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16.10 Carats Emerald Cut Emerald & Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $112,000.00
12.82 Carats Emerald Cut Emerald & Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $71,500.00
GIA Certified 10.09 Carats Round Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $299,000.00
0.72 Carat Total Round Diamond Halo Illusion Engagement & Wedding Ring Set in White Gold
  • $3,499.00
GIA Certified 1.03 Carats Oval Cut Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $8,500.00
GIA Certified 1.61 Carats Radiant Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in Two Tone
  • $6,500.00
0.68 Carat Total Round Diamond Halo Illusion Engagement & Wedding Ring Set in White Gold
  • $3,299.00
Oscar Heyman 9.03 Carats Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring
  • $235,000.00
GIA Certified 0.21 Carat Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $3,220.00
GIA Certified 0.51 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Pavé-Set Engagement Ring in White Gold
  • $3,400.00
0.45 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in White Gold
  • $3,400.00
1.34 Carats Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in White Gold
  • $7,699.00
0.70 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in White Gold
  • $4,999.00
GIA Certified 1.45 Carats Heart Shape Dark Brown Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in White Gold
  • $13,800.00
1.26 Carats Total Mixed Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $7,490.00
2.07 Carats Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in White Gold
  • $17,500.00
0.91 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Pavé Engagement Ring in White Gold
  • $6,540.00
GIA Certified 1.60 Carats Round Cut Ruby & Diamond Antique Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $11,000.00

Handcrafted, Custom-Made Engagement Rings

Purchasing an engagement ring is an exciting step in anyone’s life as it marks the start of a new adventure full of love and commitment. No matter what style of ring you’re looking for, Roman Malakov has the perfect ring for you. 

Handcrafted, custom-made engagement rings are some of the most intimate and unique choices when it comes to this romantic jewelry, and Roman Malakov has everything you need to design the perfect ring. We’ll walk you through the process from start to finish, assisting you in making decisions about type, style, metal, and stone options. 

Let’s start with the type and style of the ring. This helps you narrow down your search and select the ring best suited to your partner’s style and taste. Here are the main types of engagement rings:


An iconic and meaningful engagement ring design, a three stone engagement ring signifies the past, present, and future. Some with religious inclinations have also noted the significance of the three stones in representing the Christian trinity; others believe the three stones also signify friendship, love, and fidelity. The three-stone engagement ring are more versatile and unique than any other engagement ring available today.

Some people take on the classic 3-stone engagement ring and switch out some of the diamonds for other gemstones or a colored diamond. For more customization, consider cluster diamonds or halos around the center three stones.


Halo engagement rings have grown in popularity and are a current favorite amongst engagement ring styles. They have an outline of smaller diamonds around the center stone for increased sparkle and added brilliance, it also enlarges the look of the center stone. The center stone can be just about any shape, and the halo stones can be a variety of different gemstones or different colored diamonds to create a vintage or modern look. It is all a matter of preference and taste.

Most rings have one halo, some designs allow for two or even three to increase the brilliance and overall sparkle of the halo engagement ring. You may want to consider looking at halo engagement ring settings where the halo stones are set in different ways. There is no limit as to how many halos you can have, it all comes down to personal preference— unless your design choice limits you otherwise. 

Side Stone

If you’re searching for a ring that stunningly shows off the center stone with a great deal of sparkle, a diamond ring with side stones is a great choice. Side stone engagement rings are one of the more popular choices as they can boast stunning stones on either side of the center stone— whether partially or all the way around the band. 

These side stones can be baguettes, pave diamonds, emerald cut, or others. Additionally, side stone diamonds can be scalloped, channel set, or clustered, and they can be on a single band or a split shank band for a more decorative style.

Side stone engagement rings are striking and elegant as it is, but if you want to elevate its beauty, consider the side stone setting. You have choices of excellent side stones from classic to more unique cuts— including but not limited to baguettes, pavé, emerald-cut, round, or oval. Gemstones are also a great choice to upgrade your ring.

Side stone engagement rings can be customized in a number of ways. The final choice for customization is the type of metal you’d like the ring to be made of— from white gold to yellow gold to rose gold.


With simple elegance and modest beauty at their heart, solitaires are the most classic of all engagement ring types. These diamond solitaire engagement rings boast the center stone as their focal point with little else to distract from the brilliance of the diamond. Individuals can select any shape of diamond for a solitaire and nearly any setting and metal option. Some solitaires even have contoured bands to delicately wrap around the center stone or to make room for a wedding band in the future.


This is the most popular and classic choice for the perfect solitaire diamond engagement ring. Round solitaire engagement rings bring together sophistication and a subtle node toward traditional rings creating a stunning look that will look good on any person and occasion. 


Another popular choice for solitaires is the oval solitaire engagement ring. Particularly popular for their elongated shape that essentially makes the diamond look bigger than they actually weigh. This ring style features an oval-shaped diamond in any size, and it can be set on different bands with multiple metal options— a traditional yellow gold, the modern white gold, or the unique and romantic rose gold solitaire engagement ring. 


Emerald-cut solitaire engagement rings have a distinctive look that makes them stand out among other solitaire engagement rings. They have a vintage charm and they are some of the most elegant in design. Emerald-cut stones tend to appear larger than other diamonds of the same weight, and they make fingers appear more slender. Additionally, emerald-cut diamonds are rarer than other shapes. 


If you want a solitaire that is unique, exclusive, and incredibly stunning, you need to take a look at pear-shaped solitaire engagement rings. The teardrop shape perfectly encapsulates both beauty and simplicity in its perfectly-shaped form. A pear-shaped diamond elongates the finger and can be worn with the point facing up the finger, or down for optimal versatility. This style can be both traditional and modern with specific metal choices and ring setting.


Cushion-cut solitaire engagement rings are impressive and elegant; it’s the perfect blend of modern and vintage design. The brilliance of a round cut diamond is melded with the old mine facet pattern which brings out optimal light reflection, sparkle, and shine. Cushion-cut solitaire engagement rings are the perfect option for someone looking for elegance and sophistication in a simple ring style.


If your heart is set on a solitaire engagement ring but you are looking for ways to make it more unique, an excellent option is a fancy-cut diamond— some examples are: trillion and trapezoid. These are usually seen more commonly as side stones, but they make excellent center stones in unique solitaire engagement rings, particularly for those looking for something remarkably unusual.

From prong set to cathedral to bezel and more, your diamond setting is a big part of the overall look and feel of the ring. While you may enjoy the minimalism in solitaire engagement rings, you may find yourself enjoying the little details that really make a ring stand out. 

If you’re particularly fond of vintage solitaire engagement rings, you’ll want to look at artistically designed bands that include a number of striking (yet minute) details. Things such as hand engravings, mil-grain detail, lacy filigree, and more. 

Engagement Rings typically have prong-set center stones, regardless of ring style— whether it be 4 prongs or 6 prongs. However, that is certainly not the only setting option available, and if you’re not a huge fan of the prong setting, rest assured that there are many other possibilities.

Bezel setting - where the metal essentially holds the center stone in place by circling it with a thin rim. 

Cathedral setting - uses metal arches to hold the stone in place, and those arches are often paired with prongs or a bezel setting to further secure the stone.

For stones on the band or for a unique take on a center stone setting, you have a few options as well. 

Channel settings - diamonds set within the band with a channel of metal on either side to hold them in place. 

Pave settings - small diamonds close together with tiny beads of metal to secure them, allowing for continuous sparkle on the band or surrounding the center stone. 

Cluster settings - similar to pave, they include several smaller diamonds grouped together, but they are typically used to give the impression of a larger singular stone. 

Bar setting - frequently used in engagement ring bands, they consist of metal bars between stones.

Engagement Ring Styles

Although it might seem similar, Engagement Ring type and style are quite different. Below are several different Engagement Ring styles:

While the longstanding tradition of engagement rings is to have a diamond for the center stone, it is not a strict requirement. If you want to be adventurous and select a precious or semi-precious gemstone to create a perfectly unique engagement ring, you should go for it. The ring is meant to represent the couple and their love for one another, so the sky is truly the limit when it comes to personalizing and creating the perfect custom engagement ring.

There are countless time periods that jewelry can embody, modern and vintage engagement rings are the two at the top of most lists when it comes to style preferences. Vintage designs can be reminiscent of any decade in the past, but this style most commonly exhibits characteristics from Art Deco and Victorian styles. Modern rings are typically clean-cut and bold, while still maintaining an aura of class and sophistication.

The debate between traditional and unique engagement rings is constant in the world of fine jewelry. Traditional rings include diamonds and gold, with classic cuts like round center stones or baguette side stones. Unique rings can have just about any design style, any gemstones, and any metal, so long as the ring is unique in its own right and nothing about it is similar to any other jewelry piece. Most people tend to desire something between these two extremes, but no matter what variation you desire, Roman Malakov can help you find the perfect custom engagement ring in NYC.

Just like you want your love to last for all eternity, you may have your heart set on an eternity wedding band or engagement ring. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of both, before making a final decision. Full eternity bands have stones go all the way around the entire band, allowing for more sparkle no matter which way the ring is facing. Half-eternity bands only have the stones going half-way around, giving you a lower price tag and more ease in resizing. Choosing between these two engagement ring styles is a personal choice and something to think about before you purchase an engagement ring or wedding band.

The idea of a custom engagement ring is thrilling and exciting, and it basically guarantees that you’ll have the exact diamond engagement ring that you both desire. While Roman Malakov does have some ready-made diamond engagement rings in NYC, many of them can still be customized to your preference. There is a big difference in switching out a center stone or adding a gemstone accent and completely custom designing your ring from scratch. No matter what you desire when it comes to ready-made or custom engagement rings in NYC, Roman Malakov is here to help.

Choice of Metal

We offer a range of metals— white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. White gold may be the most popular choice for most but some prefer the more traditional sense of a yellow gold set. Metal choice is important for personal style, but it also plays a part in how much the center stone and halo stones sparkle.

Other Stone Options

If you’re looking for a more unique ring, consider including some gemstones for an added touch of exclusivity and beauty. Not only can you select a variety of colored diamonds besides the classic white diamond, but you can also include sapphires and other precious gemstones in your halo engagement ring setting.

Engagement Rings in NYC Diamond District

Shopping for engagement rings in NYC can be a bit overwhelming due to the countless jewelry stores in the city. You need a jeweler who will help you during the process of creating the perfect custom engagement ring without the stress and pressure of traditional jewelry stores. After all, choosing the ideal engagement ring for your spouse-to-be is an important part of the process, and you need a trustworthy expert alongside you. You also need to know how an engagement ring should fit and how to insure the engagement ring, and there’s only one place to go for the best guidance in NYC’s Diamond District: Roman Malakov. 

Shop at Roman Malakov for Your Engagement Ring

At Roman Malakov jewelry, we are passionate about serving our clients with transparency, trustworthiness, and reliability. We will always aim to help you in whatever way you need, from picking out the perfect engagement ring type to designing the most glamorous unique engagement ring. We love to join clients in their engagement ring journey and offer guidance and insight into this exciting decision-making process. We guarantee a great experience with all our jewelry consultations, and we are proud to offer many customizable options for all styles, budgets, and preferences. 

For any further questions you may have about engagement rings, please visit our Engagement Rings FAQ page.

Our diamonds are sourced directly from the mines, and we cut them ourselves to ensure the utmost beauty and quality in every piece we sell. We are known for rare, handcrafted, custom-made, and unique engagement rings. Give us a call, contact us online, or visit our store in the Diamond District to see the stunning array of engagement ring styles that we offer.