Wedding ring engraving


You’ve purchased the perfect engagement ring and are now planning to purchase the perfect wedding bands. You love the unique designs you’ve selected and you can’t wait to place it on your spouse’s finger at your wedding ceremony. But if you want to make your rings even more special, you may want to get them engraved.

Wedding ring engraving adds a personalized touch to your diamond rings, and the wedding ring inscriptions that you select will be cherished by you and your spouse forever. Roman Malakov is a jewelry store in the popular Diamond District in NYC, and our incredible staff can help you with ring engraving ideas for engagement rings and wedding bands.

How Ring Engraving Works

The process of inside ring engraving is fairly straightforward, but the end result and time it takes will depend a lot on the type of engraving you select. The most common type of engraving is done by a standard engraving machine, where the design is programmed into a computer and then engraved onto the jewelry via an engraving needle. This type of wedding ring engraving is pretty straightforward, can be done on most materials, and results in uniform lettering and numerals.

Hand-engraving is one of the most sought-after types of wedding ring engraving because it is all about high-quality craftsmanship and artistry. A skilled engraver will complete this type of engraving carefully and precisely, so it does take longer than machine engraving, but has a personalized touch via allowing for a variation in depth of lettering as well as “font” choice. Finally, laser engraving offers a very precise, unique look that can be done quickly, and while it can be expensive, you can add more variety to your engraving and fit longer phrases onto the ring in ways the other options cannot accomplish as cleanly.

Unique Engraving Ideas for Engagement and Wedding Rings

Once you’ve decided whether you want an outside or inside ring engraving on a wedding ring or engagement ring, you need to think about what you want the rings to say. You may opt for a classic choice, like the date of your wedding. Or you may choose a wedding ring inscription that includes your initials plus the date you’re married. Perhaps you’re searching for more unique wedding band engraving ideas, such as a favorite Bible verse reference or a quote from your favorite movie. Popular engagement ring engraving ideas include lyrics from the song that you’ll dance to at your wedding or a favorite line from a romantic poem. Other ring engraving ideas include your personal nicknames for each other, an inside joke, the location you met or wed, or anything else significant and special to you and your spouse.

As you consider what wedding ring inscriptions you’ll select, you’ll also want to think about how you want the engraving to look. What font will you choose? How big or small will it be? Some of your wedding ring engraving options may be limited based on your ring’s size and amount of material available for engraving. You should consider all your possible choices before finalizing your decision. If you haven’t yet purchased rings but you already know you want them engraved, you should think carefully about your engagement ring and wedding band engraving ideas before shopping.

Engagement and Wedding Ring Engraving Tips

If you want to have your engagement ring engraved, we say it’s best to wait until you have the ring perfectly resized post-proposal. A few other engagement ring engraving ideas could be something meaningful you said while you proposed or the date and location where she said “yes” to building a happy life with you.

If you have not purchased your wedding bands yet and you know you want inside ring engraving, make some decisions about your wedding ring inscriptions before you buy your rings. You can take into consideration the width of the bands, the material they’re made from, and what type of wedding ring engraving you want so that your final piece is exactly how you envision it.

The type of metal that your ring is made from may limit the type of engraving you get and may limit your wedding band engraving ideas. Certain types of metal that are very hard, such as titanium and tungsten, are best engraved with lasers, while rings made of gold are ideal for hand-engraving due to their softer metallic makeup.

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