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6.35 Carat Multi-Color Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • $7,800.00
4.87 Carat Multi-Shape Diamond Tennis Bracelet Status
  • $12,900.00
Custom Order: Round and Baguette Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • $6,300.00
Thin Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • From $2,170.00
Oval Cut Gemstone and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • From $23,700.00
10.37 Carat Round Diamond Double-Row Tennis Bracelet
  • $22,440.00
Alternating Green Emerald and Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • $11,250.00
Round Black Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • From $4,000.00
Angular Bezel Set Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • $4,750.00
Three-Prong Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • From $7,200.00
Diamond Two-Prong Tennis Bracelet
  • $13,750.00
Alternating Yellow and White Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • $185,000.00
Double Row Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • From $11,000.00
Round Shape Cluster Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • From $9,300.00
Cushion Shape Cluster Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  • From $10,900.00

Tennis Bracelets

Diamond Tennis Bracelets NYC

Tennis bracelets are some of the most iconic jewelry pieces. They have been hugely popular since before the term was coined in the late 1970s, and they continue to assert themselves as a must-have piece of jewelry for people everywhere. From diamond tennis bracelets to gold tennis bracelets with colorful gemstones, they are an excellent addition to any outfit.

Without a doubt, the most classic style in this category is diamond tennis bracelets. They sparkle and shine like few pieces of jewelry do, and they can be dainty and delicate or bright and bold. Unique diamond tennis bracelets may have alternating yellow and white diamonds, angular set diamonds, or a playful retro design.

Tennis bracelets for women add the perfect finish to any outfit and may also be found in various metal choices for a more customizable look. Rose gold tennis bracelets are a popular option for those looking to present a romantic and heartfelt gift to a loved one, while yellow gold diamond tennis bracelets are a timeless and elegant option that exudes classic beauty. White gold diamond tennis bracelets are chic and fashion-forward, but they also show subtle beauty and endearing charm. 

No matter what your personal style or the design preferences of someone you’re shopping for, diamond tennis bracelets are always going to be a great option. They suit any style type, work well with all ensembles, and pair beautifully with a wide variety of other jewelry pieces.

Gemstone Tennis Bracelets

If you love the timeless look of tennis bracelets but want a more unique approach, consider a gemstone alternative to the traditional women’s diamond tennis bracelet. Emerald tennis bracelets and ruby tennis bracelets are the most popular gemstone options, but all of Roman Malakov tennis bracelets are fully customizable, meaning you can select any variety of gemstone or a diamond and gemstone combination for your bracelet.

Tennis Bracelets: Gold, Emerald, & Ruby

Diamond tennis bracelets are gorgeous, no doubt. But sometimes, you just want a little something extra on your wrist. Perhaps you want something a little flashier than a classic gold tennis bracelet, or maybe you just want some color popping from your tennis bracelet. If you’re searching for a unique diamond tennis bracelet or something with a little more variety, you’ve come to the right place. Not only does Roman Malakov carry a wide selection of beautiful tennis bracelets, but we also have customization options for many pieces, so you walk away with the perfect bracelet.

The most popular of all tennis bracelets for women is, of course, a diamond one. It’s classic and timeless, and it pairs well with anything. But the next most popular styles include emerald tennis bracelets and ruby tennis bracelets. You can choose one to signify an important event or occasion or to showcase your birthstone. Black diamond tennis bracelets are also unique and stunning, particularly when paired with a white gold setting, as the black diamonds stand out beautifully against the white gold. A rose gold tennis bracelet, whether with diamonds or colored gemstones, is romantic and elegant, too. 

Tennis Bracelet Styles and Settings

You may already know that you want a gold diamond tennis bracelet, but that only narrows down your search a bit. There are so many style variations and setting options available, and you’ll want to have a better idea of what you want your bracelet to look like before you purchase anything. Our jewelry professionals at Roman Malakov are happy to help you explore your options in-store, but we’ve also outlined some styles and settings for you here.

The main jewelry styles are vintage, classic, and modern. While there are countless variations within each style category, these three are a good starting place. Vintage tennis bracelets may have fancy-shaped diamonds or more unique details in the bracelet itself. Classic diamond tennis bracelets are timeless and more traditional, typically with simpler designs and settings. Meanwhile, modern tennis bracelets for women tend to be slightly more geometric and sleek in their design, often with square, rectangular, or round stones.

When it comes to settings, gold tennis bracelets can be quite varied. From simple, one-line bracelets with bezel-set diamonds to more elaborate cluster-set designs, women’s diamond tennis bracelets are as unique as the individuals purchasing them. However, the most common settings we see in gold tennis bracelets for women are bezel, channel, and cluster. Other options include basket setting, box setting, and prong setting. Additionally, settings may include one, two, or three rows of stones or some variation that includes additional adornments or style elements. Whether you’re searching for a white gold diamond tennis bracelet or a rose gold ruby tennis bracelet, Roman Malakov has an excellent selection that you are sure to love.

Roman Malakov’s Collection of Gold Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are so beautiful no matter how they’re worn. As symbols of love, commitment, and importance, they are an excellent gift idea for a special someone in your life. From anniversaries to birthdays, graduations to promotions, the gift of a diamond tennis bracelet is heartfelt and sure to be appreciated. When you’re searching for the perfect diamond tennis bracelet in NYC, look no further than Roman Malakov.

Roman Malakov has a tennis bracelet to suit you or your loved one, and a wide selection will help make that special occasion more magical or add a stunning piece to your jewelry collection. To explore options and learn more about the amazing selection of diamond bracelets for women, visit the Roman Malakov New York City location in the heart of the Diamond District or shop online anytime. You can also schedule a virtual consultation or contact the store anytime with questions or to inquire about a specific item in the collection.