Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace

Diamond necklaces are consistently one of the most popular jewelry styles for women, and as of late, among men as well, and for a good reason. They are beautiful, versatile, and extremely customizable. They can be small and subtle or large and elaborate, making them perfect statement pieces. 

A diamond cross pendant is a specific type of diamond necklace that found its way into popular culture and style many decades ago. Today, it remains a favorite necklace style among many fashion-forward individuals. Combining the pendant style with gorgeous diamonds and an iconic and symbolic sentiment of the Christian faith, diamond cross pendant necklaces represent an important facet of jewelry design and fashion all across the world.

What Is a Diamond Pendant?

A diamond pendant is simply an individual diamond or group of diamonds in a particular shape or design that is attached to a chain by a small loop. The English word pendant finds its roots in both the French word “pendre” and the Latin word “pedere,” both of which mean “to hang down.” 

This is exactly what pendants do—they hang down from the chain to create a V-shape in the overall necklace, drawing focus toward the diamond pendant on display. While solitaire pendants and other designs are popular, jewelry lovers everywhere know that many different diamond pendant necklaces exist, including the ever-beautiful diamond cross pendant necklace.

Diamond Cross Pendant Settings & Styles

Just as the styles of other diamond pendants vary a great deal, so do the settings and styles of diamond cross necklaces. Women’s styles typically include an intricate and ornate cross that is on the smaller side, particularly when compared to men’s styles. These small diamond cross necklaces tend to include multiple diamonds in varying cuts and shapes and sometimes even feature other colorful gemstones.

The way the diamonds are set in the diamond cross necklace will depend on the design, the preference of the buyer, and the jeweler creating the final customized design. Some gold diamond cross necklaces have crossing rows of prong-set diamonds, bezel-set diamonds, or channel-set. The main cross shape may be made up entirely of individual stones in a row, or the basic shape may be flanked with another row of smaller diamonds around it.

In addition to setting versatility, buyers can often customize the shape of the diamonds, too. While most diamond cross necklaces feature round-cut diamonds, the possibilities are endless if you prefer a different shape diamond. Marquise, pear, and emerald are great options. If you’re looking for something even more unique, be sure to explore baguette diamond cross pendants and fancy-cut diamond cross pendants.

Another style option includes the metal selection for your diamond cross pendant necklace. White gold diamond cross necklaces are a favorite, as they tend to match every personal style preference out there. Yellow gold diamond cross pendants are traditional and classic, and anyone who loves yellow gold would be thrilled to add one to their jewelry collection. Meanwhile, rose gold diamond cross necklaces are great gifts for a romantic event, such as a wedding or anniversary. And platinum diamond cross necklaces are also available in certain styles and designs and can offer durability and beautiful shine.

Round Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace

Shop Diamond Cross Necklaces at Roman Malakov

Whether you’re looking to purchase a diamond cross necklace for yourself or someone else, they make great gifts for many occasions and events. Perhaps you want to give your daughter a beautiful symbol of her commitment to faith when she turns 16, or maybe you wish to give your niece a reminder of her love for God as she goes off to college. Maybe a sister has just begun her first job in ministry, or your wife has a big birthday coming up. Whatever the reason or the season, diamond cross pendant necklaces are thoughtful, sentimental pieces that are sure to be cherished for many years.

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