found or replicated in more modern designs. Vintage style engagement rings often have intricate and artistic details, such as milgrain detailing, filigree, and several diamond accents. These antique style engagement rings are often made with white gold, yellow gold, or platinum, which are all very durable metals that will continue to stand up to the test of time.

#2. Halo

Halo style engagement rings are characterized by a round “halo” of diamonds or gemstones around the center stone. Sometimes halo style engagement rings will have two or three halos, but they most commonly have one halo of diamonds around the center diamond. Halo style engagement rings make the center stone look larger and add a significant amount of sparkle to an already gorgeous ring.

#3. Solitaire

If your lucky lady is a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, this style of ring may be right for her. Solitaire engagement ring styles include a single stone on a band, typically with no other diamond accents. Solitaires can have a center stone of nearly any shape, with the most common cuts being round, oval, and emerald.

#4. Three Stone and #5. Side Stone

Three-stone engagement rings and side-stone rings include various diamond accents in addition to the center stone. Three-stone engagement ring styles have one stone on either side of the center diamond, typically in a slightly smaller karat than the center stone. Side-stone engagement ring styles include diamond accents down the band and in other intricate designs on either side of the center stone.

Shop Roman Malakov for a Wide Selection of Engagement Ring Styles

You’ve discussed jewelry with your partner, and now you have a sense of where to begin. Why not begin your search for the perfect ring at Roman Malakov? We have a beautiful selection of high quality, handcrafted engagement rings in a variety of styles to best suit your loved one. All of our pieces are handcrafted and made with the highest quality metals and stones, and each ring is exclusive to the Roman Malakov name—plus, we’ll be able to help you match your engagement ring to your future wedding bands. Shop online now or visit us in store at Roman Malakov today!


French Pave Halo Engagement

French Pave Halo Engagement