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3.79 Carat Total Invisible Set Blue Sapphire and Diamond Curved Fashion Ring in White Gold
  • $5,434.00
2.45 Carat Pear Shape Blue Aquamarine Ring with White Diamonds
  • $8,426.00
9.17 Carats Elongated Emerald Cut Aquamarine Gemstone Ring
  • $32,000.00
0.79 Carat Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring
  • $3,115.00
Cushion Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring
  • $39,250.00
1.12 Carat Pink Sapphire and Diamond Halo Ring in 18 karat White Gold
  • $5,250.00
1.11 Carat Pear Shape Ruby and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
  • $3,495.00
GIA Certified 4.74 Carat Blue Green Tourmaline Fashion Gem Ring in Platinum
  • $63,000.00
4.88 Carat Blue Emerald Cut Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
  • $16,000.00
4.82 Carat Colombian Green Emerald and Diamond Three-Stone Ring
  • $60,640.00
4.58 Carat Green Emerald and Diamond Halo Ring
  • $32,073.00
1.58 Carat Emerald Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
  • $7,078.00
Alternating Emerald and Diamond Five-Stone Halo Ring
  • $12,500.00
5.05 Carat Cushion Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
  • $55,000.00
3.73 Carats Emerald Cut Blue Sapphire Three-Stone Engagement Ring
  • $27,000.00

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings have been growing in popularity, and they are some of the most stunning and versatile jewelry pieces. Gold gemstone rings often serve as cocktail rings or right-hand rings, while gemstone engagement rings are commonly seen nowadays as well. No matter why you’re searching for a gemstone ring, and regardless of who you’re shopping for, Roman Malakov is sure to have something that delights you. 

The versatility and matchless beauty of these rings are simply incredible. You can wear one on your right hand during a day at the office and easily transition it, along with your wardrobe, into a fancy accessory for a night out. These rings can adorn black-tie attire, business casual, and so much more, and they can be dressed up or down according to your preferences. 

When it comes to unique engagement rings, gemstone rings are a fantastic option. From ruby to emerald to sapphire gemstone engagement rings, any variety of precious gemstones can be featured as the focal point of these exclusive pieces. Vintage gemstone rings are a popular choice among brides, but so are more modern gemstone engagement ring styles. With a variety of options for customization, diamond accents, preferred settings, and more, Roman Malakov has everything you want and need in a custom gemstone ring.

Gemstone Rings in the NYC Diamond District

Roman Malakov has a store in New York City’s iconic Diamond District, along with an online store that allows you to shop anytime. You can also schedule a consultation online or in person, so that you can meet with a jewelry professional and explore our extensive collection of gorgeous gemstone rings.