Matching Wedding Band And Engagement Ring

An engagement ring personifies the wearer's unique style and personality, so it only makes sense that their wedding band should do the same. We have talked with couples who have gone through hundreds of styles of wedding bands trying to find the right one to match an engagement ring, and we know it can be quite overwhelming. That’s why we have put together some wedding band and engagement ring combinations to offer guidance on selecting your ideal wedding band. We have taken into account our own personal recommendations as well as popular wedding band styles that our clientele have purchased to match their engagement rings.

Figuring out how to match a wedding band with an engagement ring doesn’t have to be stressful. To get started, check out some of our favorite wedding bands that match engagement rings, from classic bands to notched designs. 

GIA Certified  1.62 Carat Floating Round Diamond Engagement Ring


Classic wedding bands tend to be simple, elegant, and timeless. They can be plain or diamond accented, such as eternity rings or half-eternity rings. These types of rings pair well with just about any type of engagement ring, as they are extremely versatile and easily match any style. 


A contoured wedding band will have a unique shape that bends around your engagement ring. These wedding bands go around the engagement ring, so they are great for bigger engagement rings or those with the center stone diamond set lower in the ring. 


Rather than bending around the engagement ring, a notched ring is straight with a small notch where the engagement ring essentially sits in it to keep them together on your finger. 


A unique wedding band can be any number of things: gemstone accented, textured, or made with a non-traditional material. Playful patterns, unique engravings, and distinct shapes can all be elements of a unique wedding band.


Matching Wedding Band Recommendations

Do you want to know what wedding band goes with your ring? Some recommendations are listed below, but you can also visit us at Roman Malakov to get individualized insight regarding the best wedding band and engagement ring combination for you.

Cartier GIA Certified 0.90 Carats Brilliant Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

This is by far the most versatile engagement ring style and the easiest to match. Solitaire engagement rings look good alongside almost any wedding band style. With the simple solitaire design, the center diamond is and should be the star of the ring. This is why we recommend a simple wedding band to match this engagement ring. A simple style will not take the spotlight away from the center diamond, but it will give the engagement ring an extra bit of sparkle. 

GIA Certified 5.17 Carats Emerald Cut Yellow Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring


Three Stone Engagement Rings

As a rule of thumb with three-stone engagement rings, it is usually a good idea to pair your engagement ring with an eternity band that showcases the same cut center stone. For example, if you have an emerald cut diamond three-stone engagement ring, look for a wedding band that showcases emerald cut natural diamonds. An eternity band is not the only option, however. Half-eternity wedding bands are also a popular choice. They still give the effect of an eternity band when looking at them face-up but are more budget-friendly. They’re also easier to size to ensure they fit well

GIA Certified 2.01 Carat Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are one of the go-to designs of the 21st century. The halo design not only adds brilliance to the diamond, but it also makes the center diamond appear larger. Because halo engagement rings already exude a lot of sparkle and brilliance, we recommend keeping it simple and pairing it with a plain wedding band or an eternity wedding band. Both options will create a sparkling, elegant, and cohesive look. Aim for a wedding band with a similar thickness to the engagement ring to ensure they complement each other perfectly.

GIA Certified 1.01 Carats Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstone engagement rings have been steadily rising in popularity for many years due to their affordability and unique pop of color. Pairing these types of engagement rings with an alternating diamond and gemstone wedding band is sure to be beautiful. The contrast between the diamonds and the gemstones further brings out the vibrancy of both the wedding band and engagement ring. You can also opt for a diamond eternity band or a plain band, bringing focus to the engagement ring.  

GIA Certified 3.25 Carat Emerald Cut Blue Sapphire Three Stone Engagement Ring

Antique or Vintage Engagement Rings

The unique style and intricate detailing of antique or vintage-inspired rings make them gorgeous pieces. Some people choose not to wear a wedding band alongside these types of engagement rings so they can stand alone in their beauty. However, if you wish to pair your antique engagement ring with a wedding band, then a vintage-inspired piece would work well. Search for a wedding band with milgrain, filigree, or other intricate and vintage detailing for a more cohesive look and feel. 

1.78 Carat Total Mixed Shaped Diamond Antique Engagement Ring

Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Non-traditional engagement rings usually have uniquely-shaped compositions or split shank designs. If this is the case, then we recommend a custom-designed wedding band. These wedding bands will often have a contoured or notched shape to elegantly hug the unique shape of the engagement ring. A custom-made wedding band will have a seamless design and fit that will align perfectly with your engagement ring. 

0.31 Carat Radiant Cut Purple Pink Diamond Triple Halo Engagement Ring

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Although these are some popular combinations for engagement rings, the final decision is really up to you. You know yourself better than any other person, so you should pick the wedding band that speaks to you. Find one that fits your personality, lifestyle, and taste, and be sure to look at it next to your engagement ring to ensure you like the overall look of both rings together.

We’re here to help you find a wedding band to match your engagement ring. At Roman Malakov, our jewelry professionals are ready and available to help you explore your options and peruse our wide selection of wedding bands to find the perfect one for you. You can visit us in our store in NYC’s Diamond District or shop online anytime. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, book an appointment today. We look forward to assisting you in finding a beautiful wedding band to fit your engagement ring.