Best Engagement Rings for Small Hands

Shopping for an engagement ring brings about many considerations, including ring style, the size of the center stone, budget, and more. But if you or your spouse-to-be has small hands, it can add another detail to consider. Whether you’re simply looking for ideas for some engagement rings for small hands or in the process of shopping for and purchasing a ring, Roman Malakov is here to help. 

What Is Considered A Small Hand?

One of the first things we must address is the idea of having small hands. There is a difference between small hands and small fingers. Small hands mean the hand itself is small—the fingers are shorter, the palm is smaller, and when spread out, the hand as a whole takes up less space. Meanwhile, small fingers are about the ring size of the finger. Generally, a size 6 finger is considered average, so any finger that is a size 5 or less is considered small. 

It’s possible to have small fingers but not a small hand, and vice versa. Because of this, we have engagement rings for petite hands as well as engagement rings for small fingers, but the two will not always be the same. For the purposes of this guide, we are discussing the best engagement rings for small hands—not fingers. However, if you have questions about smaller ring sizes, ring resizing, or more, contact Roman Malakov today.

best engagement rings for small hands

What to Consider When Looking for Engagement Rings for Small Hands

As with any engagement ring or jewelry purchase, you have various things to consider when exploring your options, including the shape, size, style, and setting. You want to ensure you’re not overdoing the size or proportions of the ring, as a large ring will overwhelm the hand and likely be a bit uncomfortable to wear. Here are our top recommendations for each different consideration when searching for engagement rings for small hands.


The best engagement ring shape for small hands is definitely based on preference, but some shapes will better suit smaller hands. Round and princess cut diamonds are the go-to’s for smaller hands, but Asscher, cushion, and oval diamonds are excellent choices, too. They elongate the fingers but are still subtle and luxurious. Be sure to explore the 4Cs of diamond quality as you look at different stones and their various attributes. 


The best engagement rings for small hands will generally be on the smaller side, but they don’t need to have tiny center stones. In fact, the smaller your hands are, the bigger a diamond will look, meaning you can get away with a smaller stone without losing the wow factor. While many people assume larger diamonds look disproportionate on smaller hands, it is truly up to your personal preference.


The style of ring you want, such as vintage or modern, will be based entirely on your desires. There is no set rule or even recommendation for the best styles for smaller hands, so long as the ring itself is not so bulky that it overwhelms the finger. That said, simpler styles with thinner bands can be ideal engagement rings for small hands. Accent stones should be minimized, but pave diamonds down the band are a great way to add extra bling without being too much.


The most common ring setting for those with smaller hands is the solitaire. It’s simple and delicate, but it looks gorgeous on everyone. Its minimalist appearance and ability to highlight only the stone make it especially beautiful for those with small hands. However, if you want something a little more elaborate, consider a halo setting or a three-stone engagement ring. You can also design your own engagement ring to add a personal touch to the piece. 


What engagement rings look best on small hands?

The best engagement ring for someone with small hands is the one they love the most. With that in mind, traditional solitaires, settings with pave diamonds in the band, and halo settings generally look best on small hands. Also, Simpler rings tend to look best, as do those with slightly smaller-than-average center stones. But what matters most is that the person wearing it loves it.

What diamond shape is best for small hands?

Round, princess, Asscher, cushion, and oval diamonds are the best stone shapes for those with smaller hands. 

Do rings look bigger on smaller hands?

Yes, they do. This means that going too big or too elaborate can overwhelm the hand and look a little much. But it also means that smaller center stones will look bigger, allowing for more space in the budget to insure the ring or purchase additional wedding jewelry.

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