Engagement Rings

Purchasing an engagement ring is an exciting step in anyone’s life as it marks the start of a new adventure full of love and commitment. No matter what style of ring you’re looking for, from simple elegance to luxuriously ornate, Roman Malakov has the perfect ring for you. Our handcrafted and custom-made diamond engagement rings are designed with the highest quality in mind. Our goal is to always create a memorable piece that takes your partner’s breath away. Whether you know exactly what type of engagement ring you want to purchase or have no idea where to start, we are here to help you make the best decision from our wide array of stunning engagement rings for women.


Types of Engagement Rings

When you’re beginning your search for engagement rings in NYC, it’s best to start with the type and style of the ring. This can help narrow down your search and select the ring best suited to your partner’s style and taste.


With simple elegance and modest beauty at their heart, solitaires are the most classic of all engagement ring types. These diamond engagement rings boast the center stone as their focal point with little else to distract from the brilliance of the diamond. Individuals can select any shape of diamond for a solitaire and nearly any setting and metal option. Some solitaires even have contoured bands to delicately wrap around the center stone or to make room for a wedding band in the future.


Halo engagement rings have recently grown in popularity and are a current favorite amongst engagement ring styles. They have an outline of smaller diamonds around the center stone for increased sparkle and added brilliance. This also enlarges the look of the center stone. The center stone can be just about any shape, and the halo stones can be a variety of different gemstones or different colored diamonds to create a vintage or modern look. It is all a matter of preference and taste.

Side Stone

Side stone engagement rings for women are one of the more popular choices as they can boast stunning stones on either side of the center stone (partially or all the way around the band). These side stones can be baguettes, pave diamonds, emerald cut, or another cut. Additionally, side stone diamonds can be scalloped, channel set, or clustered, and they can be on a single band or a split shank band for a more decorative style.

Three Stone

When you want an iconic and meaningful engagement ring design, a three stone ring may be the best choice. Signifying the past, present, and future, the three stones are not only meaningful, but they are prefers a classic emerald cut three-stone ring or a rare and custom designed three stone beauty, we have exactly what you’re looking for when you search for engagement rings in NYC.

One of the driving forces behind Roman Malakov jewelry, and especially our diamond engagement rings, is our desire to serve our clients with transparency, trustworthiness, and reliability. We will always aim to help you in whatever way you need. Our diamonds are sourced directly from the mines and we cut them ourselves to ensure the utmost beauty and quality in every piece we sell. We are known for unique, handcrafted, custom-made and rare engagement rings. Give us a call, contact us online, or visit our stores in person to see the stunning array of engagement rings that we have to offer.