Every bride wants to stand out in their own special way, and selecting the perfect unique engagement ring is a growing trend. Instead of customizing a more traditional diamond engagement ring, some couples opt for unique, non-traditional engagement rings. They are a popular alternative for a stylized piece and are often a more affordable option to celebrate your relationship. 

While engagement ring trends ebb and flow, there have always been unconventional engagement rings. Non-traditional engagement ring ideas have been inspired by inherited family jewelry, a love for a particular color or gemstone, and even royal jewels throughout history. For instance, Princess Diana’s sapphire blue engagement ring encouraged many women to seek unique engagement ring designs with similar breathtaking beauty. Whatever reason started you on your journey for the ideal unique ring, Roman Malakov has a wide selection of choices and many customizable options so you can bring home the perfect ring.

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Unique & Nontraditional Engagement Rings for Women

Unique engagement rings and non-traditional engagement rings fall in the same category, and the terms are often used interchangeably. They typically refer to rings that don’t have a diamond as a center stone. Instead, non-traditional rings tend to feature a precious or semi-precious gemstone set into a gold, silver, or platinum band. That said, unique gemstone engagement rings can still include plenty of diamonds as accents, like an emerald with a halo of diamonds or a ruby flanked by delicate diamond baguettes. 

Unique, non-traditional engagement rings for women are having a major moment in the jewelry world. More women are choosing to adorn their ring fingers with colorful gemstones, from dainty pearls to opulent emeralds. There are so many colorful options for non-traditional rings, including sapphires, emeralds, rubies, pearls, and more. Many gemstones also come at a lower price per carat weight than the traditional diamond engagement ring, making them a great economical choice for couples.

When searching for unique engagement rings for women, it often comes down to a matter of personal taste—the style, color, shape, and design that best suit the bride’s preferences and personality. Whether you prefer clean geometric details or a vintage gemstone-encrusted band, there are plenty of unconventional engagement rings that will suit your style. Many brides and grooms are also looking to estate jewelry engagement rings for a vintage take on untraditional wedding rings. 

If you are looking for unique engagement rings for women, visit Roman Malakov in New York City’s Diamond District for quality gemstone wedding rings in every color of the rainbow. We can help you ensure a proper fit, answer your engagement ring questions, and teach you about jewelry quality and more. 

Unique Gemstone Engagement Rings

Rich, colorful gemstones like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are popular and timeless options for unique, non-traditional engagement rings. You might want to celebrate your marriage and the birthday of your loved one with a gemstone engagement ring with a birthstone gemstone as the focal point. For example, you might commemorate a May birthday with a rare emerald or an October birthday with an opal center stone, a birthstone featuring a wide range of shades. Or perhaps you have a wedding date set in July, in which case you might select a ruby center stone, which is a rare gem that symbolizes love and romance. You can even find non-traditional engagement rings that include different kinds of gemstones, like a three-stone engagement ring with a diamond center stone flanked by rubies or emeralds on either side.

Fancy-Colored Diamond Rings

If you love the tradition behind a diamond engagement ring but still long for a unique look, consider a fancy-colored diamond engagement ring. These rings will still feature a diamond as the center stone, but the diamond will be a unique color that makes the ring unique and non-traditional in its appearance. The most common colors of fancy diamonds include yellow, brown, pink, and blue, while rare fancy-colored diamonds include red, green, purple, and orange. 

You can integrate fancy-colored diamonds into the band as adornments on either side of the center stone or as the center stone itself. This option merges the beauty and tradition of diamond engagement rings with the uniqueness and excitement of a colorful pop on this cherished jewelry.

Black Stone Engagement Rings

Black gemstones have been used in jewelry for a long time, but they have recently seen a big uptick in popularity. Today's brides are embracing their individuality and throwing caution to the wind when it comes to starting new traditions and showing off their personality in their jewelry choices. Most commonly, black stones in engagement rings are either diamonds or sapphires, but other options include black pearls, opals, onyx, and hematite. Black stone engagement rings are unique and non-traditional, representing resilience, boldness, coolness, and self-discipline. If you or your spouse-to-be want a black stone engagement ring, you can design your own at Roman Malakov or pick the perfect one from our selection. 

Unique Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

Set yourself apart from the crowd by adorning your ring finger with a unique non-diamond engagement ring. If you prefer the classic, colorless style of a diamond center stone but are looking for a less expensive option, consider a quartz center stone. Or perhaps you love the more romantic style with rose gold and delicate shades of pink. You might even consider a rosy morganite or ruby center stone in a classic setting. 

Whatever color stone you want in your ring, there is something available that will be perfect for you. You can opt for a semi-precious and rare stone, like a stunning tourmaline and round diamond ring, or go a little more budget-friendly with a beautiful pink sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring. No matter your end goal, there is a lot to think about when you are wondering how to choose an engagement ring.  Be sure to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team at Roman Malakov to find the perfect unique engagement ring for you.

Shop for Unique Engagement Rings at Roman Malakov 

Whatever style of engagement ring you are looking for, Roman Malakov has the perfect ring for you. From unique diamond engagement rings to non-traditional wedding rings with gemstone center stones, there are colors and settings to suit every design style. Unique custom engagement rings can bring additional personality and meaning to a piece of jewelry you plan to wear for the rest of your life. 

If you are searching for where to buy unique engagement rings, you have come to the right place! Roman Malakov has a unique selection of unique, non-traditional engagement rings with expressive colors and stunning settings to match the style and personality of your bride. Book an appointment today or visit Roman Malakov in person in the Diamond District in NYC.