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Cluster Diamond Rounded Engagement
  • $1,500.00
Seamless Halo Cluster Engagement
  • $1,650.00
Trapezoid Diamond Solitaire Engagement
  • $5,000.00
Contoured Heart Engagement
  • $7,000.00
Petite Solitaire Engagement
  • $2,500.00
Tapered Solitaire Engagement
  • $9,500.00
Trillion Diamond Solitaire Engagement
  • $3,500.00
Rounded Solitaire Engagement
  • $2,500.00
Angular Solitaire Engagement
  • $3,000.00
Knife-Edge Solitaire Engagement
  • $3,000.00

Types of Solitaire Engagement Rings

The most timeless and classic of all engagement ring styles is unquestionably the solitaire engagement ring. With a single stone set perfectly on a simple band, the diamond is featured beautifully with all of its brilliance and sparkle on full display. Solitaire diamond engagement rings will never go out of style, and they pair perfectly with a variety of jewelry styles and clothing fashions, so her ring will always match whatever she’s wearing. Solitaire engagement rings are often more subtle and simple than other types of engagement rings, but don’t let simplicity ever fool you: They are chic, elegant, and stunning in a way that other rings are not. If your soon-to-be fiancée has her heart set on a sophisticated solitaire diamond engagement ring, come in to Roman Malakov today to explore our wide selection and talk to our ring experts about your customization options.

What Is a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

When most people think of solitaire engagement rings for women, they often think of a small round diamond set on a white gold band. While this is one style and type, it is only the beginning of the possibilities. A solitaire, at its core, is a single diamond on a band, with little to no additional embellishments or other gemstones. While there are variations, the most classic solitaires are simple and elegant, with the center diamond shining in the spotlight as the ring’s focal point.

If you love the idea of a solitaire diamond engagement ring but prefer a little more sparkle or pizazz, Roman Malakov has you covered. Our solitaire jewelers in NYC can show you a wide variety of solitaire diamond engagement rings with a gorgeous center stone featured on a stunning band in various metals. From an emerald-cut solitaire engagement ring on a thin band to a pear-shaped unique solitaire engagement ring on a diamond-adorned band, the options are endless.

A simple solitaire engagement ring will pair beautifully with nearly any type of wedding band, and it is incredibly versatile should you wish to wear it with other jewelry of varying styles. If you’re aiming to select a solitaire engagement ring with a wedding band at the same time, Roman Malakov carries several sets and pairings that are sure to get you and yours even more excited about tying the knot. For some of the most popular solitaire engagement rings, as well as a wide variety of unique and custom solitaires and options for upgrading a solitaire, visit Roman Malakov in NYC’s Diamond District.

Types of Solitaire Engagement Rings

Although solitaire engagement rings have fewer details and stones than other styles, they are in a category all their own when it comes to beauty. One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make when selecting a solitaire diamond engagement ring is the shape of the diamond. Particularly with solitaires, the shape of the center stone truly makes the entire ring, so it is not a decision to be taken lightly. While just about any shape stone can be selected for a solitaire, the overall shape plays a role in the setting, metal, design style, and overall appearance of the ring, including how much it sparkles. Take a look at the most popular diamond shapes for solitaire engagement ring settings.


What most often comes to mind when people think about solitaire engagement rings is a round diamond on a thin white gold band. This look is absolutely classic and timeless in the best way, and it is a popular choice for many searching for the perfect solitaire diamond engagement ring. Round solitaire engagement rings bring together sophistication and a subtle nod toward traditional rings together to create a stunning look that will look gorgeous on any person, no matter if she is dressed up for a formal event or dressed down for a casual morning out. When you’re looking at round solitaire engagement rings, keep in mind that you can spice up the overall setting by selecting a different metal for the band, opting for a different thickness of style of band or altering the way the center diamond is set in the ring. Additionally, you may wish to explore the look of many different-sized diamonds to ensure the final look of your round solitaire engagement ring is exactly what you envisioned.


Another popular choice for those looking for solitaires is the oval solitaire engagement ring. Particularly popular for their elongated shape that essentially makes the diamond look bigger than they actually weigh. This ring style features an oval-shaped diamond in any size, and it can be set on different bands with multiple metal options. You may prefer the more traditional yellow gold, the modern white gold, or the unique and romantic rose gold solitaire engagement ring. If you would rather get an oval solitaire engagement ring in platinum, many of our settings are available in that as well. Oval solitaire engagement rings may be available with the oval stone placed either horizontally or vertically on the band for more variety, and of course, the width and style of the band are customizable in most cases.


Emerald-cut solitaire engagement rings have a distinctive look that makes them stand out among other solitaire engagement rings. Emerald-cut solitaire engagement rings are vintage in their charm and style, and they are some of the most elegant in their overall look and design. Emerald-cut stones tend to appear larger than other diamonds of the same weight, and they make fingers appear more slender. Emerald-cut solitaire engagement rings are more unique than other types of solitaire engagement rings because emerald-cut diamonds are rarer than other shapes. Just as with other solitaire diamond engagement rings, you can customize the band’s width, metal type, and stone setting in your emerald-cut solitaire engagement ring to ensure it meets your specifications for the perfect ring.


If you want a solitaire that is unique, exclusive, and incredibly stunning, take a look at pear-shaped solitaire engagement rings. The teardrop shape is absolutely gorgeous, as it perfectly encapsulates both beauty and simplicity in its perfectly pear-shaped form. A pear-shaped diamond elongates the finger and can be worn with the point facing up the finger or down for optimal versatility. While traditionally a little more vintage, this style can be modernized with specific metal choices and the actual ring setting. While there are a number of halo pear rings and pear-shaped rings with side stones, the elegance of a pear-shaped solitaire engagement ring is unmatched across all ring styles.


Cushion-cut solitaire engagement rings are one of the more unique solitaire options available due to the impressive and elegant cut of the cushion-shaped diamond. The perfect blend of modern and vintage design is found in the cushion-cut stone. The brilliance of a round cut diamond is melded with the old mine facet pattern to bring about optimal light reflection, sparkle, and shine. Cushion-cut solitaire engagement rings are the perfect option for someone looking for an elegant and sophisticated ring with the simplicity of a solitaire. The square-like shape of the diamond along with its rounded corners and intense fire make it something to behold.


If your heart is set on a solitaire, but you are looking for ways to make it a more unique solitaire engagement ring, one excellent option to consider is a fancy-cut diamond for your center stone. A trillion diamond is a triangular-shaped stone that creates a bold and distinct look that might bring that one-of-a-kind feeling to a solitaire. You might also want to explore trapezoid diamonds. These are usually seen more commonly as side stones, but they make excellent center stones in unique solitaire engagement rings, particularly for those looking for something remarkably unusual.

Other Solitaire Ring Options

As you explore various solitaires, you might notice a difference between solitaire engagement ring settings. From prong set to cathedral to bezel and more, the way your diamond is held in place is a big part of the overall look and feel of the ring. Additionally, while you may be committed to a simple and minimalist solitaire engagement ring from the beginning, you may find yourself enjoying the little details that really make a ring stand out. Perhaps you want to consider a split shank band, a twisted or curved band, or simply a solitaire engagement ring with a thin band.

If you’re particularly fond of vintage solitaire engagement rings, you’ll want to look at artistically designed bands that include a number of striking (yet minute) details. Things like hand engraving, milgrain detail, lacy filigree, and more particular details get you even more excited to purchase a vintage solitaire engagement ring. Many women love having the simple beauty of a solitaire that, when looked at from the side, reveals a number of hidden artistic intricacies that delight the eye in a big way.

You may also find yourself looking at different shapes and colors of diamonds for your unique solitaire engagement ring. A marquise-shaped diamond can be set horizontally or vertically and can provide a gorgeous sparkle of fire and brilliance to your hand. You might also wish to explore fancy colored diamonds to serve as the center stone of your beautiful solitaire. Additionally, a heart-shaped diamond is a romantic way to highlight your love right in the very symbol of your everlasting love—the engagement ring. While setting options may not be as versatile, this shape of diamond offers splendid beauty and sophistication to any band or setting. Looking for even more options for your solitaire engagement ring? Consider a halo cluster solitaire. This style includes several smaller diamonds set in a tight cluster to make it look like a single, larger diamond. The setting offers incredible brilliance and a dazzling look that you’re sure to love.

Shop Solitaire Engagement Rings at Roman Malakov in NYC

Solitaire engagement rings are in a category all their own when it comes to classic, timeless, and elegant engagement ring styles. Our wide selection includes a number of settings with options for round, oval, and emerald-cut diamonds, but we also have a number of solitaire engagement rings with other diamond shape options as well. If you want a heart-shaped diamond, trillion diamond, or any other stone shape, we can find you the perfect solitaire diamond engagement ring. If you’re searching for solitaire engagement rings near you, visit Roman Malakov. Our New York City store is located in the Diamond District. You are also welcome to shop our inventory online to find the ring of her dreams.