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Roman Malakov Illusion Set Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • $12,060.00
2.01 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Open-Work Design Link Bracelet in White Gold
  • $5,860.00
5.09 Carats Total Cushion Cut Sapphire Tennis Bracelet with Diamonds in White Gold
  • $10,640.00
7.79 Carats Oval Cut Emerald Alternating with Diamond Two Row Tennis Bracelet in Two-Toned Gold
  • $29,400.00
11.36 Carats Total Emerald Cut Alternating Emerald & Diamond Tennis Bracelet in 18K White Gold
  • $37,500.00
Antique 20K Yellow Gold Twisted Braid Hand-Made Cuff Bangle Bracelet
  • $5,200.00
8.48 Carats Total Oval Cut Emerald Tennis Bracelet with Diamonds in White Gold
  • $22,500.00
16.48 Carats Total Brilliant Round Sapphire & Diamond Tennis Bracelet in White Gold
  • $63,500.00
1.10 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Bangle in White Gold
  • $4,250.00
2.02 CaratsTotal Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Bangle in White Gold
  • $8,595.00
1.02 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Bangle in White Gold
  • $4,410.00
0.50 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Bangle in White Gold
  • $3,565.00
6.69 Carats Total Round Brilliant Diamond Cuff Bangle in Yellow Gold
  • $29,000.00
8.05 Carats Total Round Brilliant Diamond Cuff Bangle Bracelet in White Gold
  • $21,000.00
10.05 Carats Round Brilliant Cut Sapphire & Diamond Cuff Bangle in White Gold
  • $12,500.00
4.80 Carats Total Round Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet in White Gold
  • $15,600.00
2.54 Carats Total Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Tennis Bracelet in White Gold
  • $7,600.00
2.25 Carats Total Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Large Cuff Bracelet in Yellow Gold
  • $19,000.00

Diamond Bracelets for Men & Women

Diamonds have long been a symbol of love, status, and beauty. Gifted and worn since the beginning of time, from everyday looks to fancy evening attire, diamond bracelets for women are the perfect accessory to add to any outfit. They bring an air of sophistication that other types of jewelry simply cannot achieve.

If you are looking for an investment that is both versatile and dazzling, a gold diamond bracelet may be just what you are looking for. It is a cornerstone in any jewelry collection and can be worn alongside a variety of other treasured pieces of jewelry. Whether you want a pure gold bracelet with diamonds or one with precious gemstones in a wide array of colors, Roman Malakov is sure to meet your expectations.


Types of Gold Diamond Bracelets

Whether you are looking for a classic diamond bracelet in white, yellow, or rose gold, Roman Malakov has a wide variety of gold bracelets with diamonds for you to choose from so you can find what fits your style best.


Known for their chic, fashion-forward style, bangles bracelets are most commonly inflexible hinged bracelets. Typically, bangle diamond bracelets for women are made with variations of gold, accented with other gemstones— whether thinner bangles or perhaps a thicker, chunkier bangle with prong-set stones.

Bangle bracelets refer to the circular and closed style of bracelets that can be worn singularly or stacked together for a more dramatic look. They come in styles such as cuff bangle bracelets and hinged bangle bracelets so that their sturdy design fits any wrist. A gold-hinged bangle bracelet, for instance, allows for an easier clasp and opening for a more perfect fit.

When selecting a women’s bangle bracelet, it can help to know the size of your wrist to find diamond bangles most suitable for you. Next, you’ll want to consider all the different variations of the bracelets, such as the specific styles, metals, and designs available.

A bangle diamond bracelet for women comes in thin and thick styles and can feature various diamond shapes and sizes to suit any style or occasion. You may also be interested in a solid gold bangle bracelet with diamonds or other gemstone accents for a diamond bangle bracelet to wear to a fancy occasion or event.

Tennis Bracelets

Hugely popular since its name was coined in the 1970s, diamond tennis bracelets are one of the top must-haves in jewelry. The simplicity lends itself toward versatility and sophistication. Whether it’s a laid-back, casual look or an elegant occasion, these bracelets are the perfect last accessory before you head out the door. Our diamond tennis bracelets for women come in a variety of diamond settings, sizes, and gold options. We also offer a selection of black diamond jewelry options.

If you love the timeless look of tennis bracelets but want a more unique approach, consider a gemstone alternative to the traditional diamond tennis bracelet for women. Emerald tennis bracelets and ruby tennis bracelets are the most popular gemstone options, but all of Roman Malakov tennis bracelets are fully customizable and you can select any variety of gemstone or diamond and gemstone combination for your bracelet.

Black diamond tennis bracelets are also unique and stunning, particularly when paired with a white gold setting, as the black diamonds stand out beautifully against the white gold.

Retro Bracelets

Retro is unique, versatile, and innovative. At Roman Malakov, our Retro diamond bracelets for women maintain the essence of the past whilst displaying modern elegance and beauty. The diamond bracelets in our Retro Collection are adorned with floral motifs, geometric patterns, and the stunning simplicity of days gone by. White gold and platinum are top choices for those searching for a unique piece of jewelry in our collection.

While we carry both Retro and Vintage bracelets, the two types have a slight difference. Retro bracelets are bracelets that do not have to be old. Rather, Retro merely means to be a replication of the style in a particular time period. Therefore, Retro can be new, not necessarily old; it’s more for aesthetic rather than age which is what Vintage holds different.

You can have a custom piece made today to look Retro or you can purchase a vintage piece encapsulated with its own history and time. Vintage diamond bracelets are one of the most significant forms of exclusivity. These older diamonds come with a price as it carries quality, history and a unique design from its time.

Custom Bracelets

Custom bracelets are one of the top choices among our elite clientele. Each one we’ve sold has been designed with strict attention to high-quality and detail. Whatever it takes to get the custom diamond bracelets of your dreams, we’re happy to help.

From graduation to a promotion at work to the birth of a baby, celebrating with a custom bracelet is an excellent idea. Based on personal style preferences, jewelry design, and the gemstones and metals you want to include, we will create the perfect custom-made bracelet that she is sure to adore. We have link bracelets, halo bracelets, flower bracelets, and even pave diamond bracelets!

One of the most touching and thoughtful gifts you can give is a piece of jewelry with a birthstone. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, wife, or another important person in your life, you can’t go wrong with custom birthstone bracelets. With access to the most stunning birthstone gems around, Roman Malakov can create a completely custom-made bracelet. Custom birthstone bracelets can include one or multiple different birthstones, diamond accents, and so much more.

You might opt for a custom bangle bracelet to display the birthstones or a tennis-style bracelet that features her very own birthstone. No matter what you choose, it will surely be adored for its sentimentality and love behind this custom birthstone bracelet.

You can’t possibly celebrate Mom enough. Whether you’re shopping for Mother’s Day, Christmas, her birthday, or just because, you can count on Roman Malakov to have the perfect gift for the first woman you ever loved. Custom bracelets for Mom are a top choice for many occasions, and with good reason. Not only do they show her how much you care, but they are also beautiful and constant reminders of how much you love her.

A custom bracelet for Mom may include birthstones, or her ideal bracelet may simply feature a small inscription and a lot of sparkle. With jewelry engraving, endless customization options, and a wide variety of gorgeous styles to choose from, you’ll be the favorite child at the next event when you present Mom with the perfect custom bracelet.

Bracelet Styles and Settings

There are so many style variations and setting options available, and you’ll want to have a better idea of what you want your bracelet to look like before you purchase anything. Our jewelry professionals at Roman Malakov are happy to help you explore your options in-store, but we’ve also outlined some styles and settings for you here.

Vintage tennis bracelets may have fancy-shaped diamonds or more unique details in the bracelet itself. From prong-set to floral motifs to channel-sets, Vintage bracelets are travelers of the past that create a window from the time its survived. These tennis bracelets are as unique as the individuals purchasing them. 

Classic diamond tennis bracelets are timeless and more traditional, typically with simpler designs and settings. Gold settings are predominantly associated the Classic style and tennis bracelets can be quite varied. The most common settings we see are in gold tennis bracelets are bezel, channel, and cluster. 

Modern tennis bracelets for women tend to be slightly more geometric and sleek in their design, often with square, rectangular, or round stones; usually set in white gold. Other options include basket setting, box setting, and prong setting. Additionally, settings may include one, two, or three rows of stones or some variation that includes additional adornments or style elements. 

Bracelet Metals

The setting for your gold diamond bracelet is ultimately a personal preference of style and design. We have a range of options to accommodate your taste.

Platinum and white gold both provide a similar and popular appearance for diamond bracelets. However, white gold is a more economical choice and doesn’t scratch as easily or dull over time as quickly as platinum does. 

Platinum and white gold both provide a similar and popular appearance for diamond bracelets. However, white gold is a more economical choice and doesn’t scratch as easily or dull over time as quickly as platinum does.

Rose gold is gaining in popularity among women of all ages and is combined with copper and silver to give it that rose-colored, pinkish-red hue. Pinks and reds are often associated with romantic gifts, and a rose gold bracelet would be a charming present for a wedding or anniversary. 

Our gold diamond bracelets for women made with yellow gold can sometimes have a vintage flair that attracts lovers of retro and antique jewelry styles.

A white gold diamond bracelet is typically lighter weight and may be the better choice if you are looking for a dainty diamond bracelet without a hefty price tag. This metal is actually made of pure gold and white metals like nickel, silver, and palladium; which increases its strength and durability. White gold diamond tennis bracelets are chic and fashion-forward, but they also show subtle beauty and endearing charm.

Yellow gold is the classic, traditional option for a gold diamond bracelet and other jewelry items in your collection. These bracelets are a timeless and elegant option.

Yellow gold can really help the diamonds in your bracelet stand out and make a statement; though it needs more regular polishing and cleaning, it is also the best option for hypoallergenic jewelry.

Both white gold and yellow gold take turns as the most popular color and style as fashion trends come and go, so it will ultimately come down to your personal preference. 

Shop Diamond Bracelets for Women at Roman Malakov

Visit Roman Malakov to see our stunning options of diamond bracelets in New York. Located in the heart of the city, we are proud to offer diamond bracelets that can suit any style; including but not limited to: traditional, vintage, retro, and modern looks.

Try on a diamond bracelet and see how it pairs with your everyday jewelry, or glam it up with a few of our fancy jewelry pieces to see how it would look for a special event. We are here to help you find the perfect diamond bracelet for you or your loved one!