Roman Malakov is an enthusiast of perfection. We uphold strict quality standards for all our diamonds and jewelry and pay attention to each fine detail in the jewelry-making process. With decades of experience, each piece is expertly hand-crafted with utmost precision in our New York City workshop.

We are not only a retailer but a manufacturer and wholesaler of diamonds as well. This means that each aspect of the jewelry-making process is controlled by us (from diamond sourcing, cutting, and manufacturing of jewelry). No middlemen. We are able to provide our clients high-quality products for wholesale prices

The average amount people spend on an engagement ring is $5,000-$7,000, but it varies from person-to person. Our best advice is to save up and spend what is comfortable for you. Don't be pressured on a ring you cannot afford.

The four Cs of diamonds are cut, color, clarity, and carat. The cut deals with the angles at which the diamond was cut and how shallow or deep those angles are. The cut directly impacts how brilliant the diamond is and how much it sparkles.

Color most commonly deals with how colorless the diamond is, but there are stones of varying colors that are highly sought after and stunning in their own way.

Clarity refers to any inclusions or blemishes it has, both of which can impact the overall sparkle and look of a diamond. Finally, carat deals with the weight of the diamond, which impacts the overall size of the stone.

At Roman Malakov, we have strict standards in sourcing our diamonds. We guarantee that all our diamond are natural and conflict free. 

Caring for your diamonds is an important part of keeping them clean and sparkling. You should remove any diamond jewelry when your hands will be exposed to any chemicals or if you’re doing yard work or gardening. You should also clean your diamonds at home regularly and bring them in to a jeweler to get them professionally cleaned a few times a year.

All jewelry must be cared for to keep it from getting scratched, broken, or lost, and to ensure that it retains its stunning beauty for years to come.

Take care when traveling with your jewelry and place pieces in protective bags or jewelry boxes to ensure they are safe from getting scratched or broken.

Remove jewelry when showering, cleaning, cooking, or working outside. Be sure to clean your jewelry at home as needed, and utilize your professional jeweler’s cleaning services a few times a year as well.

If you’re shopping for a ring and need to know your size, you can come in to one of our locations to have your size checked.

While there are some at-home ways to determine your size, these can be inaccurate and you don’t want to run the risk of purchasing a ring that is too big or too small. If you already own a ring that is not the correct size, you can bring it to one of our locations and we can discuss resizing it.

If you have a ring that doesn’t fit well, you have a number of options available to get the ideal fit.

If resizing cannot be done or you’d like some ring sizing alternatives, we can help. You may be able to use a plastic size adjuster for a period of time, though this is not a permanent solution.

You could have your jeweler add sizing beads to the ring to reduce it up to half a size. A spring insert can help with a ring that slides on and off well but doesn’t sit on the finger correctly.

And finally, a Fingermate shank can replace the standard band on your ring so that it can open and close, making it much easier to put on and remove.

Walk-ins are always welcome at our showroom, but it is highly recommended that you make an appointment as it will give us an opportunity to prepare a few options specifically for you.

Rare and important pieces are shown by appointment only.

Unfortunately, we do not offer financing at the moment. But never say never.

We offer an appraisal that you can use for insurance purposes. Simply notify your insurance company about insuring your jewelry. Please notify us beforehand if you wish for us to provide you an appraisal for your purchase. For more information please read How to Insure an Engagement Ring.

Yes, we do! While the check-out process is not available outside the USA, you can simply contact us via email or phone to process international orders. Please do keep in mind that, depending on the country, you may incur additional fees in duties and taxes. Please contact your respective customs department for more information.

Roman Malakov Diamonds ships worldwide via insured carrier with a signature required by recipient. Please note that Roman Malakov Diamonds is not responsible for any delays caused force majeure or circumstances beyond our control.

At Roman Malakov Diamonds, you will be directly dealing with actual family members of our establishment. Since customer satisfaction is an utmost priority, we promise to do our very best to address all issues to fully satisfy our clients.

For the unlikely instance that you are not fully satisfied with our product, Roman Malakov Diamonds offers returns for exchange within 7-10 business days of receiving the item insofar that it fulfills all the conditions specified below:

* Item is unaltered

* Item is in sell-able condition

* Item does not show any signs of wear

* Item is returned with original packaging and receipt

Item is being returned by the original purchaser whose name is on the receipt or through the purchaser's chosen agent accompanied by a formal written consent from the original purchaser.

Items that meet all the specifications described will be eligible for exchange. If the newly selected item is at a higher price than the item being exchanged, then the difference will be charged to the buyer. If the newly selected item is of lesser price, then a non-expiring store credit amounting to the difference between the two items will be issued to the purchaser. Said store credit is non-transferable to any person and can only be used by said purchaser.

Should you wish to exchange an item you have ordered at Roman Malakov, you must either fill-up the form below or contact us at (212) 944-8500, for verification of purchase and eligibility of return. Items can be exchanged at the Roman Malakov Diamonds store located in 1 West 47th St. New York, NY. 10036 or can be shipped to the aforementioned location. Purchaser is responsible for arrangement of return shipping and costs.

Roman Malakov Diamonds will in no way accept any returns for exchange on custom orders, engraved, resized or shows signs of wear.

Yes! All purchased items come in a Roman Malakov Box that can be giftwrapped upon request. Please kindly mention giftwrapping in the “additional information” box in the check-out page.