Diamond Shapes 101

Diamond Shapes 101 InfographicThe most defining characteristic of diamond jewelry is the shape of its stone. There are 10 main diamond shapes, each with its own unique intricacies and details that make the diamond sparkle with brilliance and make the piece of jewelry distinctively yours. 

Round – This is the most classic shape and the most loved—about 75% of diamonds sold are round! Many love the symbolism of a round stone, and the way round diamonds are cut make them sparkle with incredible brilliance.

Princess – Second in popularity, princess cut diamonds are one of the newest diamond shapes. With a square shape and pointed corners, this cut is designed with maximum brilliance in mind.

Cushion – Most commonly antique and vintage in style, cushion cut diamonds can also be set in more modern jewelry pieces. With a more square or rectangular shape and rounded corners, cushion cut stones are like little pillows that sparkle and shine with spectacular beauty.

Oval – Oval diamonds are similar to the round cut but a little more unique. They look equally beautiful when placed in settings horizontally or vertically, and are great for making a smaller stone look larger than it actually is.

Marquise – One of the most unique and striking diamond shapes, the marquise cut is long and narrow with pointed ends. It’s a classic, romantic shape that can, like oval diamonds, make the stone look a bit bigger than it really is.

Emerald – This cut is based on the traditional shape of emeralds. With a flat “table” on top and stepped cuts on the side, this shape is perfect for stones with amazing clarity or a unique color. Emerald cut stones are sophisticated and more subtle than some other cuts, making them perfect for more low-key individuals who prefer a classic, modest look.

Radiant – With an outer shape of a rectangle or square the facets on this are cut more like that of a round diamond, making its brilliance absolutely unmatched.

Heart – One of the more unique and rare cuts, heart-shaped stones are one of the most romantic of the diamond shapes. A common choice for solitaire rings or pendants, you can’t go wrong with showing your love with a heart-shaped stone.

Pear – This teardrop-like diamond shape has recently grown in popularity. They are often found in antique jewelry pieces, but their stunning sparkle and unique and chic cut make them an excellent choice for any style.

Asscher – Similar to an emerald shape but square, asscher diamonds have steeper “steps” on the side and are incredibly beautiful naturally. This shape has a vintage and sophisticated feel to it and is a popular choice for more classic and traditional settings.