What Makes a Good Jewelry Piece?


In fashion and art, what makes something “good” is often relative. In jewelry, it is the same to some extent, as different individuals prefer different styles and different designs of jewelry. There is absolutely something to be said about personal style and uniqueness, but more goes into what makes a good jewelry piece than just personal preference.


Jewelry pieces must be designed well, crafted impeccably, and worn with significance in order to be considered “good” by the general population. Roman Malakov trains our team to act as connoisseurs of the best jewelry out there, and we love to educate our patrons on the qualities of good jewelry pieces to help them make the best purchasing decisions. Whether you’re searching for the perfect ring, a beautiful necklace, or a classic bracelet, we are here to help you explore your options and find the best piece of jewelry for your wants and needs. We’ve discussed what makes a good jewelry piece with other industry experts and have concluded that the following things are all necessary for a piece of jewelry to be considered great.


This should be obvious, but quality can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to jewelry. The initial impression of any piece of jewelry is important, but many people tend to consider how well it will hold up over time. Celeste Huffman, a representative for A Jour Jewelry, says, “Edges shouldn’t be sharp or present a health hazard, like so many rings out there. Stones should be set securely and in a clean manner. Good jewelry shouldn’t fall apart if you accidentally drop it once.” A professional jeweler will have the technique, tools, and precision to properly craft a high-quality jewelry piece that is viewed by all as beautiful and excellent.

Attention to Detail

Whether a design is custom or not, attention to detail is key for any good piece of jewelry. This includes things like craftsmanship and quality, but it can also mean small details like the way a stone is set, the metal that was utilized, and the small artistic details included in the design. Christine Yus, head designer and buyer for CY & Co., says, “I have always felt that hand-crafted jewelry produces elements of quality and attention to detail that machine-made jewelry cannot simulate. The person who wears hand-crafted jewelry often feels a sense of care, love, and meaning behind every piece they own.” The care and attention put into every detail of crafting a quality jewelry piece are huge in its overall value and goodness.


Having a unique piece of jewelry may not be of the utmost importance to everyone, but it is something that plays into how great a jewelry piece is. Exceptionally-rare pieces will always be sought after, but the focus is to find pieces that have a one-of-a-kind quality to them—and, hence, to the person who owns it. This may mean the piece is handmade or customized specifically for the wearer, or it may mean that it was a substantial investment financially. It may have a certain design or motif, or it might stand out among the owner’s jewelry collection as special and incomparable. Founder of Byond Jewelry, Vladislav Berdnikov, says, “A good jewelry piece includes something special or unique. Great examples from Tiffany & Co or Cartier [are] their high fine jewelry pieces [that] include something no one else has.”


While exclusivity is in line with uniqueness, uniqueness is more about concept and overall idea while exclusivity involves literal and tangible differences that make it different from other jewelry pieces. Exclusivity is often about the name of the designer, the size of the stone, or the history behind the piece. Having a piece of jewelry that is exclusive is hugely significant in terms of both sentimental and real value, and it’s not something that should be overlooked when considering what makes a jewelry piece good.


This is where the concept of “good” gets a little murky, because the meaning behind a jewelry piece is completely subjective; that said, defining a jewelry piece by its meaning is very important. Some women may cherish a simple, inexpensive ring just as much as an elaborate and expensive designer ring simply because of the sentimental significance behind the inexpensive piece. Jewelry pieces with more meaning behind them tend to make wearers more excited as they are reminded of certain events, specific feelings, or significant people when they wear the jewelry. Christine Yus of CY & Co. says, “I curate and design jewelry for myself and I hope that other women can resonate with it. I started my company as a means to not only share my love and passion for design and fashion, but also as a platform to motivate, educate, and inspire other women.” The meaning of her jewelry is huge to her and may impact others in a profound way, while others may see more meaning in receiving a gift of jewelry from a loved one, even if it has less monetary value than another gift or piece of jewelry.

Personal Style

This is another concept that goes into how good a piece of jewelry is. Someone might purchase a stunning and ornate ruby necklace as a gift for a loved one, but if the individual receiving the gift never wears necklaces or has a personal style more suited to minimal jewelry tastes, the jewelry piece won’t be considered as “good” as if it were given to someone more in line with the style of the piece. A lot can go into picking out jewelry for loved ones, and it’s important to note that not all jewelry pieces are great gift ideas for the special someone on your list, because style and design play a large role in how well a jewelry piece is received. Vladislav Berdnikov of Byond Jewelry says, “Choosing the right gem for the right occasion, person, and budget [is important]. This includes shape as well. A round stone is timeless, but there are trending shapes [to consider]. If a gemstone is even needed [is also important], as some people just want a precious metal piece.” Truly knowing the person’s individual style is incredibly important and making decisions based on their taste is vital to the success of giving a jewelry piece that they love.

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