Stunning jewelry pieces are made even more beautiful with baguette diamonds. From engagement rings and diamond necklaces to diamond earrings, baguette-cut diamonds serve as supportive accent pieces that work with both vintage and contemporary styles. The center stone of a diamond ring may be what initially draws your eye, but baguette diamonds help make that sparkling centerpiece stand out even more. 

Roman Malakov in New York City’s Diamond District has a curated collection of incredible baguette jewelry pieces to suit any style and personality.

What is a Baguette Diamond?

The timeless baguette diamond is a classic accent that elevates any look. It has a long, rectangular shape and most often adorns jewelry pieces as side or accent stones. 

If you are familiar with the four C’s of diamonds, then you know a diamond’s cut determines its shape and the number of facets. A baguette diamond is cut with 14 facets, which allows it to function as a smaller accent piece rather than the main event. 

A baguette diamond is actually very thinly cut compared to other diamond shapes and styles. The thinness and simplicity of a baguette diamond provide an elongated setting on rings, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry pieces. A baguette diamond complements all diamond shapes and styles, including vintage and contemporary settings.

Baguette vs. Emerald Cut Diamond

Baguette and emerald cut diamonds look similar, but there are significant, yet subtle, differences between them. 

As previously mentioned, a diamond baguette is cut into a long, thin rectangular shape with pointed edges, while an emerald cut diamond has what is known as wedge-shaped corners that give it a more rounded effect. Also, a baguette cut diamond tends to come in smaller sizes and only has 14 facets, in comparison to emerald cut diamonds, which come in larger sizes and have 50 or more facets. 

Another major difference between baguette and emerald cut diamonds is that an emerald cut diamond is more likely to be a center stone, whereas baguette diamonds tend to be stationed along the sides of a piece as an accent.

Baguette Engagement Ring Settings

Baguette diamonds may be common accent stones, but they can also wrap around a thin band like an eternity band. In fact, a baguette wedding band style is popular among both brides and grooms. These eternity bands expertly complement engagement rings, as a baguette wedding ring can add additional sparkle to your loved one’s finger. A round and baguette eternity ring with alternating baguette diamonds and round brilliant diamonds can also serve as a chic and unique wedding band. Match your bride’s style and personality by selecting a baguette diamond engagement ring or celebrate your wedding anniversary with a baguette diamond band.


4.53 Carat Round Diamond with Tapered Baguette Trio Pave Engagement Ring


0.90 Carat Total Baguette Diamond East-West Eternity Ring

Baguette Diamonds in Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings

Baguette diamonds are also featured in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Baguette diamond earrings offer a unique style and can elevate any look. For instance, stacked baguette diamonds showcased on hoop earrings with round diamonds along the edges are a perfect selection for any elegant occasion. 

But perhaps you’d like to adorn your wrist with a classic baguette diamond bracelet, like our round and baguette diamond tennis bracelet that features alternating round brilliant and baguette cut diamonds. Diamond tennis bracelets are typically lightweight and come in many sizes, making this a versatile choice for all styles. 

What’s more, a baguette diamond necklace offers a similar sophisticated and classic look, such as a baguette diamond tennis necklace with a row of baguette diamonds that go all the way around the necklace. Baguettes are also featured in diamond necklaces as accents, where other diamonds or gemstones are the stars of the piece. 

7.41 Carats Total Brilliant Round & Baguette Cut Diamond Geometric

Drop Earrings in White Gold 

5.66 Carat Total Oval Cut Emerald with Mixed Cut Diamond Necklace


Explore Beautiful Baguette Jewelry at Roman Malakov

When you are searching for a beautiful piece of jewelry to add to your collection or a gift for a loved one, consider how baguette diamonds can add sparkle and sophistication to any look. 

Our team of jewelers and sales associates at Roman Malakov will help you select the perfect baguette diamonds and find the ideal baguette diamond wedding band, necklace, earrings, or bracelet. At Roman Malakov, we pride ourselves on providing hand-crafted jewelry pieces to help you celebrate those memorable moments in life. Schedule an online appointment, virtual consultation, or in-store appointment for a personalized experience.