Halo Engagement Ring Settings

Halo engagement rings are in a category all on their own. They are, by far, one of the most breathtaking styles of engagement rings available today, and they can be customized and designed with that special someone in mind so that the ring is one-of-a-kind and absolutely perfect. A halo engagement ring setting features an outline of diamonds or other precious gemstones that encircles the center stone on a ring. The halo makes the center stone stand out, appear larger, and sparkle even more. Halo engagement ring settings are available in every style; from vintage to modern and from classic to unique, meaning you are sure to find the perfect one for the love of your life.


Halo Engagement Ring Settings

As you shop for the perfect halo engagement ring, you’ll find that you have a few decisions to make about the ring.

Shape and Color

The shape and color of your center stone is one of the biggest decisions that will directly impact the overall look of the ring. You may choose a classic round diamond, a striking pear-shaped diamond, or a gorgeous oval yellow diamond. For a more dramatic and elegant look, choose a diamond with more extreme points in their shape, like marquise or pear, and then encircle that diamond with a halo of smaller diamonds for a bold and luxurious halo engagement ring.

How Many Halos?

The next thing to consider is the number of halos on your halo engagement ring setting. While most rings have one halo, some designs allow for two or even three to increase the brilliance and overall sparkle of the halo engagement ring. You may also wish to look at halo engagement ring settings where the halo stones are set in different ways. Some halos are set with prongs while others are pave-set, and still others are framed in metal for another touch of distinction.

Choice of Metal

When it comes to halo engagement rings, you also need to think about the type of metal that you want the ring to be made of. White gold may be the most popular choice for most halo diamond engagement rings, but you may prefer yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. Some halo engagement ring settings may also allow a two-tone ring, which is a combination of metal types, such as both rose and white gold. Metal choice is important for personal style, but it also plays a part in how much the center stone and halo stones sparkle. If you’re uncertain about which metal to select for your halo engagement ring, you can discuss your options with the expert staff at Roman Malakov.

Other Stone Options

Halo diamond engagement rings are by far the most popular choice among all of our halo engagement ring settings. However, when you’re looking for a unique yet stunning engagement ring, you may consider including some gemstones in your halo engagement ring for an added touch of exclusivity and beauty. Not only can you select a variety of colored diamonds besides the classic white diamond, but you can also include sapphires and other precious gemstones in your halo engagement ring setting.

Shine Bright with Roman Malakov

Selecting the perfect halo engagement ring should be enjoyable and exciting. We are passionate about helping our patrons make the best design choices when it comes to their jewelry, and we would love to help you pick out the perfect halo engagement ring setting for that special someone in your life. Come in to one of our NYC stores or shop online today.