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Roman Malakov Diamonds
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New York, NY. 10036
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Many of us have used jewelry that sits in storage, rarely touched or worn anymore. It can sometimes be emotionally difficult to part with these pieces, as they may be gifts or have been with you on special occasions. If you do decide to search for places that buy jewelry and part with some of the pieces in your home, you’ll want to sell them to a place that understands the value of the story behind the piece. For this, the Roman Malakov team is there.

As a multi-generation family business who handcraft our own jewelry, we understand craftsmanship and the added history of jewelry pieces very well. In some cases, we are in awe of the pieces we have had the privilege of buying because of their antiquity and the old, forgotten craftsmanship they possess. We make sure that these factors are taken into consideration when estimating your jewelry. This is what separates us from all the other companies.

Located in the Diamond District , Roman Malakov has been in business for nearly 80 years and is trusted by a large range of buyers and sellers for jewelry and watches of all kinds. We offer both the latest styles and classic, antique pieces to our patrons, and are always here to teach you how to sell jewelry and would love to buy used jewelry from your personal collection.