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1.58 Carat Emerald Cut Aquamarine and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
  • $7,078.00
1.43 Carat Yellow Sapphire Eternity Wedding Band Ring
  • $1,950.00
5.05 Carat Cushion Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
  • $55,000.00
Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring
  • $27,000.00
6.64 Carat Oval Cut Orange Sapphire and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring
  • $29,000.00
Graduating Channel-Pave Engagement Ring
  • $59,000.00
Alternating Emerald and Diamond Half-Way Wedding Band
  • $1,245.00
Antique Style Green Emerald and Diamond Wedding Band
  • $990.00
Oval Cut Gemstone East-West Eternity Wedding Band
  • From $15,000.00
7.63 Carat Blue Sapphire and Diamond Halo Eternity Ring
  • $19,600.00
3.76 Carat Cabochon Ruby and Diamond Cocktail Ring
  • $26,000.00
Pinkish Purple Sapphire Tsavorite and Diamond Fashion Ring
  • $15,000.00
Oval Cut Cabochon Blue Sapphire and Diamond Three-Stone Ring
  • $6,000.00
Alternating Green Emerald and Diamond Eternity Ring
  • $13,750.00
Blue Sapphire and Diamond Flower Ring
  • $3,550.00

Gemstone Rings

While some gemstone rings also fall into the category of cocktail rings, gemstone rings are simply any ring that has a gemstone in it as the focal point. Sapphires are probably the most popular gemstone for this type of ring, but any gemstone will do. Some other popular stones include rubies, aquamarines, tsavorites, and emeralds. Birthstone rings are also increasing in popularity among gift-givers.

Women’s gemstone rings have gained popularity among modern, millennial brides of the 21st century as well as during key moments in history. However, when engagement rings first came about it was also relatively common to use a gemstone. It was only later into the 1900s when diamonds as the center stone gained popularity and began to outpace gemstones. Gemstones have always had a certain allure, from their association with magical properties to the meaningful significance of birthstones.

Blue Gemstone Rings

Perhaps the most well-known gemstone engagement ring is the stunning 12-carat oval sapphire ring worn by Princess Diana. This gorgeous blue gemstone ring was inspired by Queen Victoria and her love of blue and sapphire. Ever since Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with a gemstone engagement ring, sapphires have continued to stay one of the most popular of all gemstones. Blue gemstones such as sapphire can have such a wide range of color and clarity, which adds to the value and uniqueness of each unique gemstone engagement ring. Blue rings also pair well with both silver and gold, making them a versatile and timeless gemstone option.

Green Gemstone Rings

Emeralds are commonly used in gemstone rings due to their elegant color qualities, as well as their relative durability and scratch-resistance. High-quality emeralds are considered rarer than diamonds, which makes a green gemstone ring a valuable investment. Emerald-cut gemstone rings are a popular option too, where another green stone or gemstone of another color is cut in the traditional shape for a gorgeous and unique gemstone ring. Other popular green gemstone rings include jade, lemon quartz, and peridot.

Ruby Gemstone Rings

Rubies are a classic red gemstone for rings and other pieces of timeless jewelry. Rubies are rare and durable, making them a prized gem to symbolize romance, courage, and success in any gemstone ring.

Yellow Gemstone Rings

A yellow gemstone ring can give off a warm and happy glow, and it’s no wonder they are so popular. One of the most popular yellow gemstones is citrine, which is a semi-precious stone and is commonly used in rings because of its more durable quality. Yellow diamonds are also popular gemstone ring alternatives to the classic colorless diamond engagement ring option. Some yellow gemstones even have hints of other colors as well, creating a subtle, multi-colored gemstone ring. Yellow gemstones are popular choices to use in raw gemstone rings due to their bold colors.

Multi-Colored Gemstone Rings

Multi-colored gemstone rings can range in design from simple to ornate in the ways they incorporate colorful gems into a unique piece. A multi-gemstone ring can still meet the more traditional style of a cocktail or engagement ring, like a diamond-centered ring with gemstone baguettes. Or a multi-gemstone ring in gold might shimmer with rainbow hues, incorporating amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, and peridot all combined to make a stunning statement piece.

Gemstone Engagement Rings with Gold

When considering a gemstone engagement ring, it is important to consider the hardness, wearability, and durability of both the gemstone and the metal. Some gemstones are more prone to wear-and-tear than others, so keep this in mind when selecting a gem for an engagement ring meant to be worn forever. However, there are many gemstone engagement rings with gold options that can withstand the test of time. In fact, many vintage and antique rings have lasted decades and even centuries. Gold gemstone rings offer sparkle and uniqueness that is sure to delight, and some raw gemstone engagement rings can be crafted in gold for additional vintage style and unmatched beauty.

Unique Gemstone Wedding Rings from Roman Malakov

A bride can truly express her fun, colorful personality with real gemstone rings for her engagement and wedding. These types of rings also have the added benefit of typically costing less than a diamond engagement ring. Gemstone wedding rings can come in more shapes and bigger sizes than the traditional diamond ring. Colorful gemstones are a way to express yourself and gemstones have certain historical connotations that can be personal and meaningful for the wearer.

Discover the Perfect Ring with Roman Malakov

To shop a vast selection of promise rings, diamond rings, and more, visit in-store or shop online today. Roman Malakov has a wide variety of gemstone rings for sale, including the most stunning gemstone engagement rings in NYC. A committed sales team is available to help you in any way so that you can walk away with the perfect ring for yourself or that special someone.