If you’ve explored even just a little bit about gold jewelry, you probably already know that it’s not made with just pure gold. Because of the extreme softness of pure gold, it must be combined with other harder metals to create the beautiful and durable pieces we wear every day. Each different color of gold (rose, white, and yellow) is created when the naturally yellow pure gold is combined with specific metals that result in those separate and definitive colors. Rose gold jewelry, for instance, is pure gold mixed with copper, which is a reddish-brown color, creating the gorgeous and romantic rosy color that we all know and love.

All fine jewelry with rose gold is, in fact, real gold, but it is not 100% pure. Pure gold is 24 karat, but most jewelry on the market today is 14 karat or 18 karat, meaning the gold makes up 14 out of 24 (or 18 out of 24) total parts. The remaining parts are other metals, such as silver, zinc, palladium, nickel, or in the case of rose gold, copper.

These variations of gold colors allow for unique jewelry pieces and stunning metal options. 

Rose gold fashion jewelry is a more recent development and has only been in the U.S. for about a hundred years. There are so many reasons to love the look of this soft pink metal, and the opportunities for beautiful rose gold jewelry are simply endless.

11.79 Carat Red Oval Rubellite Fashion Ring in Rose Gold
11.79 Carat Red Oval Rubellite Fashion Ring in Rose Gold

Rose Gold Jewelry for Women

Here at Roman Malakov, we absolutely love rose gold. It is soft and romantic, and although it’s popular, it still makes for a unique piece of jewelry. If you’re searching for the perfect rose gold jewelry for women, either as a gift to yourself or someone else, look no further than Roman Malakov. Our wide selection includes rose gold rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and so much more. We can even help you find the perfect rose gold tennis bracelet in our inventory or customize the ideal wedding earrings for your big day.

When you’re exploring your options for your next rose gold diamond jewelry purchase, you’ll have a lot of choices to consider. First, do you prefer 14k rose gold or 18k? The main differences include the durability of the pieces and the overall color. For example, a 14k rose gold diamond ring will be pinker in color than an 18k rose gold ring because it has more copper. Second, keep in mind that each variation of rose gold may vary slightly in overall color. While some pieces will look pretty pink, others may look more salmon or peach. This has to do with how much copper and other metals were used in the creation of the jewelry. Keep all of this in mind when choosing the right metal for your jewelry

Rose Gold Diamond Rings, Necklaces, Earrings & More

Although many people love the look of rose gold pieces, not everyone is sure how to wear them. The good news is that because of its pink color, rose gold tends to compliment everyone’s skin tone since we all have some pink undertones. Additionally, because it has gold in it, it pairs well with other varieties of gold, making it easy to mix and match with both white gold and yellow gold pieces. Here at Roman Malakov, we carry a number of beautiful jewelry pieces that will suit your every need and desire.

Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold diamond rings for women are one of our top jewelry items. Whether you’re searching for a rose gold diamond ring, antique gold rose ring, or a gemstone ring, we have something perfect for you. The rosy color pairs well with gemstones, such as diamonds, pink sapphires, morganite, and more. 

4.70 Carats Total Oval Cut Red Rubies East-West Eternity Wedding Band

This pink sapphire eternity fashion ring and this oval cut gemstone east-west eternity band are excellent examples of the beautiful pairing of colorful gemstones with the rose gold color. But if you’re searching for a bolder diamond rose gold ring, consider this diamond fashion dome ring or this round diamond four-row fashion ring. Estate rings, modern rings, and vintage rose gold rings are all available for customization so you can find or create the ideal ring for you or a loved one. 

Rose Gold Necklaces

When it comes to rose gold necklaces, you’re sure to love the selection we carry. Rose gold pendant necklaces are sophisticated and elegant, while rose gold necklace chains are the perfect addition to your jewelry box as a versatile piece to wear however you choose. Meanwhile, a rose gold diamond necklace will quickly elevate any ensemble, creating either a statement style or a cohesive look achieved with multiple jewelry pieces. 

GIA Certified 1.53 Carat Heart Shape Diamond Pendant Necklace in Rose Gold


If you’re searching for a simple rose-colored necklace for her or one with diamonds, explore our collection at Roman Malakov. We carry statement necklaces like this cushion cut black jet pendant necklace and this fancy color heart diamond cluster circle pendant necklace. For an even bolder look, ask about our 6.17 carats large link diamond necklace. However, if you’re looking for more subtle beauty, consider this diamond bezel solitaire pendant necklace or this south sea pearl multi-function necklace

Rose Gold Earrings

Rose gold earrings are sure to be as unique as each individual searching for them. From rose gold diamond earrings, hoop earrings, and stud earrings to everything in between, we carry a stunning selection of gorgeous earrings in rose gold. 

5.68 Carat Total Round Diamond Intertwined Drop Fashion Earrings in Rose Gold

5.68 Carat Total Round Diamond Intertwined Drop Fashion Earrings in Rose Gold

Perhaps you have your heart set on some gemstone and rose gold earrings like these amethyst and brilliant cut diamond drop earrings. Searching for rose gold studs? Ask about these cluster baguette and round stud diamond earrings. Or need a new pair of hoops? You can’t go wrong with these 0.84 carat round diamond hoop earrings. And when it comes time to find a unique pair of rose gold earrings, we recommend these pear-shaped grey moonstone and rose quartz earrings. You can find whatever your heart desires at our Diamond District store or online shop. 

Rose Gold Bracelets

Bracelets in rose gold can easily compliment any outfit, as they pair well with every variety of gold jewelry. Perhaps you want to wear your bracelet with a rose gold necklace and earring set, or maybe it will be a perfect part of your wedding jewelry. Since rose gold diamond bracelets are so versatile, you can wear them to dress up a casual outfit or adorn an elegant ensemble for a fancy event. 


13.19 Carat Total Round Diamond Interwined Link Bracelet in Rose Gold

Many rose gold bracelets feature diamonds, such as this multi-shape diamond tennis bracelet and this stretchable diamond bangle bracelet. Other rose gold bracelets are accented with gorgeous precious gemstones, like this multi-color sapphire fashion bracelet and this Burmese ruby tennis bracelet. The options are practically endless!

Shop Rose Gold Jewelry at Roman Malakov

When you’re ready to search for a new piece of rose gold jewelry, visit us at Roman Malakov in New York City. We are located in the heart of the Diamond District, where our jewelry professionals are ready to assist you in your search for the perfect jewelry. Contact us or visit us in-store today.