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1.89 Carat Elongated Cushion Diamond Pave Engagement Ring
  • $17,500.00
3 Carat GIA Certified Oval Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring
  • $57,000.00
2.15 Carat Round Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Ring
  • $19,800.00
EGL USA Certified Cushion Cut Diamond Pave Engagement Ring
  • $9,900.00
EGL USA Certified Round Diamond Engagement Ring
  • $2,770.00
2.03 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
  • $13,435.00
2.75 Carat Round Diamond Pave Engagement Ring
  • $32,000.00
0.82 Carat Cluster Diamond Split-Shank Engagement Ring
  • $2,701.00
0.80 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
  • $5,800.00
0.45 Carat Round Cut Diamond Gold Engagement Ring
  • $3,650.00
0.39 Carat Round Diamond Entwined Shank Engagement Ring
  • $2,100.00
0.39 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Side Stone Engagement Ring
  • $3,200.00
GIA Certified Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
  • $5,800.00
Roman Malakov Emerald Cut Illusion Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring
  • $9,660.00
1.00 Carat GIA Certified Round Diamond Vintage Style Engagement Ring
  • $7,340.00

Side Stone Engagement Rings

One of the most classic settings for those soon-to-be-wed is the side-stone engagement ring. This stunning design features a center stone as the focal point, with smaller stones on either side of the center stone, providing additional sparkle and an overall striking look. Engagement rings with side stones come in numerous variations, allowing individuals to purchase or design one that perfectly suits their personal styles and preferences.

The center stone of any ring is generally the focus. It will be larger than any other stone on the ring, and for engagement rings, it is most commonly a diamond. While other precious gemstones sometimes find themselves atop side-stone engagement rings, they are often flanked by the more traditional diamond for a cohesive, classic look. Center stones can be a variety of shapes, such as round, princess, or marquise.

Depending on the shape of the center stone on your side-stone engagement ring, you may wish for a unique shape for your side stones. While round is the most frequently selected shape for side stones, some rings are adorned with several tiny cluster-set diamonds for a sparkling design that is sure to wow.

Side-stone wedding rings are often paired with engagement rings with side stones. This pairing offers brides a flawless overall look. Some wedding bands and engagement rings with side stones will have eternity bands, where the diamonds go all the way around, or half-eternity bands, where the diamonds only go halfway around.

At Roman Malakov, side-stone engagement rings are often customizable, meaning you can opt for your choice of side stones, center stone shapes, metal, and more. Come visit Roman Malakov today at our shop in the Diamond District, or shop online with us at any time.