Choosing A Diamond Wedding Band

Getting engaged is one of the first big steps a couple takes toward their future together. Whether you decided on the engagement ring together or it was a complete surprise to the recipient, an engagement ring is a treasured piece of jewelry and a lifelong symbol of your love. But as you get closer to your wedding day and begin making decisions together about your future, you’ll also need to consider what type of wedding bands you both want.

Wedding band styles are as varied and unique as the couples shopping for them, but they weren’t always that way. In fact, wedding bands have very humble beginnings, from simple iron rings that represented eternity and honored marriage to modest gold rings to remind couples of their everlasting love. While they still represent the same today, their designs and adornments have far exceeded their simple start.

As part of today’s marriage tradition, many couples like to shop for wedding bands together. While some love to select matching wedding bands, others may prefer wedding band styles that are perfectly suited to their own individual style preferences. Additionally, a bride’s wedding band will generally need to be paired with her engagement ring for a seamless design and stunning look. Regardless of what you’re searching for, Roman Malakov has a wide variety of wedding band styles that you are sure to love.

Tips on How to Choose a Wedding Band

If you’re stressing about picking out a wedding band, take a deep breath and know there is no wrong choice. Whatever you love and adore is the style and ring that is perfect for you. But if you’re feeling stuck and haven’t landed on a specific wedding band style yet, our jewelry professionals are always here to help guide you and answer your questions.

how to pick a wedding band

So follow our guide, and you’ll be one step closer to finding your dream ring

#1 Look to Your Engagement Ring

We’ve actually covered great combinations of wedding bands and engagement rings in our previous blog on how to choose a wedding band for your engagement ring. But for more information, continue reading our tips below, particularly the one specific to the type of engagement ring you have. 

If your engagement ring is a solitaire, you might want a band that is a little more sparkly. For most, the best wedding band for a solitaire engagement ring is a diamond wedding band. For women, this adds just a touch of dazzle underneath your gorgeous center stone to really create a beautiful look. You may opt for an eternity or half-eternity ring adorned by diamonds, gemstones, or a combination of the two. However, if you feel strongly that less is more or you live a very active lifestyle, you can always go with a simple plain band with no stones on it.

If your engagement ring is a halo, it likely already shines like the sun, and you may wish to select a more subtle band to complement it. A classic wedding band with no diamonds or gemstones may be the perfect wedding band for your halo ring, as it expertly frames all the sparkle for a striking appearance. But if you prefer to add more bling to your hand and believe that too much sparkle isn’t a thing, go with a whole or half-eternity band that beautifully accentuates your engagement ring.

If your engagement ring is a three-stone, figuring out which wedding band will work best may seem overwhelming. Thankfully, this engagement ring style is so versatile that a number of different diamond wedding bands will pair great with it. We recommend matching the cut of the center stones on the engagement ring to the cut of the accent stones on the wedding band. This brings about a cohesive look without creating too much variety. Many women with this type of ring will go with a curved wedding band (or maybe two, with one on each side!) for a seamless and sophisticated look.

If your engagement ring is a gemstone ring, you might want a gemstone and diamond wedding band. For women who love the unique beauty of gemstone rings, this is a prime option for bringing in the tradition of diamonds with the colorful fun of gemstones. Consider a wedding band with alternating stones, including diamonds and the gemstone that is in your engagement ring, for a lovely complimentary set. You may also opt for a ring with two rows of stones—one with diamonds and one with the gemstone in your engagement ring. Or, perhaps you love the boldness of your engagement ring but want to be more neutral with your wedding band, in which case, you can select a diamond band for a unique and luxurious overall appearance.

#2 Look at Your Personal Style

If you feel like you’ve mastered choosing a wedding band for an engagement ring for your partner but still aren’t certain what you want, look at your own personal style. Check out a number of different wedding band styles and make a note of what you do and don’t like and why. If you have a general idea of your likes and dislikes, our experts can help you with selecting a wedding band. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking at your personal style:

What metal do you like?

Look at your current jewelry collection and see what type of metal is prominent. Also, consider what you like and what you’ve always envisioned your rings to look like. If you already have an engagement ring, most people stick with the same metal for their wedding band. However, you are definitely allowed to break the mold and go with a unique, multi-metal overall look

What style do you like?

If you love the extra sparkly look of diamond wedding bands paired with diamond engagement rings, that’s something to consider. On the other hand, if you prefer a more subtle look and a smaller overall ring appearance, you should keep that in mind as well. Don’t be afraid to look at things that aren’t identical to your current style, but be sure not to branch out too far and end up with a piece that you won’t love later on.

What does your lifestyle look like?

It’s one thing to desire a gorgeous, large engagement ring paired with a beautiful diamond wedding band. But for those with active lifestyles, this may not be realistic. Consider your hobbies and activities as you learn about how to choose a wedding band, and make a choice based on the level of durability, ring maintenance, and overall appearance that best suits you. Also, keep in mind that you can have your daily rings for when you’re at the office and home, but you may need alternative pieces for when you’re being more active, such as rock climbing or camping on the weekends.

#3 Consider the Types of Wedding Band Styles

Knowing how to pick a wedding band you’ll love forever can be tricky, but it shouldn’t be stressful. We want to break down the different types of wedding band styles for you so that you can dive further into the different options and make a decision about the best wedding band. For women, this ring is almost as important as the engagement ring, and it should complement your other jewelry and make you excited when you look at it. Here at Roman Malakov, we are happy to help you throughout the process of selecting a wedding band.

  • Classic Wedding Band – A classic wedding band is one of the best wedding bands for women because of its versatility. It is simple yet durable, and in its subtleness, it is beautiful. Classic wedding bands can be found in white, yellow, or rose gold, as well as platinum. They can have knife edges or rounded edges, a matte finish, texture, or be two-tone.
  • Eternity Wedding Band – For those who love a little extra sparkle, the eternity wedding band is covered edge to edge in diamonds or gemstones of your choosing. The stones encircle the entire ring and can be pave set, prong set, channel set, and more. Eternity wedding bands can be thick or thin, have a few larger stones or several small ones, and can be made from many different metals.
  • Half-Eternity Wedding Band – These rings have several stones side by side, but only around half of the wedding band. These are easier to resize than some alternatives, but they still offer the same glamorous sparkle and shine. Half-eternity rings can also be called non-eternity rings, and they can feature diamonds or gemstones set in a variety of ways.
  • Five-Stone Wedding Band – A five-stone ring consists of five equally-sized diamonds or gemstones set atop a simple band. The settings can vary, but the stylish sophistication of these rings is unmatched. This wedding band style is also sometimes used as an anniversary gift to celebrate the first five years of marriage.
  • Curved Wedding Band – Some engagement ring styles are more unique and may require a curved wedding band for a cohesive look. These rings often have diamonds set on the curve and are meant to complement and support the engagement ring as the star of the show. Some women will even select two identical curved wedding bands to flank their engagement ring for a beautifully symmetrical look.

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