Style Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring


 Shopping for engagement rings is incredibly exciting: You’ve taken the next step toward spending the rest of your life with that special someone. While it’s quite fun to scroll endlessly through engagement rings online or window shop at your favorite jewelry stores, there is a lot to consider when purchasing an engagement ring.

One great place to begin is with your budget. Knowing how much you want to spend and how much is too much will keep you headed in the right direction. After that, it’s all about what your future fiancée wants the ring to look like. This, too, can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together this style guide for engagement rings. It’s meant to assist you in narrowing down design styles and helping you find the perfect engagement ring without breaking a sweat. These styles can correlate with her personality and lifestyle, her clothing style, her jewelry preferences, or what she loves in an engagement ring. Check out these top styles to see what suits you best, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the ring that leads to “yes.”

Traditional and Simple

The most traditional engagement ring style is a classic solitaire. It has a clean-cut band with a gorgeous center stone as the focal point. Most traditional rings have plain metal bands, but some women may prefer an additional detail, such as a basket-set center stone, some diamond embellishments on the band, or even peek-a-boo diamonds somewhat hidden underneath the center stone.

If she likes traditional and simple jewelry but a solitaire is a little too simple, you may want to look at three-stone diamond engagement rings. While retaining their classy elegance, they have a touch more sparkle and glamour than a standard solitaire. Traditional solitaires are one jewelry trend that will never go out of style and will always be timelessly beautiful.

Glamorous and Outgoing

When it comes to jewelry trends, glamor is never out of style. Glamorous engagement rings have lots of sparkling diamonds—maybe a pave diamond band, a halo around the center stone, or a diamond-lined split-shank bank (essentially two metal pieces stemming from the center stone). She may wear simple jewelry on the regular but wants a chic, brilliant ring that stands out, and a higher set center stone allows for that brilliance to rise above everyday accessories. If she loves to accessorize and dress up, glamorous engagement rings will play into that style beautifully.

Active and Playful

If your bride-to-be is the outdoorsy type who is always off on a new adventure, you need to take that into consideration when looking at engagement rings. A large, elaborate ring won’t suit her lifestyle well, so you should look at some jewelry trends that are a little more conducive to her hobbies and personality. A lower-set center stone or a more secure setting is going to be best for those who fall into this style category. Many side-stone engagement rings are excellent choices for the active and playful type. She also may love floral motifs or more artistic elements on an engagement ring. Be sure to pay attention to the jewelry she regularly wears to get ideas of her style.

Timeless and Romantic

For the lifelong romantic and the girl who’s obsessed with all things vintage, timeless engagement rings are the way to go.Vintage rings often have gorgeous details, such as intricate filigree and milgrain work that romantics absolutely love. Detailed artistry in the gallery of the ring (the back part of the ring that fits over the top of the finger) and thin, dainty bands are also excellent choices for those who fall into this category. Timeless engagement rings may be actual estate jewelry that was previously owned, or it may be a newer piece that was simply designed to look vintage. Either way, your romantic bride-to-be is sure to love wearing her stunning ring.

Modern and Chic

Some jewelry trends fall into several categories, and this last one is full of overlap. She may love glamor, yet may also want it to be more modern than timeless. Or while she adores simplicity, she may also love the modernity of a particular type of ring (like the solitaire but taking it up a notch). Some modern jewelry trends include many sculptural elements, which brings a unique final look that feels organic versus entirely “set in stone” (in our case, metal). Other modern jewelry may just be incredibly clean-cut and geometric. Modern engagement rings may also be non-traditional in the way of selecting a gemstone for the center stone rather than a diamond.

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