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1.25 Carat Pear Shape Three Stone Engagement Ring
  • $7,500.00
GIA Certified 10.09 Round Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Platinum Ring
  • $299,000.00
GIA Certified 2.04 Carat Emerald Cut Purple Pink Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $10,400.00
6.47 Carat Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Three-Stone Halo Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold & Platinum
  • $89,000.00
0.45 Carats Brilliant Round Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in White Gold
  • $3,400.00
GIA Certified 3.04 Carat Orangey Brown Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $19,500.00
1.26 Carats Total Mixed Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $7,490.00
GIA Certified 1.87 Carat Oval Yellow Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $26,400.00
2.94 Carats Total Round Aquamarine Three-Stone Engagement Ring in White Gold
  • $9,297.00
3.40 Carats Total Oval Cut Blue Sapphire & Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in White Gold
  • $5,900.00
GIA Certified 4.02 Carats Radiant Cut Fancy Yellow Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold and Platinum
  • $39,500.00
GIA Certified 4.12 Carats Oval Cut Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Three-Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold and Platinum
  • $63,400.00
GIA Certified 3.02 Carat Oval Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring
  • $46,600.00
GIA Certified 4.02 Carats Cushion Cut Ruby with Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $98,000.00
1.03 Carats Total Round Cut Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring in Platinum
  • $7,500.00

3-Stone Engagement Ring Settings

The 3-stone engagement ring has been a classic choice for couples for decades, and it is still just as timeless today as it was when first introduced. While all engagement rings have important meaning to the couples who own them, the 3-stone engagement ring has a particularly significant meaning. The three stones represent the journey of the couple (in essence, their entire lives together) with each stone signaling the past, present, and future. Some with religious inclinations have also noted the significance of the three stones in representing the Christian trinity, while others believe the three stones also signify friendship, love, and fidelity.

The overall look and style of 3-stone engagement rings are as diverse as the individuals who wear them, but there is no doubt that they are all stunning, meaningful, and symbolic of the deep love between two individuals.

Just as with any engagement ring, 3-stone diamond engagement rings have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to customization and settings. In fact, due to the increased number of focus stones, 3-stone engagement ring settings are actually more versatile and unique than any other engagement ring available today.


Metal choice is one of the big decisions that goes into selecting any 3-stone diamond engagement ring. At Roman Malakov, we offer yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum for our 3-stone engagement ring settings so you can personalize the perfect ring for that special someone.

Stone Shape

While some of our 3-stone diamond engagement rings only allow for certain stone shapes in the settings, several 3-stone engagement ring settings leave the center stone shape completely up to you. This means that if you find a gorgeous ring with a round center stone but the love of your life is set on a princess cut, we can likely make that happen.


Once you move beyond the metal choices and center stone shape, our 3-stone engagement rings become even more versatile and customizable. You can select the perfect 3-stone engagement ring setting based on her style preferences, whether she loves a modern look, vintage charm, art deco design, or something completely unique.

Additionally, the side stones can often be customized to be a different size than what the setting typically holds, and even a different shape than the center stone. This means you can pair a radiant center stone with emerald-cut side stones or an oval center stone with pear side stones. The combinations are truly endless, and the result will always be a gorgeous 3-stone diamond engagement ring that you and yours are sure to love and cherish for years to come.

Further Customizations

Another unique take on the classic 3-stone engagement ring is to switch out some of the diamonds for other gemstones. You may wish to select a colored diamond, such as a stunning yellow diamond or a gorgeous pink diamond, or you may opt for sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and the like. Adding some colorful sparkle to your already breathtaking 3-stone engagement ring setting will take your ring to the next level of beauty and sophistication.

For more customization of your 3-stone engagement ring, consider cluster diamonds, halos around the center three stones, and any other combination of intricate details and unique components to make your ring perfect for your special someone.

Discover Your Perfect Engagement Ring at Roman Malakov

To explore all of your options for 3-stone engagement ring settings and to view our wide selection of ready-to-purchase 3-stone engagement rings, come in to one of Roman Malakov’s NYC stores today. You can also shop online or set up an appointment with one of our engagement ring specialists to ensure you make the best decision when purchasing the perfect 3-stone engagement ring.