Matching A Wedding Band To Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring personifies the wearer's unique style, personality wedding band. This mindset makes stacking or matching wedding bands and engagement rings an even more popular tradition in this day and age. We have couples nowadays going through hundreds of styles of wedding bands trying looking for the right combination. That is why we have curated some wedding band ideas we think would definitely compliment certain style engagement rings while staying true to their inner personality. We have taken into account our own personal recommendations as well as popular wedding band styles our valued clients purchased to match with their engagement rings.

If you want a wedding band that will seamlessly fit your engagement ring, then you should closely take a look at your engagement ring first; specifically, underneath the crown or basket holding the center diamond. Look for an elevated head (example on the right) as this is usually a sign that a straight wedding band will sit comfortably underneath the crown of the engagement ring.  Make sure that there is enough space to accommodate the band. 

Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

This is by far the most versatile engagement ring style on the planet. Solitaire engagement rings would look good in almost any wedding band style. With the simple solitaire design, the center diamond is and should be the star of the ring. This is why we would recommend a simple three, five, or seven stone wedding band. These styles would not take the center diamond away from the spotlight but will give the engagement ring an extra bit of sparkle and punch. 

Check out this gorgeous combination of Tiffany & Co. 6 prong solitaire engagement ring with a matching Tiffany & Co. 7 stone wedding band. 

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

As a rule of thumb with three-stone engagement rings, it is usually a good idea to pair your engagement ring with an eternity band that showcases the same cut center stone. For example, if you have an emerald cut diamond three-stone engagement ring, look for a wedding band that showcases emerald cut diamonds. An eternity band is not the only option, however. Half-way wedding bands are also a popular choice. It still gives the effect of an eternity when looking at it face-up but is more budget-friendly. 

Accented Diamond Band Engagement Rings

Example 1: For single center diamond engagement rings with accented diamonds on the shank, then being simple and consistent with the design would be best. Check out the example on the left. This Cartier engagement ring features a radiant cut diamond center stone with channel prong set diamonds on the shank. A matching wedding band for that design would be a channel prong set eternity wedding band.  Guaranteed it is a popular combination because of the seamless design.  


Example 2: Alternatively, if your engagement ring features a tapered micro-pave shank, then a wedding band with the same design would definitely compliment that style engagement ring! Adding a little color to the wedding band wouldn't hurt either and in actuality, could even add some flavor to the combination. The contrast of colors could make your engagement ring pop out and also give individual and distinct attention to each ring. Contrasting colors or not, both are exceptional options. It is all a matter of preference and taste.

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are one of the go-to designs of the 21st century. The halo design not only adds brilliance to the diamond center but makes the center diamond appear larger as well. Who doesn't want a larger-looking engagement ring right?

 Recommendation 1: Halo design engagement rings already exude a lot of sparkle and brilliance. We recommend keeping it simple and pair it with a thin plain wedding band. It's simple, elegant, and very budget-friendly. A plain wedding band would also give you the opportunity to match with your husband's wedding band! 

Recommendation 2: You can also consider pairing the engagement ring with a pave diamond wedding band. This is a more cohesive approach for halo engagement rings with accented diamond shanks.

Tip: For both recommendations, find a wedding band with the same thickness or slightly thicker shank than the engagement ring.


Gemstone Engagement Rings

These are very much increasing in style because of the affordability and attractive colorfulness it brings. Pairing these type of engagement rings with an alternating diamond and gemstone wedding band would do wonders. The contrast between the diamonds and the gemstones further bring out the vibrancy of both the wedding band and engagement ring. Not only that, the diamonds shimmer in the spotlight and bring out the brilliance. Getting the best of both worlds indeed. 


Antique or Vintage Engagement Rings

Because of the unique style and intricate detailing of antique or vintage-inspired pieces, we would recommend not pairing it with a wedding band on the same finger. Vintage engagement rings are already stars in its own right. However, if still wish to pair a wedding band, then a vintage-inspired piece would work well. Look for a wedding band with milgrain, filigree or other intricate and vintage detailing for a more cohesive look and feel. 


Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Non-traditional engagement rings usually have uniquely-shaped compositions or split shank designs. If this is the case, then we recommend a custom-designed wedding band. These wedding bands will most often than not have a contoured or notched shape to elegantly hug the shape of the engagement ring.

 The advantage of getting a wedding band custom-made is that it will have a seamless design and fit that will fit perfectly to your engagement ring. The disadvantage of getting a custom-designed wedding band is that it will usually take a few weeks to finish. Finding and trusting the right jeweler you can leave your engagement ring to and expertly craft a wedding band can prove to be difficult as well. It may be a lot of work but if done with utmost precision and care, it will definitely be worth it. 


Side note: Wedding bands with contoured or notched shapes usually will not look as elegant when worn on their own. If you do go with this route, then you might be tied to wear both of them together all the time. 




Although these are popular combinations for these style engagement rings, the final decision is really up to you. You know yourself better than any other person. Pick the wedding band that speaks to you; that fits your personality, lifestyle, and taste. If you are not drawn to complimenting your engagement ring with a wedding band, then consider wearing the two rings on separate occasions or wearing the wedding band on the right hand. This is a symbolic piece that you will be wearing for many years to come. It is only fair that you feel comfortable and in love with whatever choice you make.

Whats your favorite combination? Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below. If you have any questions about matching your wedding band with your engagement ring, then do not hesitate to contact us directly for assistance. We are more than happy to help each one in finding the right combination.