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2.04 Carats Total Round Diamonds and Ruby Fashion Ring in Yellow Gold
  • $2,800.00
1.25 Carats Total Half Moon Diamond Horse Shoe Design Fashion Ring in Yellow Gold
  • $4,500.00
2.58 Carats Total Mixed Round Tsavorite Garnet, Brown & White Diamond Yellow Gold Fashion Ring
  • $6,750.00
3.10 Carats Total Brilliant Round Diamond Micro-Pave Trio Tri-Color Infinity Rolling Eternity Fashion Ring
  • $11,200.00
5.15 Carats Total Brilliant Round Diamond Micro-Pave Trio Tri-color Eternity Fashion Ring
  • $14,500.00
3.76 Carats Total Round Diamond & Multi-Color Gemstone Square Pave Fashion Ring in Yellow Gold
  • $5,875.00
3.68 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Black Diamond Square Pave Fashion Ring in White Gold
  • $6,150.00
3.30 Carats Total Brilliant Round Diamond Square Pave Fashion Ring in Yellow Gold
  • $10,375.00
8.11 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Flexible Pave Fashion Ring in Yellow Gold
  • $20,875.00
4.92 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Flexible Pave Fashion Ring in White Gold
  • $13,250.00
0.26 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Clover Fashion Ring in White Gold
  • $1,050.00
0.72 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Clover Fashion Ring in White Gold
  • $2,500.00
12.06 Carats Total Brilliant Round Micro Pave Set Diamond Dome Cocktail Ring in White Gold
  • $21,500.00
1.13 Carats Total Round Diamond Five Row Galaxy Fashion Ring in White Gold
  • $3,950.00
1.18 Carats Total Brilliant Round Diamonds Six Row Galaxy Fashion Ring in Two Tone Gold
  • $4,250.00

Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are classic and timeless, even when they come in unique and innovative designs. From thin bands hosting one diamond to thick, bold bands covered in diamonds, remember that diamond rings don’t have to be extravagant to be beautiful. However, if extravagant and bold is more your style, we carry triple halo diamond rings, intertwined diamond band rings, fancy yellow diamond rings, old European cut diamond rings and more. Diamond rings make excellent promise rings, both when given between significant others and family members.

Diamond Rings for Women

Diamond rings for women are popular gifts for engagements. The diamond is incredibly strong and gets its name from the Greek word adamas, which translates to “unbreakable.” When you get down on one knee to propose with a diamond ring, you are representing your love and unbreakable bond to one another. After all, diamond rings symbolize love all around the world, with a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every style and occasion. 

And because diamonds are so strong, diamond rings last forever and make for a perfect family heirloom to pass down for generations. If you plan to pop the question to your future wife, then consider a variety of shapes and styles of diamond rings for women right here with Roman Malakov. 

Diamond Rings for Every Occasion

While many people associate diamond rings with weddings and engagements, they also offer a great way to celebrate other special occasions. From statement rings to promise rings, diamond rings can be worn by women of all ages.

While a classic diamond engagement ring is typically worn on the left-hand ring finger, there are also diamond rings for women to wear on their right hand to celebrate a birthday, the birth of a child, or as a statement piece. They even make lovely anniversary gifts.

No matter the occasion, real diamond rings are perfect for celebrating and commemorating some of life’s most precious moments. Not to mention, every woman dreams of wearing a diamond ring, and with so many settings, shapes, and sizes, you are sure to find the ideal one. 

The 4 Cs of Diamonds

There’s more to a diamond than just its size, and the 4 Cs of diamonds can help you determine the quality of the stone. The 4 Cs stand for carat, clarity, color, and cut. You will want to find a good balance of the 4 Cs so you end up with the best quality diamond at your target price. Here’s what you need to know about the 4 Cs of diamonds when selecting a diamond ring:


Carat refers to the weight of a diamond, which is actually different than the size of the diamond. A diamond’s carat can reflect the price. However, if you simply choose a diamond of a larger carat because you are hoping for a large diamond ring, then you might not get the sparkle and brilliance you were hoping for. 


The clarity of a diamond refers to whether the diamond has any blemishes or inclusions. Even the smallest of blemishes inside a diamond can distract from its brilliance and fire. Diamonds are rated for clarity based on how flawless they are and how any inclusions may dull the diamond’s ability to reflect light.


The color of a diamond is an important part of the selection process. You might be surprised to learn that all diamonds aren’t white or colorless. In fact, diamonds can come in all shades, and this can impact their ability to reflect light. A diamond with a lower color grade will have a yellow or brownish tint, while a higher-grade diamond color will appear colorless. The carat weight and cut of the diamond can also impact how the color of a diamond appears.


The most important aspect of the 4 Cs is the cut. The way a diamond is cut will directly impact its ability to sparkle and shine. An ideal diamond cut features angles, proportions, and symmetrical facets that work together to create optimal light reflection and maximum sparkle. A well-cut diamond will reflect white and colorful light all around, impacting the beauty and aesthetic of your diamond ring. Diamond rings with an ideal cut will also have facets that reflect light inside and out, known as the brilliance of a diamond.  

Choosing a Diamond Ring 

If you’re wondering what to consider when buying a diamond ring, it helps to narrow your search by the carat weight and cut that works best for your budget. The stone shape is also an important aspect of selecting the perfect diamond ring. A round diamond ring is a popular and classic choice for diamond rings, but other modern diamond ring shapes include oval, pear, marquise, and emerald-cut diamonds. The precious metal you select for your diamond ring is also important. White gold diamond rings are a classic choice, while a gold band may look more traditional. Meanwhile, a rose gold diamond ring can offer a more romantic and contemporary look. 

Discover the Perfect Diamond Ring in NYC at Roman Malakov

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