Ultimate Ring Resizing Guide: When and How it's Done


Size of a ring is an important detail to get right when it comes to jewelry. A perfectly fit ring will not only look great on your finger, but it will also give you the security and the comfort of knowing it won’t get lost without you noticing. If it is not a perfect fit, worry not! Ring resizing is a common service job a lot of people go through. 

Despite being a common repair job, it is still the best idea to get it right the first time. Getting it right will save you the time, money, and the inconvenience of running to your jeweler. Save yourself all that trouble and try to get it right the 1st time.


Examples of wedding bands that cannot be resized.

Note: Ring resizing is not applicable to all rings. Common examples are eternity rings, intricately-designed rings, thick rings, etc. For these types of rings, it is somewhat imperative you get the ring size right the 1st time. Although some are possible to resize, some of these rings can only be minimally resized and often, very difficult to do. Plus, you run the risk of damaging the diamonds or the foundation of the ring. With that much labor and liability, it is a better idea to have one custom-made for your size instead.

How a ring should fit

As a rule of thumb, the ring should slide in smoothly on your finger and have a little resistance when taking it off. That little resistance will ensure that the ring is not too loose and slide right off without you noticing. Alternatively, if it is difficult to slide in, then it might be too tight. Remember, Do not force a ring on your finger; it might be too tight for your comfort. You run the risk of injury or needing to destroy the ring to get it off. If it does slide in but has an uncomfortable tight fit, then that could be a good sign as well that the size is too small.

How a ring should NOT fit. Very uncomfortable and dangerous.

How it works:

Resizing A Ring Smaller - When a jeweler resizes a ring smaller, the first step is he cuts out a portion at the bottom of the band. The size of the portion depends on the amount of sizing needed. He then, reconstructs the circular shape of the band and is soldered back together. The ring is then polished to make it look good as new.

Resizing A Ring Larger - Typically, it is much more difficult to resize a ring larger than resizing it smaller. There are 2 ways to do this:

Ring on a mandrel

Ring on a mandrel

  1. The jeweler could stretch the metal of the band. This can only be done if the ring needs to be sized a maximum of half a size larger. To do this, the jeweler heats the metal and hammers the ring on a mandrel until the ring is in it’s desired size.

  2. The jeweler could also add metal to the band. The jeweler cuts the bottom of the band; then heats the band while adding the needed amount of metal. He then solders the ring back together, shaped, polished, and brought back to its lustrous finish.

Jeweler polishing a ring

Jeweler polishing a ring

Once the ring is resized, be sure to check that it fits perfectly. Also, check for signs such as non-smooth surfaces, visible solder lines, discoloration, etc. If you see any of these, bring it back to the jeweler. A good resized ring should look new and as if no sizing occurred.

When should you consider resizing your ring?

The only reason you should consider resizing your ring is if it is consistently too loose or too tight on your finger. The keyword here is consistency. If it is consistently loose or tight on your finger, we suggest not wearing it and keeping it in a safe place until you go to your jeweler.

Consistency is important because there are unexpected factors that temporarily affect ring size. Sometimes, these factors are present when your ring was fitted, or after your ring was fitted. Before finally deciding to resize your ring, watch out for these temporary factors:

Weather - During the cold season, your rings would most often become loose because the blood vessels in your fingers undergo vasoconstriction. To preserve heat, your body contracts and narrows your blood vessels to reduce blood flow to your extremities; hence the temporary shrinking of your fingers. On the other hand, when in a warm or humid environment, the body tries to dissipate heat through your skin. The body increases its blood flow and dilates the blood vessels. This makes your fingers temporarily swell. 

Sodium intake - If you have been eating a lot of sodium/ salty food lately, your body will need, and retain more water to balance out the amount of sodium in the body. With high sodium concentration in the blood vessels, water enters the blood vessels to balance it out. This will make your fingers temporarily swell and your rings might feel tighter than usual.

Pregnancy - It is only normal and very likely that your ring size will change during the course of your pregnancy. Don’t be alarmed. Often your ring size goes back to normal after delivery. But remember, If you feel your ring is getting too tight, remove it right away. Otherwise, they will get tighter and tighter and give you even more discomfort as you approach your delivery date. If your ring still doesn’t fit after a few months of delivery, then that’s when resizing your ring might be a viable option.

Example of a Ring Sizing Kit

Resizing Cost

Resizing your ring is usually an inexpensive service that would range from $50-$100. It can fluctuate up or down depending on the material cost of gold/platinum, and the amount of labor needed.

Tip: Do not just resize your ring to the lowest bidder. Resizing a ring (especially with diamonds) is a crucial process that must be done right; no shortcuts. If you care about your jewelry, make sure the jeweler is reputable, experienced, and someone you trust.


Final Words

Remember, it is advisable to permanently resize a ring only once in its lifetime. The more times you resize a ring, the weaker the metal and the foundation gets. This could eventually lead to permanent damage to your ring or possible loss. If you feel you only need a temporary fix, there are other possible alternatives such as a plastic wedge, metal beads, etc.

When in doubt, always consult trusted jewelers like Roman Malakov regarding the best option when it comes to resizing your ring. They will always give you the best recommendation based on your problem, experience with the ring, and lifestyle.