One of the most challenging decisions to make when creating a custom piece of jewelry is determining the shape of the center stone. Even if you’re selecting an already-made piece, you may feel conflicted about which stone shape is best. While there are a number of diamond shapes and unique factors to consider, the shapes that shouldn’t be overlooked are two of the simplest: the classic round and the traditional oval. 

When deciding between an oval or round diamond, a lot will come into play. Before we dive deep into the similarities and differences between oval vs. round diamonds, let’s take a look at each shape individually.

Round-Cut Diamonds

A round-cut diamond is exactly what you picture: a round diamond. It may be big or small, deep or shallow, but it is perfectly symmetrical and sparkles beautifully. Round-cut diamonds are known for the brilliance of their cuts, namely the perfectly situated facets that make them so incredibly reflective and fiery. Round diamonds are incredibly classic and are, by far, the most popular diamond shape across all types of jewelry. They work well in every single style and setting, and they are always gorgeous regardless of their size, how they’re set, and what type of jewelry they’re in.

Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Oval-Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds are, of course, oval in overall shape, but they are a bit more varied in overall appearance than their round counterparts. Oval-cut diamonds are brilliantly cut, just like round-cut diamonds, making them extremely sparkly. However, due to their shape, the facets are a bit deeper and wider, meaning the way they reflect light is slightly different. Oval diamonds come with different width-to-length ratios, allowing them to bring a different look and uniqueness to the jewelry they are in. Oval diamonds with lower ratios will be more rounded in shape, while those with larger length-to-width ratios will be more elongated. Generally speaking, an ideal ratio is 1.25-1.50, but much depends on personal preference.

Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


Comparing Oval vs. Round Diamonds

You may have a general idea of what you want a piece of jewelry to look like, but you may not be sure about the shape of the center stone or focal point of the piece. Or perhaps you thought you knew what you wanted, but then you saw a different style or setting that you loved, surprising yourself and making you revisit your original idea. When comparing round stones with oval ones, there is a lot to consider, including some similarities, differences, and various factors that will impact your final decision.


When it comes to oval vs. round cut diamonds, both stone shapes tend to be cut similarly in the brilliant style, bringing about intense sparkle and overall beauty. If you’re trying to decide between an oval or round diamond, you can rest assured that both will have excellent symmetry and beautifully rounded edges. Oval diamond rings are ideal for elongating fingers, and they tend to look bigger than round stones with the same carat weight. Ratio is something to be considered as well, as the ideal ratio is seen as 1.25-1.50, but that is not a hard and fast rule. 


The biggest similarity when comparing oval cut vs. round cut diamonds is the overall look and sparkle. While round-cut diamonds are a bit more brilliant and fiery, oval-cut diamonds are a close second when comparing sparkle. Natural diamonds are sure to give off the best sparkle, but buyers also need to look out for the “bow-tie effect” that can take place in oval diamonds and affect their color and sparkle.

Clarity and Color

As you familiarize yourself with the 4Cs of diamonds and compare the features of both cuts, explore the clarity of various stones in both round and oval shapes. Both shapes manage to hide inclusions pretty well, regardless of their clarity grade. 


The color of your stone won’t be impacted much by the shape, though different shapes can reflect light differently than others—even in colored stones. If you’re looking for a gorgeous unique ring with a round fancy-colored diamond, be sure to inquire about this Round-Cut Intense Yellow and Pink Diamond Ring, only at Roman Malakov.


In comparing the two stones, round-cut diamonds are far more popular, particularly when it comes to rings. In fact, when comparing round vs. oval engagement rings, it’s estimated that over half of all diamond engagement rings are actually round diamond rings, making them widely available and very classic. That said, oval-cut eternity rings are a popular choice for wedding bands, while oval solitaires are a gorgeous take on the classic round solitaire.

Ease of Setting

Because of how popular round stones are, they are extremely easy to set into nearly any type, style, or piece of jewelry. Other shapes require ratio considerations, proper fit in jewelry, clarity and inclusion concerns, and much more. Still, round-cut diamonds are pretty easy to select, and you are very likely to be satisfied with your timeless, classic choice for years to come. This isn’t to say it’s difficult to set oval stones in a piece of jewelry, but you will be more limited on settings when you opt for an oval cut over a round one. 


When looking at the price for oval- or round-cut diamonds, oval are definitely on the less expensive end, meaning you can get more diamond for the price when you select an oval-cut stone. The high demand for round-cut diamonds makes them more expensive. 


When you’re comparing oval vs. round diamonds, oval diamonds have a far more unique look, which can be great for someone who wants a classic look with a playful touch of modernity. Oval stones are certainly not as common as many other cuts, making them more unique than many other options, even without customization or other special attributes added to a piece of jewelry. This oval-cut gemstone solitaire ring takes individuality to a whole new level with the horizontal set stone and customization options.

However, even though round stones are relatively more popular and common, you can always customize them to make them more unique.

Overall Look and Style Preferences

No matter what style, design, or stone shape you’re considering, a lot of the final decision is simply about the look and style you prefer. A round diamond ring will never go out of style, and it will always maintain a timeless sophistication that is unmatched in other jewelry pieces. Oval diamond rings are a modernized take on the classic round diamond ring, allowing those who want a unique ring yet still maintain a sense of timelessness and elegance. Oval diamond rings are perfect for people looking for a larger look for the same carat weight. 

When it comes down to truly comparing oval vs. round diamonds, though, the truth is that both shapes are stunning, classic, and elegant. 

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While there are some differences between round vs. oval engagement rings and other jewelry pieces, it primarily comes down to a matter of preference. Compare the differences and similarities in round vs. oval diamonds and even check out other shapes like cushion cut diamonds, princess cut, and more.

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