The Ultimate Diamond Guide | Diamond Cuts & Shapes

The cut is arguably the most important of the four Cs when it comes to selecting the perfect diamond. At Roman Malakov, we only provide the most quality and excellent cuts of diamonds so you can complete your collection with a brilliant gem. 

Roman Malakov’s Ultimate Diamond Guide strives to provide you with the most authentic and honest assessments about the available cuts and shapes of diamonds. 

Difference Between Diamond Cuts and Diamond Shapes

The cut of a diamond refers to how well-proportioned the stone is, including its symmetry and depth. Diamond cuts are separate from the shapes of a diamond, but one can impact the other. The way the diamond is cut will impact its reflective qualities and, thus, its brilliance.  

With this diamond guide, we hope to highlight the importance of finding quality diamond cuts so you can pinpoint a brilliant and valuable piece to add to your jewelry collection.

Quality Diamond Cuts

When it comes to choosing between diamond ring shapes, many want to find the diamond that sparkles the most on their finger. In order to find the most sparkly diamond shape for you, it helps to understand the different diamond cuts. Use this diamond guide to learn more about how to find a diamond that will reflect light well and shine the best.

But before we divine in, you might find yourself wondering how are diamonds cut? Diamond cutting is a complex and highly detailed procedure that involves cleaning and cutting the diamond with a laser or saw to cut it into different pieces. Cutting a diamond takes a rough diamond and forms it into a stunning gem. Diamond cuts are graded on a scale from excellent to poor. Excellent diamond cuts have the highest levels of brilliance and fire, while poorly cut diamonds won’t have any sparkle or brilliance. What’s more, perfect, symmetrical diamond cuts with good proportions will provide the most brilliance, sparkle, and reflection of light.

It’s important to keep in mind that some vintage and antique diamonds were cut with an emphasis on carat as well as candlelight. For example, Old European cut diamonds are a round diamond cut popular during the Art Deco period and are less sparkly than their modern round diamond cut counterparts. This is because the Old European cut diamond was cut and polished to reflect candlelight, which gives it an intimate and vintage flair.

Popular Diamond Shapes

It can help to choose between diamond ring shapes before delving too deeply into the cut of a diamond. Use this diamond guide to explore the 10 most popular diamond shapes, and find the one that suits your style best.

 1. Round

Of all the different diamond shapes, the round cut diamond is perhaps the most popular of all. The round cut diamond is one of the most beloved types of diamond cuts because it offers the most brilliance. Its symmetry and geometric design allow for the most amount of light to reflect from this incredible diamond shape. This diamond shape is highly desired for engagement rings, necklaces, and other fine pieces of jewelry.

2. Princess

The princess cut diamond is second in popularity. This diamond is a square shape that has what appears to be an upside-down pyramid in its geometric design. This classic and stunning design is well suited for those with a more modern style. This type of diamond shape comes with a brilliance that almost equals that of the round diamond.

 3. Emerald

The emerald cut diamond gets its diamond shape name from the technique originally used to cut emeralds. The shape of the emerald cut diamond can come in both square and rectangular forms with a large table surface and straight lines. If you are looking for unique and different diamond shapes for a one-of-a-kind bride, then an emerald cut diamond might be the way to go. 

4. Oval

The oval cut diamond also offers a unique diamond cut shape for a stunning engagement ring or necklace. An oval cut diamond features an elongated silhouette and a larger appearance and size for the same carat in other diamond cut shapes. The oval cut diamond is a fancy and elegant diamond that provides similar fire and brilliance to that of the round diamond cut.

5. Cushion

The cushion cut diamond gets its diamond shape name because it looks like a pillow or cushion. The cushion cut diamond is like a blend between the round and princess diamond cut shapes since it has a square shape with rounded edges. The cushion cut diamond comes in a variety of cut options, so you can select a unique and personalized diamond for your jewelry collection.

6. Asscher

The Asscher cut diamond earned its diamond shape name from the first family to produce this distinct type of diamond cut, the Asscher Brothers of Holland. Created over 100 years ago, the Asscher cut diamond is typically a squared-off shape with stunning layered facets that provide brilliance and style. The Asscher is similar to the emerald cut diamond, though Asscher diamond pieces tend to have more sparkle and brilliance.

7. Marquise

The marquise cut diamond is an antique diamond shape that continues to inspire stunning jewelry pieces. The marquise cut diamond has a narrow and elongated figure similar to that of a diamond shape and is typically held by prongs at both ends. This stylish diamond shape is popular for engagement rings and earrings.

8. Radiant

The radiant diamond cut offers a high level of brilliance and fire with numerous facets in the crown and pavilion. This incredible diamond shape has cropped corners similar to that of the cushion cut and usually has slight color differences between each cut. Radiant cut diamonds look like beautiful blocks of ice that reflect light and sparkle almost as brilliantly as a round diamond.

9. Baguette

The baguette diamond is shaped like a long rectangle with clean parallel lines and crystal clarity, making it a lovely diamond on its own or as a side stone. Baguette diamonds make wonderful side stones for diamond rings as they provide a crystal-clear accent that doesn’t distract from the center stone. When you see pave set diamonds, they are often baguette diamonds. 

10. Trillion

The trillion cut diamond, also known as the trilliant cut, is an incredibly unique gem that stands apart from other types of diamond cuts. The sharp, stunning edges on the trillion cut diamond make it a one-of-a-kind diamond choice for any piece of jewelry.

Shop Roman Malakov for a Variety of Diamond Cuts and Shapes

While perusing the variety of diamond shapes in our diamond guide, you might find yourself wondering, what is the most expensive diamond cut? The round cut diamond is the most expensive of all diamond cuts because its level of brilliance does not compare to other diamond cut shapes.

If you are wondering, what is the best diamond cut for me? Our friendly and knowledgeable team at Roman Malakov will help you find the best diamond cut that suits your style, price range, and desires for your next piece of jewelry.