44.30 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Three Row Tennis Bracelet
44.30 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Three Row Tennis Bracelet

Cushion cut diamond jewelry has soft, rounded edges that make for a timeless appeal and classic look. These cushion cut diamonds can be set into rings, earrings, necklaces, and more. The cushion cut diamond looks like a rounded, gentler version of the princess cut due to its pillow or cushion-like shape, which is commonly used in engagement rings. When you are looking for a diamond engagement ring with incredible fire and brilliance, consider a cushion cut diamond ring.

Cushion Cut Diamond Jewelry: Rings, Earrings & More

Cushion cut diamond settings have been around for hundreds of years and continue to be a classic choice for many pieces of jewelry. Select a pair of cushion cut diamond earrings to accent a stunning outfit for any occasion. Or consider a cushion cut diamond necklace to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, or important milestone. The cushion cut diamond can provide magnificent appeal on its own or with a halo or pave setting for a more elevated and elegant look.

What Is a Cushion Cut Diamond?

You might be wondering, what is a cushion cut diamond? The cushion cut diamond is distinguished by its square shape with rounded edges. The deep cut of a cushion cut diamond means it has a small face size and tends to sparkle and shine in larger carat weights. For women who prefer vintage and soft styles, the cushion cut’s softened edges give the appearance of an antique cushion cut diamond with a modern flair. Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are often desired by those who value antique and feminine looks.

When it comes to the cushion cut diamond vs round diamond for an engagement ring, many will find a larger carat size cushion cut diamond at a more satisfying price than a round diamond. While the round diamond offers more brilliance, certain types of cushion cut diamonds can have more fire than round diamonds. Round diamonds are often the most popular choice for engagement rings, but if you are looking for a more unique or vintage-inspired cut, you may prefer cushion cut diamond engagement rings. The cushion cut vs round cut simply comes down to the setting that you like best.

In order to choose the best diamond shape that suits your style and interest, you may find yourself deciding between the cushion cut diamond vs princess cut. More modern brides and jewelry collectors often appreciate the princess cut for its sharp edges and geometric shape. On the other hand, the cushion cut diamond offers a less edgy and more understated look that will stay classic through the ages. Cushion cut diamond engagement rings are also thought of as the more romantic of cuts. What’s more, a cushion cut diamond band with its timeless and vintage appeal can make for a stunning family heirloom to pass down. 

Selecting the Perfect Cushion Cut Diamond

When selecting the perfect cushion cut diamond, you might be wondering, how many facets are in a cushion cut diamond? Due to the variety of cut styles and techniques, cushion cut diamonds can vary in the number of facets, even more than the standard 58 facets. 

Visit Roman Malakov to learn more about how to choose a cushion cut diamond. While some cushion cut diamonds can look like crushed ice, the cushion brilliant cut has exceptional sparkle due to larger facets. You’ll also find that the classic cushion cut is a rounded square, while the elongated cushion cut diamond is the shape of a rectangle with rounded edges. 

Whether you are looking for a square cushion cut diamond, round cushion cut diamond, or cushion cut diamond solitaire, the talented and friendly team at Roman Malakov can help you find the best cushion cut diamond ring. 

Cushion Cut Basket Eternity

Cushion Cut Basket Eternity