Ideas for Upgrading Your Diamond Wedding or Engagement Ring


When you first received your engagement ring, hopefully you were enamored with it. You probably loved the way it looked, how it felt on your finger, and how it sparkled in the sun. You couldn’t wait to show it off and felt like it suited your personality and style perfectly. But now, maybe a decade or more later, you might feel like your engagement ring doesn’t suit you quite as well as it once did. This is extremely common, and it’s becoming the norm for people to upgrade an engagement ring.

Perhaps you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary, maybe you’ve had a big budget shift and can now justify the luxury, or maybe you’re just ready for a change that you’ve been dreaming about for years. Upgrading your diamond engagement ring can be done at any time and in a variety of ways, from changing the diamond on your engagement ring to changing the engagement ring setting and more. Roman Malakov is committed to providing you with the highest quality jewelry, the most incredible designs and craftsmanship and takes pride in delivering excellent customer service. Whether you know exactly how you want to upgrade your wedding ring or if you need someone to present engagement ring upgrade ideas and walk you through your options, Roman Malakov is here for you.

What to Know When Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

The options are endless when it comes to upgrading your diamond engagement ring. Regardless of which direction you choose, understanding the process will help you know what to expect when you upgrade your engagement ring.

If you plan to make so many changes it feels like you may as well trade in an engagement ring, the process will look very different than if you’re just upgrading the center stone. You can rest assured, however, that when you work with Roman Malakov, the integrity of your jewelry will always be protected as a top priority. In most cases, you can be as involved as you want to be in the decision-making and design process.

Some upgrades to engagement rings are simple and fast, such as upgrading the center stone to a larger diamond. But if you want to change the setting, add a non-eternity band to upgrade a solitaire engagement ring, or opt for anything that involves significantly altering or adding to an engagement ring, the process will be far more involved. It will be worth the wait when the result is exactly what you imagined and your ring add-ons perfectly suit the person you are today.

Ideas for Upgrading Your Diamond Engagement Ring

The number of engagement ring upgrade ideas can be overwhelming, so it’s helpful to examine the most popular to give you a place to start. This can inspire great ideas for when you’re ready to upgrade your engagement ring. You can opt for one or several of these upgrades, and you can often use parts from your old ring if they fit well into the upgrade. Redoing your engagement ring should be fun and exciting, but if you feel a little overwhelmed and need some advice, be sure to get in touch with the professionals at Roman Malakov, located right in the heart of NYC’s Diamond District. Here are some top picks of the best engagement ring upgrade ideas.

Upgrade the Stone

Perhaps the simplest and most common upgrade is to replace the center stone. Maybe your budget didn’t allow for a bigger stone when you got the ring, or maybe you want a different type of stone as the focal point. Maybe you want a fancy-colored diamond, a brightly colored gemstone, or just a larger colorless diamond. Chances are this is a relatively easy upgrade, but you may need to alter your setting to make space for a larger upgraded center stone.

Adding Details

Adding to subtle (or bold) details is another common engagement ring upgrade idea. Maybe your center stone is a family heirloom and you can’t part with it, or maybe you simply love your ring the way it is but want to add a little extra sparkle. You can upgrade a solitaire engagement ring with side stones or with pave-set diamonds along the band. You can add a halo around the center stone to make it appear bigger and add a touch of shine and sophistication.

Change the Band

Whether you’re longing for a different metal or want to alter the basic profile of your ring, changing the band is a great upgrade to an engagement ring. You could swap out your current band for a romantic rose gold band or a durable platinum band. You could switch your plain band for a beautiful diamond eternity band. Perhaps you’ve seen some artistic-looking bands that you want to see with your current setting. You might also wish to pair a new wedding band with your current or upgraded engagement ring to elevate the look even more. No matter what type of engagement ring upgrade ideas you have for your band, we can help make them a reality.

Include Color

If you have recently fallen in love with the newer gemstone engagement rings, you’re not alone. Having a bright pop of color on your finger every day is something special. You might want to swap your center diamond for a bold blue sapphire or a romantic red ruby. Or perhaps you want to incorporate smaller gemstones as side stones, on your band, or even as part of the halo to accent your center stone. However you imagine a colorful upgrade to your engagement ring, Roman Malakov can make it happen.

Get a Brand New Ring

While this option isn’t for everyone, doing a simple trade-in of your engagement ring is another great way to upgrade. If you aren’t sentimental toward your original ring or your personal style has changed, trading it in for a new one is a great engagement ring upgrade idea for you. You can explore style guides and pick out a new design that excites you. Customize options to your liking so that you finally have the ring of your dreams.

FAQs About Upgrades to Engagement Rings

When Can You Upgrade Your Engagement Ring?

Anytime you want! Wedding ring update etiquette may advise against an immediate upgrade, but truly any time that works for you is the perfect time. The most popular time is the 10th anniversary, but some couples will update an engagement ring on their first anniversary, while others wait until their 50th anniversary.

Can I Make My Engagement Ring Bigger?

Absolutely! The most popular upgrade to a diamond ring is getting a larger center stone, but you might also consider adding a halo to an engagement ring. Before and after photos of both these types of upgrades will knock your socks off.

How Do I Upgrade My Engagement Ring?

The short answer? However you want! You can explore engagement ring upgrade ideas to get some expert recommendations and to see the most popular upgrades to engagement rings. Check out the list above of some of the best ideas for engagement ring additions.

What Does Upgrading an Engagement Ring Cost?

This depends entirely on what type of upgrades you choose. Speaking directly with a jewelry professional about your specific ring and upgrade preferences will give you the best idea of what you’ll pay to upgrade an engagement ring.

What Do I Do with My Old Engagement Ring After I Upgrade?

This often depends on what changes you make to your current ring and how sentimental the original ring is. You might maintain the setting and just upgrade the stone, putting the old stone into a right-hand ring or diamond pendant. You might get a completely new setting but transfer original stones to it, in which case you could have the metal melted down and formed into a new piece of jewelry. Additionally, you might choose to trade in your engagement ring, in which case you may get a credit toward your new upgraded engagement ring.