People travel far and wide to visit New York City and indulge in its unique and sophisticated culture— it’s a hub for quality products and luxury shopping. One of the top local and tourist locations is the Diamond District located at the heart of Midtown Manhattan. As the city’s premier hot spot for browsing and buying high-end jewelry, the Diamond District in New York is always alive. 
The history of the Diamond District is rich and the area continues to thrive with vitality today. Located in Midtown Manhattan along West 47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, it is packed with over 2,500 businesses— many of which are known as premier Diamond District jewelers.
For three generations, we are proud to be one of those premier jewelers in the Diamond District. Our brand, Roman Malakov, has been synonymous with quality craftsmanship and outstanding customer satisfaction. 
Roman Malakov is located at the following address:
1 West 47th Street, New York, NY 10036

You can get driving directions here or you can call (212) 944-8500.
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The Best Jewelry Store in New York City’s Diamond District

When it comes to the Diamond District in NYC, the best stores are committed to your entire customer experience. This includes your online shopping experience, how you’re treated when you walk into the physical store, and the selection of jewelry available to you. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or want to explore multiple collections before purchasing, shopping for jewelry in the Diamond District in NYC should be enjoyable, simple, and rewarding.

Roman Malakov is a leader in customer satisfaction, both online and in-store, and its professional jewelers are among the best in the Diamond District. NYC stores always aim to deliver the best, and Roman Malakov does exactly that. Not only will the team members assist as much or as little as you would like, but they will also go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy your experience and that you leave the store pleased.

What truly makes Roman Malakov stand apart as an elite Diamond District jeweler is a mastery of all aspects of the industry and an ability to acquire a wide variety of jewelry pieces and styles to meet every need and suit every desire of customers. The vast collection of jewelry in the store is a source of pride, and the company is honored to have been labeled as one of the best retailers of exclusive jewelry in the Diamond District in NYC.

Roman Malakov is excited to serve customers from the conveniently located and centralized site of the Diamond District in NYC, and is honored to call this elite block of this great city home. The Diamond District in New York has long been known for exclusivity, high class, and elegant sophistication, and it’s inspiring to be surrounded by the best Diamond District jewelers who share a passion for excellence, beauty, and fine jewelry. Roman Malakov looks forward to continued service in the gorgeous storefront and online and is excited to welcome new customers who visit the Diamond District shop.

Visit Roman Malakov in New York’s Diamond District

If you’re planning a trip to NYC’s Diamond District, begin your shopping at the best jewelry store in the district, Roman Malakov. Located at the heart of Manhattan, between the luxurious 5th avenue and times square, a street beside the famous rockefeller center, you will experience the highest quality of jewelry and services, regardless of what you’re looking for. The commitment to honesty, integrity, and transparency will provide you with the best experience in the Diamond District in NYC. Visit in-store at the convenient location in the sophisticated and classy Diamond District in New York, or shop online at any time. You can also schedule a virtual consultation if you have some questions but prefer not to visit in person. Additionally, you can contact the store with questions about any jewelry piece, the store location, or any other query.

Call us at the Diamond District location on 47th Street today!

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A Wide Jewelry Selection in the Heart of the Diamond District

At Roman Malakov, we have firmly established ourselves as a premier Manhattan jeweler. With experienced staff members, a wide selection of jewelry, and expertise in the field of fine jewelry, it’s no wonder that we are considered one of the best Diamond District stores. It’s certainly not due to lack of competition, as anyone who has visited the Diamond District can attest. But it is due to our tremendous commitment to providing quality service, gorgeous jewelry, and an incredible experience within our stunning jewelry store in NYC’s Diamond District. Our vast collection of jewelry includes the following:

Engagement Rings – Would we even be a New York Diamond District jeweler if we didn’t offer engagement rings? Some of the most prized and sentimental pieces that exist in the jewelry world are engagement rings, and we make it our personal mission to find each and every patron the perfect ring for the perfect proposal. Our Manhattan jewelry store features a selection of engagement rings that contains the highest quality designs, metals, settings, and gems.

High End Jewelry – Only the most exquisite pieces make it into our high end jewelry collection. With the highest quality of precious gemstones and metals, as well as the finest quality of design and craftsmanship, our high jewelry items are glamorous, to say the least. As premier Diamond District jewelers, it is our joy to showcase this collection and display it to those seeking the most upscale and luxurious pieces available.

Estate Jewelry – There is something magical about finding a decades-old piece of jewelry that seems to have been made just for you. Our estate jewelry collection features gorgeous vintage and antique jewelry from days gone by, all of which have been restored to their original beauty and are available for you to peruse and purchase. Several stores within the Diamond District in New York have estate jewelry collections, but they pale in comparison to our stunning and vast selection at Roman Malakov.

Bracelets – One of the most overlooked and underrated accessories is the bracelet. While not often thought of as a statement piece, the bracelet selection at Roman Malakov will have you rethinking your approach to accessorizing. From variations of gold to diamond-adorned and more, the beauty of our bracelets has other New York jewelers awe-struck. Tennis bracelets, bangles, retro styles, and more are available for your viewing pleasure at the best jewelry store in Manhattan.

Rings – You can never have too many rings, and our own personal jewelry collections can prove it! Whether you’re looking to purchase an anniversary gift for your spouse, buy your best friend a celebratory cocktail ring, or purchase a new ring for yourself just because, Roman Malakov has you covered. Our ring selection is vast and simply striking—you can also customize many pieces to suit your personal preferences. As one of the 47th Street jewelers, our store features rings that are the most beautiful, sophisticated, and glamorous ones available, and we encourage you to come in and see them for yourself.

Necklaces – Diamond necklaces, tennis necklaces, and pendant necklaces alike are gorgeous statement pieces that embody flawless beauty. Necklaces are also extremely versatile and can be worn with formal evening wear, business attire, or even casual ensembles for an afternoon around town. You probably already know that--especially in New York--diamonds are a girl’s best friend and you can simply never have enough. Come and see the best jewelers in NYC and pick out a stunning diamond necklace for yourself or a loved one.

Earrings – Whether big or small, colorful or not, sparkly or shiny, earrings are the perfect final touch to any outfit. While you can find just about any type of jewelry in the Diamond District in NYC, you’ll only find the most exquisite and exclusive earrings at Roman Malakov. Studs, dangles, drops, chandeliers, hoops, and gemstone earrings are all within reach when you visit us in the Diamond District in New York.

Diamond District Events and Attractions

While visiting the Diamond District, be sure to keep an eye out for special events, sales, or promotions taking place at various jewelry stores, as these can offer unique opportunities to find exceptional deals on diamonds and other fine jewelry. Additionally, the Diamond District frequently hosts trade shows, exhibitions, and other industry-related events that cater to jewelry enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Diamond District is also surrounded by numerous attractions, restaurants, and shopping centers that you may want to explore while in the area. Just a short walk away, you'll find iconic destinations such as Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and the Museum of Modern Art. For dining options, you can choose from a wide variety of restaurants and cafes nearby, ranging from casual eateries to fine dining establishments. If you're interested in shopping beyond the Diamond District, the famous Fifth Avenue is only a few blocks away, boasting luxury retail stores and high-end boutiques.

During the holiday season, the area comes alive with festive decorations, the world-renowned Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, and sparkling window displays, making it a perfect time to visit and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere.

Roman Malakov FAQs

Where is Roman Malakov located within the Diamond District in NYC?

Within the Diamond District in NYC, stores are primarily located along West 47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. We are closer to 5th Avenue, and our address is 1 West 47th Street.

What makes Roman Malakov the best jewelry store in NYC’s Diamond District?

Roman Malakov stands out as the best jewelry store in NYC's Diamond District for several reasons:

  • Expertise and craftsmanship: Roman Malakov boasts a rich history of master jewelers and skilled artisans with decades of experience in crafting exquisite pieces of jewelry. Their expertise ensures that each piece is designed and created with precision, beauty, and durability in mind.
  • Exceptional quality: Roman Malakov is committed to offering high-quality diamonds and precious gemstones, ensuring that each stone is ethically sourced and meets strict quality standards. The diamond district jewelry store provides detailed information on the 4 Cs (carat, color, clarity, and cut) to help customers make informed decisions.
  • Personalized service: The knowledgeable and attentive staff are dedicated to providing personalized service and guiding customers through the entire jewelry selection process. They help customers find the perfect piece that matches their style, preferences, and budget.
  • Wide range of styles: Roman Malakov offers an extensive collection of unique and diverse designs, ranging from classic and timeless pieces to modern and contemporary styles. Customers can choose from various engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.
  • Customization options: We specialize in custom-designed jewelry, allowing customers to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect their personality and style. The design team works closely with clients to bring their vision to life, from the initial concept to the final creation.
  • Transparency and trust: Roman Malakov is committed to building trust with its customers by providing transparent information on diamond certification, pricing, and the jewelry-making process. The store's reputation for honesty and integrity has earned it a loyal customer base in the Diamond District and beyond.
  • After-sales support: We offer excellent after-sales support, including maintenance, repair, resizing, and cleaning services to ensure that customers' jewelry pieces remain in pristine condition for years to come.

A lot of jewelers claim that they are the Diamond District in NYC’s best store. But Roman Malakov truly is one of the leaders in premier jewelry, even within the highly exclusive locale of the jewelry district in NYC. Our commitment to quality jewelry, incredible customer service, and an overall positive experience for our clientele makes us one of the elite and premier providers of New York diamonds.

What types of jewelry does Roman Malakov sell?

Roman Malakov offers a wide selection of jewelry in Manhattan. High jewelry and estate jewelry are some of our specialties, but we also carry engagement rings and wedding bands. Additionally, you can find a large variety of necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets at our Diamond District store.

How can I reach Roman Malakov’s jewelry store in the Diamond District in NYC?

Accessing the Diamond District in NYC, one of the most convenient locations for jewelry stores in NYC, is easy using various transportation options.

Subway (highly recommended): Take the B, D, M, or F trains to the 47th Street Rockefeller Station, which is the 6th Ave entrance of the Diamond District. 

Alternatively, the N, R, and W trains stop at 49th Street, while the E train arrives at 5th Ave and 53rd, which is within walking distance.

Buses: Numerous buses run along 5th Avenue throughout the day, providing easy access to the Diamond District.

Taxis, Uber, Juno, Via, and Lyft: All drivers are familiar with the Diamond District NYC and can drop you off on 47th Street.

If you prefer to drive, on-street parking is scarce and may result in a ticket. We recommend using Icon Parking, located on 46th Street between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue, just a block away from the Diamond District.

What are the operating hours for Roman Malakov and other Diamond District NYC stores?

The Diamond District in NYC generally opens later than other commercial districts in the city. Most shops and booths typically open at 10:00 am and close at 5:00 pm. 

Roman Malakov has slightly different hours, closing later at 6:00pm. 

If you're visiting from out of town, it's best to avoid the lunchtime rush, as the streets can become crowded with business people on their lunch breaks.

In December, many Diamond District NYC stores may extend their operating hours to accommodate holiday shoppers. Keep in mind that traffic and pedestrian congestion may increase during winter.

What Do I Need To Know Before Visiting The Diamond District?

At Roman Malakov, we believe that research and education are essential for making informed decisions when purchasing jewelry. Before visiting our store or exploring the Diamond District, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of jewelry and diamonds.

Please review the following topics to enhance your understanding and experience of Diamond District NYC jewelry stores: