Ring Resizing Alternatives - How to Make a Ring Smaller or Bigger Without Resizing

Discover How You Can Make Your Ring Smaller or Bigger Without Resizing

Just because your ring doesn’t seem to fit properly doesn’t always mean resizing is the best option. In some cases, the ring fits perfectly when putting it on or taking it off, but doesn’t seem to sit properly on a finger. Some common examples our customers experience are:

  • the ring twisting or spinning around on the finger

  • having a hard time putting on or taking the ring off due to large knuckles

At first glance, it looks like resizing might be the only option, but we have many ways to help you learn how to make a ring fit better, aside from traditional ring resizing. If you need to know how to make a big ring fit, there are other effective alternatives that still tackle these problems without needing to permanently resize your ring.

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Benefits of Ring Resizing Alternatives

One of the main reasons that people opt for resizing ring alternatives is the lower cost and that some rings may only need to be resized temporarily. While permanently resizing a ring is a great option for many people, it is not always ideal. Resizing rings smaller is permanent, and more than one resizing is not recommended as it affects the strength and integrity of the ring. If you need a temporary resizing, such as in the winter or due to significant weight loss, many of these alternatives are excellent options.

If you live in or are visiting New York City and you’re looking for ring resizing near you in NYC, come visit Roman Malakov’s location in the Diamond District for an expert opinion. We can give you information about how to get a ring resized, including all the precautions we take to protect your jewelry during the process. A reputable jeweler can help to take a look at your ring and recommend your best options for how to resize a ring to be smaller; even if it’s temporary There are also some ring resizing alternatives that you can purchase and use yourself without a professional jeweler. These DIY alternatives should be short-term solutions only and should not be a permanent fix for making your rings smaller. If you need to know how to make a ring bigger, unfortunately, the only option is to resize it. While many temporary solutions work to fill in the gap of a too-big ring, a ring that is too tight can only be made to fit by having a jeweler resize it.

Before you commit to either permanent resizing or a temporary alternative to resizing, be sure to do your research and talk to our resizing experts for the best advice and recommendations for your particular jewelry and resizing needs.

When Can Rings Be Resized?

Most rings can be resized at any time, but that doesn’t mean it is always the best option. The first thing to do if you find your ring fitting poorly is to pinpoint the cause. If you have recently gained or lost weight, are pregnant, or in the middle of an extremely hot or cold season, your ring may be fitting you differently than it once did. A lot of our ring resizing alternatives are temporary solutions that can help you wear your ring more comfortably and safely until you are ready to get it permanently resized, if that is what needs to happen. Your jeweler at Roman Malakov can give you insight on how to make a ring smaller and how to make a ring fit tighter, whether temporarily or permanently.

Remember: Just because your ring isn’t fitting well right now doesn’t mean that you should immediately get it resized. Talk to your jeweler first and discover the reason for the ill-fitting ring before making any permanent changes to your jewelry.

What If My Ring Cannot Be Resized?

Sometimes, resizing is not advised, simply due to the likelihood of damaging the ring or its stones during the resizing process. But other times, it may truly not be possible to make a ring smaller or larger. Some materials used to make jewelry cannot be cut, heated, or otherwise amended, such as ceramic, jade, wood, resin, and more. Additionally, some rings with diamonds or other gemstones around the entire band, such as an eternity wedding band, may not be able to be resized without damaging or displacing the stones. Depending on how the stones are set, it may not even be remotely possible to remove them without causing harm.

If there are no stones around the band and no unique materials, but your jeweler is still telling you that your ring cannot be resized, it may be because of the metal type. Titanium, stainless steel, and tungsten are the most common metals that cannot be resized easily or at all. Titanium and stainless steel are very hard and can be challenging to resize, although not impossible. Jewelers need specialized equipment and skills in order to resize rings made from these metals, so not all jewelers will take on a project like this.

If your ring falls into one of these categories but you’re still hoping to make a ring smaller, there are some alternative options that can help you with sizing a ring down.

How to Make a Ring Smaller or Bigger Without Resizing

As mentioned above, not much can be done to make a ring bigger without permanent resizing. However, if you’re looking for information on how to make a ring smaller, you’ve come to the right place. Each of our ring resizing options has pros and cons, and some are better suited for certain types of rings or specific fit issues. If your ring is spinning a lot due to its looseness, for example, you might prefer sizing beads, but if your ring is too tight to get on easily but fits fine once it’s on, you may enjoy a spring insert or Finger Mate instead. The best thing to do to avoid getting a ring resized is talk to your local, trusted jeweler about their suggestions, and consider some of these alternative options for adjusting the size for your ring.

Ring Resizing Alternatives

While permanent resizing is ideal for ring security and overall comfort, sometimes it’s not a great idea to get your ring resized. If you are losing a lot of weight, have swelling in your hands, or are going through a particularly cold or hot season, you don’t want to permanently change the size of your ring. Sometimes, having a poorly-fitted ring isn’t really about it needing to be completely resized, either. Maybe your knuckles are larger than the place on your finger where the ring sits, and getting it on and off is difficult. Or perhaps it goes over your knuckles fine, but then it spins or moves around too much once it’s in place on your finger. All of these are common concerns, and if you find yourself wondering how to make a ring tighter, trust that Roman Malakov can help.

Ring Sizing Alternative 1: Plastic Size Adjusters

Adjusters are essentially a plastic wedge that you would attach to the bottom of the band; the thickness depends on the amount of sizing needed. Plastic ring size adjusters are an inexpensive and temporary solution to making the size of a ring smaller, which makes them a perfect solution for people who are prone to finger size fluctuations. This will make the ring temporarily fit until your fingers return to their normal size. You can usually ask your jeweler for adjusters free of charge or buy them online.

These generally only reduce the ring size by one-half or one whole size, so if your ring isn’t close to fitting beforehand, these may not be a great option. However, due to how easy they are to get and use, they are an excellent choice for short-term and non-permanent ring size adjustment.

Pro Tip: A plastic ring adjuster is only a temporary solution and is not advisable for long-term use. As time goes by, it undergoes wear and tear, making it susceptible to falling off the ring. Without the plastic sizer, your ring could surely follow suit.

If you do go this route, always check and replace the ring adjusters once in a while. If the plastic is already loose or freely moves around on your ring, then replace it right away. If you get these from your local jeweler or order them online, sometimes you can get multiple in a pack or can even get a variety of different kinds that are better at staying on your ring for longer.

Ring Sizing Alternative 2: Sizing Beads

Sizing beads are a great choice when you just need a slight size adjustment or if you’re dealing with a spinning ring. Adding sizing beads to your ring is a very simple process: The jeweler simply solders two small metal beads on the inside of the band. This is a great way to keep your ring upright on your finger, and it can help get a smaller ring over your knuckles. This approach essentially fakes the smaller size ring, giving you the benefits of a better fit without the downsides of actually making it smaller. This is the most common and inexpensive solution people get, but sizing beads can only be used to make the ring up to half a size smaller. Additionally, some people don’t love the feel of a ring with sizing beads, so it’s a good idea to ask your jeweler to try on some rings with this sizing option to get a feel for what it’s like.

Ring Sizing Alternative 3: Spring Insert

A spring insert is a particularly good alternative for people with large knuckles. A spring insert is a thin metal band that is attached on the inside of the ring, which flattens out when putting on the ring and springs back into place, past the knuckle, as it sits on your finger. This can be a more comfortable alternative than the sizing beads and is also easier to put in; however, it is a more complicated procedure and would require an experienced jeweler. A spring insert can alter your ring size by up to one whole size, giving a bit more flexibility than sizing beads. Additionally, since it doesn’t involve cutting the band of the ring at all, it maintains the integrity and strength of the metal, but still offers more comfort and a better fit than a ring without it.

Ring Sizing Alternative 4: Fingermate

Sometimes, the ring size is perfect but is extremely difficult to put on or remove the ring due to large knuckles. If that is the case, then a Finger Mate ring might be the best solution—that said, it is a permanent option. The jeweler replaces the band of the ring to a Finger Mate shank, which gives the ring the ability to open and close at the bottom of the band for easy insert and removal on the finger. This is a difficult process that requires a reputable and experienced jeweler (not all jewelers can provide this alternative), and is also a more expensive alternative because of the amount of work and labor required.

Ring Sizing Alternative 5: Fold-Over Sizing Bar

This option lines up with the previous two, in that it does require a jeweler to add it to your ring; that said, it’s a great option for reducing ring size without permanently resizing the band of the ring. A fold-over bar is a hinged bar that is soldered to the bottom of the ring to reduce its size. You basically open the bar, put the ring on, and click the bar back into place. It allows you to get the ring over your knuckle easily while still making the ring sit well and feel good while being worn. These sizing bars tend to be more comfortable than sizing beads and they can reduce ring size by up to two sizes in most cases.

As with any option, you should always ask your jeweler to see some rings with this sizing alternative so that you can explore the look and feel of it. While making a ring fit better is absolutely important, it’s also important that you still like the look and feel of your ring after it’s resized.

Roman Malakov Diamonds is one of few jewelers that can provide resizing services with Fingermate. Email info@romanmalakov.com for more Info.

Final Words

When it comes to the best choice for how to resize a ring, there are no set standards as to what option is best. It all depends on the comfort, experience, and lifestyle of each person, as well as the root cause of your ill-fitting ring and what you expect the future to hold in terms of how your ring fits. Engagement ring resizing is important to handle promptly and effectively because of the constant wear of engagement rings. However, just as with other rings, you may not wish to utilize a permanent resizing for your engagement ring, so it is advisable to have an in-depth discussion about this with your trusted jeweler. They can give you information on how to tighten a ring, how to deal with larger knuckles, and what your options are when it comes to alternatives for resizing.

Roman Malakov is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable professionals who would love to discuss ring resizing alternatives in NYC with you, and they can help you weigh the pros and cons of each alternative choice, as well as make recommendations and advise you on what option would best suit you. Come in to visit Roman Malakov today on 47th Street in NYC or contact us online or by phone to discuss ring resizing options.