Round Diamond vs Cushion Cut Diamond

What’s the Difference?

Deciding on the shape of a diamond for an engagement ring or another piece of diamond jewelry can be overwhelming—there are so many choices and each shape is beautiful in its own way. One of the most heavily debated topics regarding diamond shapes, however, is about cushion cut vs. round diamonds. These two shapes are by far the most popular options for diamonds, and they actually have quite a few similarities.

Round Diamonds have been leading in popularity for a very long time. About three-quarters of all diamonds are round in shape, and they work well in just about any piece of jewelry. Round diamonds are also flattering on everyone, particularly when they are set in rings. Round diamonds sparkle more than any other shape because of how they are cut, and they hide inclusions better than any other cut. This graduating round cut diamond necklace showcases stunning round cut diamonds with incredible sparkle.

Cushion Cut Diamonds have more of a square shape with rounded corners. While this cut has recently grown in popularity, it has actually been around for longer than most other cuts of diamonds. There are a few variations of cushion cut diamonds, such as the cushion brilliant cut, the modern cushion cut, and the antique cushion cut (also known as the “miner cut” or “old mine cut”). Cushion cuts come in different shapes and sizes; some cushion cuts are more rectangular than square, some have more rounded corners than others. This cushion cut basket eternity wedding band is a great example of the stunning look that cushion cut diamonds can create.

If you’re caught in the debate of cushion cut diamond vs. round diamond, we are here to help. Roman Malakov will educate you on the 4 C’s of diamonds as well as the different diamond shapes to consider beyond just round or cushion cut diamonds.

What are the Similarities of Round Cut vs. Cushion Cut Diamonds?

There are several similarities when looking at these two diamond cuts. Both typically have 58 facets. Both cuts are versatile and work well with halos and a variety of ring styles, such as solitaire, three-stone, or side-stone. Other pieces of jewelry besides rings can feature these gorgeous cuts, too, such as these cushion cut diamond halo drop earrings and these round diamond halo stud earrings. But when looking at the popularity of cushion cut vs. round cut diamonds, round wins out. However, cushion cut diamonds are currently the third most popular, after round and princess cut diamonds.

Differences Between Round and Cushion Cut Diamonds

The main difference when it comes to cushion cut vs. round cut diamonds is the overall style or look of the piece of jewelry. Round diamonds are classic and popular, whereas cushion cut diamonds have a more vintage look to them. Of course, if you want a modern ring with a cushion cut or round diamond, that’s absolutely doable.

When looking at the sparkle of a cushion diamond vs. a round diamond, round will win out a majority of the time, simply because the facets are smaller (which leads to more sparkle and shine). Since round is one of the oldest cuts, diamond experts have spent decades perfecting the best way to cut a diamond into a beautiful round shape that optimizes sparkle and minimizes visible inclusions. The larger facets on the cushion cut make it show inclusions a little more than round-cut diamonds, but these diamonds are also less expensive than round diamonds due to availability and demand.

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Round and cushion cut engagement rings are some of the most popular out there. When deciding between the two, it’s really a matter of preference. Some individuals prefer the overall look of the round stone while others enjoy a more unique cushion look more. To help you make a decision between round and cushion cut engagement rings, it’s important to learn about the diamonds’ differences and take into account how you feel about each diamond’s overall appearance.

Other pieces of jewelry with round or cushion cut stones are also extremely sought after, so it will be easy to build a jewelry collection around these particular cuts. If you’re struggling with the debate of selecting a cushion cut vs. round cut diamond in a piece of jewelry you want, trust Roman Malakov to help you make the best decision. We can create custom jewelry for you and yours, ensuring the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmanship are utilized in every piece. Our professional staff will help you compare the similarities and differences in cushion cut diamonds vs. round cut diamonds to bring you to the best decision for that perfect final design. You can contact us online or visit us in-person at our Diamond District or 5th Avenue NYC stores.