The emerald cut diamond features an elongated and rectangular shape and is a popular choice for those who want a stone that appears bigger than other shaped diamonds. If you are looking for the perfect diamond shape, the emerald cut diamond suits a wide variety of styles and settings. In fact, the emerald cut diamond setting is a top choice for engagement rings as the emerald cut offers a sleek and sophisticated look for those interested in a classic style with subtle sparkle. The emerald cut has withstood the test of time and continues to be one of the most beloved diamond cuts.

3D illustration of 3 emerald cut diamonds in different angles

What Is an Emerald Cut Diamond?

The emerald cut gets its name from the cutting process of emerald gemstones. It refers to a particular cutting style used to help prevent the emerald from chipping. Eventually, diamond cutters used this method to create the emerald cut diamond, mimicking the clean lines and symmetry of the emerald stone. 

The emerald cut increased in popularity during the 1920s when the Art Deco style celebrated geometric forms in architecture, design, clothing, and jewelry. An emerald diamond features a step cut that creates parallel lines that enhance the strength and style of the stone. These cuts have a classic, vintage vibe and are popular among royalty and celebrities for their durability, grace, and style.

The 4 Cs of Emerald Cut Diamonds

The four Cs of emerald cut diamonds refer to the specific qualities that determine the value of the diamond: cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Each quality factors into the overall beauty of the emerald cut diamond.

Emerald Cut Diamond: Cut

The emerald cut diamond is considered a fancy-shaped diamond due to its depth, table, and length-to-width ratios. The cut of an emerald-shaped diamond involves step cuts that offer a more subtle sparkle by design. The step-cut process for the emerald cut diamond creates a hall of mirrors effect with flashes of light and dark due to the geometric planes. The classic cut of an emerald diamond is a rectangle, although the emerald-shaped diamond can also be square shaped.

Emerald Cut Diamond: Clarity

The cutting style of an emerald diamond creates a wide table or top surface area of the diamond. This allows for clear visibility into the center of the stone, which makes clarity a key aspect of the emerald cut. Because emerald diamonds do not have as much brilliance as other diamond shapes, the clarity of the emerald shape makes it easier to detect any inclusions in the stone. Essentially, the cut of the emerald diamond accentuates its clarity.


Emerald Cut Diamond: Color

The color is more visible with an emerald cut diamond due to the large table and step-cut design. An emerald color chart will help determine the color grade of the emerald diamond, ranging from a yellowish tint to a crystal-clear color. The precious metal paired with the emerald diamond will also enhance cooler or warmer tones. For example, platinum or white gold metal will help enhance cooler tones in the emerald diamond color.

Emerald Cut Diamond: Carat

The carat refers to the weight of the diamond, and an emerald cut diamond carat can have a variety of carat weights. Larger carat sizes are available in emerald cut diamonds for comparable prices to other smaller diamond shapes. For instance, cutting an emerald diamond is actually more cost-effective than cutting a round diamond.

close up of an emerald cut diamond ring

Emerald Cut Diamond Settings

Emerald cut diamond settings are one of the more popular diamond cuts. When choosing a setting, consider the emerald cut ring for its classic and geometric style. 

An emerald cut ring in the solitaire style allows you to showcase this stunning center stone, while an emerald cut ring in a pave setting will feature small diamonds along the band to add some sparkle without detracting from the centerpiece. The three-stone emerald cut ring is another popular emerald cut diamond band featuring diamonds on either side of an emerald cut center stone. Meanwhile, baguettes or other brilliant cut diamonds will enhance the sparkle and shine of your emerald cut ring.

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