French Pave Halo Engagement Ring Setting

Searching for an engagement ring is an exciting and fun endeavor. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, you’ll have many options to peruse and various decisions to make that impact the overall look of the ring. From vintage to modern, solitaire to three-stone, and white gold to rose gold, there are so many diamond ring settings to explore at Roman Malakov. Our engagement ring experts will explain the differences between all the different diamond engagement ring settings and help you pick the best one for you.

The Best Engagement Ring Settings

Even if you think you’ve already made your decision, you may wish to explore a few different categories when looking for the best engagement ring settings. You might know with certainty that you want a halo setting, or perhaps you’re positive that you want a solitaire. Or maybe you’re not sure what type of setting you want but know that you love pear-shaped diamonds or round diamonds. We make it easy for you to explore different types of diamond engagement ring settings based on the shape of the center stone.

Settings Based on Diamond Shape

The center stone is, of course, the focal point of the ring. For instance, if you have your heart set on a pear-shaped diamond ring setting, we can help you find the settings that will work with that diamond shape. We can also help you find marquise diamond ring settings, round diamond ring settings, emerald cut diamond ring settings, and so much more. While some diamond ring setting types can be adapted or customized to hold a diamond of a different shape, others are specific to a particular diamond shape. Our jewelry experts will help you find the perfect diamond ring settings for your preferred diamond shape.

Settings Based on Style

Some brides-to-be may not have a stone shape in mind just yet, but many know what general style of ring they want. Keep in mind, for example, vintage diamond ring settings will look very different from more modern engagement ring setting styles. We can help you discover options based on your style preferences.

3-Stone Diamond Ring Settings

A 3-diamond ring setting is a popular choice for engagements, wedding anniversaries, and milestone events in a couple’s or individual’s life. Most traditionally, the three stones represent the past, present, and future, making them an excellent option for a cherished loved one in your life. Most 3-stone diamond ring settings can be adapted for more traditional diamond shape and cater to many different shapes including fancy-shaped diamonds.

Solitaire Diamond Ring Settings

A solitaire diamond ring setting refers to a ring with one single stone. It is one of the most classic and timeless options, whether the ring is an engagement ring or a right-hand ring. You might choose a traditional look with a round diamond ring setting, or perhaps you aim for a unique look with a pear diamond ring setting. Another great option is a princess cut diamond ring set, which pairs a princess cut solitaire with a band for a seamless and beautiful look.

Halo Setting Diamond Ring

One of the most ornate and brilliant diamond ring settings is the halo setting. This design features a center stone in the shape of your choosing, surrounded by a row of smaller diamonds or precious gemstones. This diamond engagement ring setting is sure to turn heads and take your breath away every time you look at it.

Side-Stone Diamond Ring Settings

Side-stone diamond ring setting styles include a center stone as the focal point with several other smaller stones on the band of the ring. The stones may go all the way around for an eternity-style ring, or they may only go halfway around for a non-eternity style. Either way, a side-stone style is a unique diamond ring setting that many people love. It offers extra sparkle and an added touch of sophistication to an already stunning center stone and setting.

How to Choose the Right Diamond Ring Setting

Knowing how to choose a diamond ring setting is not a matter of right or wrong. It’s primarily about the overall aesthetic of the setting and your personal preference. For instance, you may wish to consider your lifestyle. Those with more active lifestyles often prefer diamond ring settings with fewer stones to reduce the likelihood of losing a stone. Likewise, if you care for children or work with your hands a lot, you might prefer a setting with lower set stones to reduce snagging the prongs or scratching yourself or another person.


What is the setting of an engagement ring?

The setting of any ring refers to how the stones are set into the ring, including the overall aesthetic of the ring, the way the stone is held in place, and how many stones the piece can hold. The setting can include a solitaire, three-stone, or halo, and it also involves the type of metal and band in the ring. 

What is the most popular setting for engagement rings?

Without a doubt, the most popular engagement ring setting is a solitaire. Typically, solitaires have a singular prong-set diamond on a metal band. Other popular styles include halo settings and three-stone settings.

What is the most secure ring setting?

When fashioned by an experienced jeweler, all types of engagement ring settings should be secure. However, certain settings are better for those with an active lifestyle or who want to ensure absolute security with their jewelry. The higher set a stone is, the less secure it likely is. Prong settings are quite popular and are safe for stones, but lower settings are ideal for optimal security. Bezel settings and flush settings are the most ideal, followed by a prong setting with extra prongs. When considering diamond shapes, those with rounded edges will stay in settings better and aren’t as likely to chip.

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