Ring Resizing Alternatives: How to Make a Ring Smaller or Bigger Without Resizing

When it comes to finding that perfect ring for you, sizing is important. The better a ring fits, the more you will appreciate its intricate design and style. If you find the ideal ring, but it doesn’t quite fit, then there are plenty of ring resizing options available to you. Whether you are wondering how to make a ring smaller or how to make a big ring fit, Roman Malakov is here to help you. We will work with you to find the best ring for you and help with your ring resizing in NYC.

Read on to learn more about all the ins and outs of ring sizing and the available alternatives.

How to Know if a Ring Fits Well

Before you schedule an appointment to get your ring size adjusted or spend money on alternative methods, you need to ensure your ring actually needs a size adjustment. Sometimes, we put a ring on once and immediately decide it doesn’t fit well, but you need to take a few things into consideration before committing to adjusting the ring size

One of the most important things to consider when testing out the fit of a ring is the temperature. If it’s exceptionally hot, you just took a hot shower, or you’re warm yourself, your fingers will likely be slightly swollen, making rings fit tighter than they would otherwise. Alternatively, if it’s cold, your fingers are likely a bit smaller than they would normally be, and a well-fitting ring might feel a tad loose. 

How to Know If a Ring Is Too Big

A ring that is way too big will be obvious. But what about a ring that’s just a size or half a size too large? Put on the ring while you’re doing general daily tasks, such as working at a computer, folding laundry, or reading a book. If the ring spins and needs frequent readjusting, it’s probably a tad too big. Additionally, if it slides off just a bit too easily without any resistance when going across the knuckle, that’s another sign that it’s slightly too large.

How to Know If a Ring Is Too Small

Similarly, a ring that’s way too small will be evident because you won’t even be able to get it on your finger. A ring that’s just a bit too small will have a lot more resistance going over the knuckle or feel uncomfortably tight when it’s on. If you experience any of those, it’s probably a sign that it’s too small, and you may need to contact an expert for some information on adjusting the ring size.

How to Make a Ring Smaller or Bigger Without Resizing

When you are wondering how to make a ring fit tighter, it helps to understand the different types of resizing options and alternatives. 

A typical resizing for a ring that is too small may involve your jeweler cutting out a small part of the band and then soldering those pieces together. It is also possible to stretch the metal or add more metal to the band to make it larger. 

While ring resizing is one way to make your ring fit better, it’s not the only way. Resizing alternatives are plentiful, and a professional jeweler can help you explore the best options for your specific needs.

When Not to Consider Resizing a Ring

If your ring is only too tight or too loose at seemingly random times, you may not need a permanent ring resizing. Think about how your ring fits consistently. If it is consistently too tight or too loose, then yes, you likely need a permanent solution for improving fit. But if it’s not consistently ill-fitting, it may be better not to resize it. 

Some things that can impact your finger size temporarily are the weather (particularly extreme hot or cold temperatures), pregnancy, weight loss or gain, and eating a lot of salt. If any of these are possible causes of your ring not fitting well, it’s best not to resize your ring and instead opt for temporary alternatives.

Ring Resizing Alternatives

Below we’ve provided five resizing alternatives to the traditional resizing method. But before choosing one of the following alternatives, talk to your jeweler to confirm whether you can size your ring without physically altering it. Additionally, keep in mind that these may not be ideal if you’re searching for how to make a ring bigger. Generally, most ring resizing alternatives are ideal for making a ring smaller but not larger. If you need your ring to be larger, you should discuss your options with a trusted Roman Malakov professional.

Ring Sizing Alternative 1: Plastic Size Adjusters

Adjusters are essentially a plastic wedge that you attach to the bottom of the band; the thickness depends on the amount of sizing needed. Plastic ring size adjusters are an inexpensive and temporary solution to making the size of a ring smaller, providing the perfect option for people prone to finger size fluctuations. An adjuster will make the ring temporarily fit until your fingers return to their normal size. You can usually ask your jeweler for adjusters free of charge or buy them online.

This solution generally only reduces the ring size by one-half or one whole size, so if your ring isn’t close to fitting beforehand, this may not be the best option. However, due to how easy they are to get and use, they are an excellent choice for short-term and non-permanent ways of adjusting a ring size.

Keep in mind, over time, these adjusters undergo wear and tear, making them susceptible to falling off. Without the plastic sizer, your ring could surely follow suit.

If you opt for an adjuster, be sure to check on it and replace it once in a while. If the plastic is already loose or freely moves around on your ring, then replace it right away. If you get these from your local jeweler or order them online, sometimes you can get multiple in a pack or even get a variety of different kinds that are better at staying on your ring.

Ring Sizing Alternative 2: Sizing Beads

Sizing beads are a great choice when you are looking for a slight size adjustment or dealing with a spinning ring. Adding sizing beads to your ring is a very simple process: The jeweler simply solders two small metal bumps on the inside of the band. This is a prime way to keep your ring upright on your finger, and it can help get a smaller ring over your knuckles. 

This approach essentially fakes the smaller size ring, giving you the benefits of a better fit without the downsides of actually making it smaller. Sizing beads are one of the most common and inexpensive solutions, but they can only make the ring up to half a size smaller. Do realize, some people don’t love the feel of a ring with sizing beads, so it’s a good idea to ask your jeweler if you can try on some rings with this sizing option first.


Ring Sizing Alternative 3: Spring Insert

A spring insert is a particularly good alternative for people with large knuckles. A spring insert is a thin metal band that is attached to the inside of the ring, which flattens out when putting on the ring and springs back into place, past the knuckle, as it sits on your finger. 

This can be a more comfortable alternative than the sizing beads. However, it is a more complicated procedure and would require an experienced jeweler to do so. A spring insert can alter your ring size by up to one whole size, giving a bit more flexibility than sizing beads. Additionally, since it doesn’t involve cutting the band of the ring at all, it maintains the integrity and strength of the metal while still offering more comfort and a better fit than a ring without it.


Ring Sizing Alternative 4: Fingermate

Sometimes, the ring size is perfect but it is extremely difficult to put on or remove the ring due to large knuckles. If that is the case, then a Finger Mate ring might be the best solution—that said, it is a permanent option. 

For this option, the jeweler replaces the band of the ring with a Finger Mate shank. This lets you open and close the ring at the bottom of the band, making it easier to insert and remove over your finger. Do realize, though, this option can be difficult as it requires a reputable and experienced jeweler, and not all jewelers provide this alternative. It is also a more expensive alternative because of the amount of work and labor required.

Ring Sizing Alternative 5: Fold-Over Sizing Bar

This option aligns with the previous two alternatives in that it requires a jeweler to add it to your ring. That said, it’s a great option for reducing ring size without permanently resizing the band of the ring. 

A fold-over bar is a hinged bar soldered to the bottom of the ring to reduce its size. You basically open the bar, put the ring on, and click the bar back into place. It allows you to get the ring over your knuckle easily while still making the ring sit well and feel good on your finger. These sizing bars tend to be more comfortable than sizing beads, and they can reduce ring size by up to two sizes in most cases.

As with any option, you should always ask your jeweler to see some rings with this sizing alternative so that you can get a feel for it. While making a ring fit better is essential, it’s also important that you still like the look and feel of your ring after it’s resized.

Benefits of Ring Resizing Alternatives

Alternatives to ring resizing come with both temporary and permanent benefits. 

For instance, if you find that your rings tend to fit looser during the colder months, then you may want a temporary solution to help your ring stay on during that time of year. A more temporary solution may be your best option so that your ring can continue to fit properly in the warmer months. This can help answer the question of how to tighten a ring when your fingers are slimmer during cooler temperatures. 

Or, if you have difficulty finding a ring that will fit over your knuckle but still fit comfortably around your finger without spinning around, then ring resizing alternatives like sizing beads and spring inserts can be beneficial. These types of resizing alternatives can help you get a ring to move more smoothly over your knuckle and still fit your finger. 

Ring resizing alternatives are also a great option if your ring is more likely to become damaged during the traditional ring resizing process. For example, some rings are made of metals that cannot be resized, in which case, ring resizing alternatives will be the better choice. 

What’s more, some jeweler-applied ring sizers may be a more cost-efficient option than the cost of traditional resizing. 

Cost of Ring Resizing

You’re probably wondering, how much does it cost to resize a ring? The answer is that the cost of ring resizing will depend on a variety of factors. 

If you go the traditional route of ring resizing with your jeweler, then the cost of ring sizing will depend on the types of metals your ring is made of and whether significant changes will need to be made to make it fit. If your ring has any intricate designs, etchings, or settings, then this could add steps to the resizing process and increase the cost. It is also important to note that it will typically cost more to size a ring up than to make a ring smaller. At Roman Malakov, we offer ring enlargement and jewelry repair in New York City. 

On the other hand, if you opt for a resizing alternative, such as plastic size adjusters, your price point will be as little as a few dollars. Other resizing alternatives may cost more than plastic size adjusters, but they will still cost less than a traditional and complete resize. Resizing alternatives are certainly more cost-efficient than actually altering the metal of your ring, and they can be a great option if you need a temporary or quick resolution to your sizing problem.

How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring?

Again, this depends on the resizing method you choose. 

In some cases, you can get your ring resized the same day you take it to your jeweler. This will typically depend on whether the ring resizing will be a simple process. If you have a ring with intricate designs and etchings, then the answer to how long it will take to resize the ring may end up being longer. A simple, smooth wedding band can take minutes to resize, while an ornate engagement ring with many settings and unique designs may take days or weeks.

Some resizing alternatives will take only minutes to install, while others may take an hour or a few days. While a permanent resize will definitely take the longest, explore resizing alternatives if you need a faster solution or don’t want to give up your ring for an extended period of time.

How Many Times Can You Resize a Ring?

When you are looking at how to make a ring bigger or smaller, it is important to keep in mind whether the ring has been resized before. The answer to how many times you can resize a ring depends on who you entrust to do the job well. If you are going with the traditional resizing method, professional jewelers typically recommend that you don’t resize it more than twice, as resizing it multiple times can weaken the ring. 

If you’re concerned about resizing your ring too many times, such as when you’re losing a lot of weight or getting pregnant, consider resizing alternatives. You can use these options to temporarily resize your ring so it goes back to its original size simply and easily. These alternatives are great for allowing you to adjust the sizing as your finger size changes. 

What If My Ring Cannot Be Resized?

There are circumstances in which a ring cannot be resized. And there are also times when your jeweler may recommend that you do not resize it. 

For whatever reason, if you cannot get your ring resized, many alternatives offer an easy and affordable solution.  

ring resizing alternatives

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