Benefits Of Choosing Solitaire Diamond Ring


Shopping for an engagement ring is an exciting experience, but if you’re overwhelmed by all the options, trust that you’re not alone. There are so many types of rings, and you may wish to explore them all. But if you want a tried-and-true option, a solitaire engagement ring is a classic. It’s the most popular type of engagement ring for a reason, so you can save yourself time and stress and select a perfect solitaire diamond ring as your engagement ring. 

This ring style has so many benefits, and its timeless beauty makes it desirable to countless women. Before learning about the specific benefits, you may first want to know, “What is a solitaire ring?”

GIA Certified 1.72 Carat Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire

Engagement Ring

What Is a Solitaire Engagement Ring?

Although many people envision the solitaire as a specific setting, it’s actually more about the overall style and look of the ring than the physical design and setting. Generally speaking, a solitaire engagement ring is a ring with one singular stone. This stone may be a colored gemstone or a natural diamond, but it is most commonly prong-set on a plain metal band.

GIA Certified 2 Carats Heart Shape Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

There are, however, alternative design styles that still fall into the category of solitaire ring settings. The most classic option is a round-cut engagement ring with a solitaire knife-edge setting. The beauty of this style is the simplicity and timelessness. It has been a popular choice for generations. Oval solitaire engagement rings and princess-cut solitaire engagement rings are hugely popular and highly sought after nowadays. Sometimes, individuals may desire a solitaire engagement ring with a diamond band. This is more commonly called a side stone engagement ring, but it can also be considered a solitaire diamond engagement ring.

2.30 Carats Total Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

GIA Certified 2.30 Carats Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

 White gold solitaire engagement rings are the most common, but more unique solitaire engagement rings may use yellow gold or rose gold instead. Other alternative solitaire diamond ring settings may have the center stone set differently than the standard prongs or even include a gemstone center stone rather than the typical diamond.

Whether you are searching for a modern or vintage solitaire engagement ring or want another unique take on this classic ring styleRoman Malakov has a wide selection of stunning solitaire rings for you to explore and admire. 

Benefits of Choosing a Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire diamond engagement rings are gorgeous, no matter what design choices or details comprise the overall look. But in addition to being beautiful, solitaire engagement rings also have several other benefits that will make it even easier to select one for your upcoming engagement.

1.26 Carats Pear Shape Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

GIA Certified 1.26 Carat Pear Shape Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

  • They are perfect for featuring a gorgeous center stone. Perhaps you’ve inherited a diamond with excellent ratings in all 4 Cs and want to show it off in the best way possible. Enter the solitaire diamond ring setting. With so few details and zero additional stones surrounding it, the center stone can really shine in all its glory in a solitaire setting.
  • They are versatile. Due to the simplicity of the look, solitaires are extremely versatile when it comes to matching a wedding band. Almost any wedding band will pair beautifully with a solitaire, so if you really want multiple options, a solitaire engagement ring is a great choice. These rings also pair well with multiple clothing styles and will match any other type of jewelry. They look great on everyone, from those with small hands to those with long fingers, and everyone in between. 
  • They are less costly. Because of the minimal details and adornments, solitaire engagement rings will give you more ring for your money. This means you can select a larger center stone with better clarity and color, allowing for more “wow” factor than similarly priced rings with other settings and styles.
  • They can accommodate different settings for the center stone. Although the traditional solitaire setting includes a prong-set diamond, solitaires can actually hold the center stone in place in a few different ways. Bezel settings, chandelier settings, and even tension settings are doable with solitaires, giving you more options for customization and making a traditional style a little more unique.
  • They can accommodate any diamond shape. A round solitaire engagement ring is, by far, the most classic and common, but that is just the beginning of the options for solitaires. Cushion cut solitaire engagement rings, emerald cut solitaire engagement rings, and pear-shaped solitaire engagement rings are all popular and possible options, as are rings with center stones of literally any shape. Fancy-cut diamonds are easily integrated into solitaire settings for more uniqueness and beauty.
  • They are easier to keep clean. Because there are fewer details around the center stone, there are also fewer crevices and areas for dirt to get into. This makes diamond solitaire rings the easiest style to keep clean with the least effort from the wearer.
  • They sparkle more. Although sparkle does have a lot to do with the cut, clarity, and color of the center stone, the setting also plays a role in how much a ring sparkles. Because of the lack of details surrounding the center stone, solitaires allow more light to get to the diamond, which increases sparkle.
  • They will never go out of style. Solitaire engagement rings are the most timeless and classic option available, and they have been hugely popular for decades. They will never go out of style and will always retain their striking beauty, no matter how trends and styles change over the years.

What to Look for in a Solitaire Ring

If you’ve decided that a solitaire ring setting is for you, you’ve taken a huge step toward selecting the perfect ring! The next part of the process involves deciding which features you’re drawn to and what you want the overall ring to look like. Here are a few things to consider as you explore solitaire rings. 

The stone: Because of the simplicity of this setting, the center stone is the focal point. The stone should be absolutely stunning, with a nice balance of the 4Cs. You should look at different shapes and decide which one you like the most so it can sit perfectly atop your ring. 

Settings and prongs: The way your diamond sits in the ring is called the setting. Solitaire rings are extremely versatile, so you could opt for any number of setting in yours, such as bezel or tension. But the most common setting for a solitaire is a prong setting. This can mean three prongs, four prongs, or six prongs, and they can be rounded, flat, pointed, and more.

Matching wedding bands: If the solitaire you’re purchasing is an engagement ring, think about choosing a coordinating wedding band for it. The options are endless since solitaires are so versatile, but you’ll want to think ahead and consider what wedding band you may like so that you can select a solitaire that works well with it.


0.80 Carat Round Diamond Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement Ring

FAQs About Solitaires

Why are solitaire rings so popular?

Solitaires are by far one of the most popular ring options because of their stunning simplicity. Some women prefer not to have elaborate, ornate rings for everyday wear, and many with active lifestyles love the look and ease of having a solitaire ring. They are versatile and can be paired with other jewelry, as well as nearly any clothing style. Solitaires work well with both casual and formal attire, and they won’t overwhelm an outfit or look. They are timeless, classic, easy to keep clean, and super simple to customize. You can put any stone of any size or shape in a solitaire setting and automatically have a gorgeous ring. 

What Does a Solitaire Engagement Ring Mean?

A solitaire engagement ring simply means a single stone set in a ring used for a proposal or engagement. The significance behind the solitaire, like all engagement rings, is that they are meant to display a couple’s love for one another and their intent to get married. The gift of a wedding ring is a long-standing tradition that dates back to the 2nd century BC, but it wasn’t until the 1400s that men began presenting their soon-to-be wives with diamonds as an investment into their relationship and future. Just as “diamonds are forever” (as the saying goes), so, too, is marriage; therefore, that sense of commitment is represented by a strong and enduring stone like a diamond.

What is the difference between a solitaire ring and a diamond ring?

A solitaire ring refers to the setting—it’s one stone only, set in a basic style of ring. A diamond ring is not a setting and instead references the stone that’s in the ring. You can have a solitaire ring that isn’t a diamond ring, a diamond ring that isn’t a solitaire, or a ring that is both a solitaire and a diamond ring. A solitaire ring can have any variety of gemstones as the center stone, but what makes it a solitaire is that the stone will stand alone with no other accents or stones surrounding it. Traditionally, most solitaire rings are diamond rings, which are also engagement rings. 

Is a Solitaire Ring an Engagement Ring?

Not all solitaire rings are engagement rings, and not all engagement rings are solitaires, but each category of rings can fall into the other. Some solitaire rings are given as birthday gifts, anniversary presents, or even Christmas gifts. Some might even be presented as a celebration of an important life event or personal milestone. Engagement rings are solely for the purpose of showing that you intend to marry, but engagement rings come in many styles and settings, including solitaire, halo, three-stone, and side-stone.

Can I Customize the Solitaire Engagement Ring?

Roman Malakov is happy to customize your solitaire rings to your preferences. Perhaps you wish to switch out the metal and go with a rose gold solitaire engagement ring, or maybe you want to replace the center stone with a gemstone, such as a sapphire, emerald, ruby, or other beautifully colored stone. These customizable changes ensure you have the perfect ring to present to your soon-to-be spouse.

How Do I Pick the Right Solitaire Diamond Ring?

Although men traditionally select the ring on their own, times are changing. Nowadays, around half of all couples pick out the engagement ring together, ensuring that the recipient loves the ring. 

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