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1.24 Carats Total Mixed Cut Yellow and White Diamond Five Stone Wedding Band Ring in Platinum & Yellow Gold
  • $7,032.00
1.36 Carats Total Mixed Cut Fancy Color Gemstone with Diamond Flower Ring in White Gold
  • $7,800.00
GIA Certified 0.81 Carat Radiant Cut Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Flower Ring White Gold
  • $12,500.00
2.21 Carats Total Heart Shape Fancy Yellow Diamonds Fashion Ring in Platinum
  • $16,850.00

Fancy Color Rings

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then fancy colored diamonds are twin sisters turned lifelong best friends. Fancy colored diamonds are absolutely stunning and rare. There is no comparison in the world of jewelry to these amazing stones. When these gorgeous colored diamonds are set in the finest quality materials and handcrafted with care, the end result is simply astounding.

Multi-colored diamond rings and fancy colored diamond rings are growing in popularity as more naturally colored stones are found and more people become aware of their striking beauty and unique shine.

Fancy Colored Diamond Rings in NYC

Colored diamond engagement rings are a playful yet elegant take on the traditional diamond engagement ring, and they are a great way to express personal style. Colored diamond engagement rings may include one or many colored diamonds (and various colors, too), and just like regular engagement rings, they can come in a variety of styles and settings, such as solitaire, three-stone, and side-stone. If you’re searching for colored engagement rings, remember that many rings at Roman Malakov can be customized with the diamond or stone of your choosing, and that includes pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, and other fancy colored diamonds.

Colored Diamond Rings

Fancy diamond rings are breathtaking, no matter how they are designed, set, or worn. These rings make excellent engagement rings, as they follow the classic tradition of having a diamond as the center stone, but they also break free from tradition with their colorful, fancy-cut diamonds. There are so many color options when you’re looking for unique and fancy diamond rings, and we encourage you to explore them all.

 The two most common and sought-after colored diamonds are yellow and pink diamonds, but other popular stones found in colored diamond rings include blue, black, orange, green, and red. These stones are often placed in multi-colored diamond rings and colored engagement rings, creating spectacularly unique options for those truly special occasions. Some women prefer to have one fancy colored diamond as the center stone of a ring with colorless diamonds as accents. Others may love the traditional look of the colorless diamond as the center stone but love having the colorful, fancy diamonds surrounding it for a touch of individuality with a pop of color. No matter what you desire, Roman Malakov is able to customize nearly every piece of jewelry in our store, allowing you to design and purchase the perfect colored diamond ring.

Fancy yellow diamond rings are highly sought after in NYC. From a light yellow to a bright canary yellow, these stones offer bold statements and glamorous elegance. Fancy yellow diamonds at Roman Malakov include different shaped diamonds, such as oval, triangular, and radiant cuts. Yellow diamond rings often focus or give spotlight to the yellow diamond center. It is typically flanked with or surrounded by white diamonds to give that beautiful contrast and makes the richness of the color pop; they can also be combined with many other colored diamonds as well. Fancy yellow diamond engagement rings are growing in popularity due to their breathtaking beauty and unique elegance, and fancy yellow diamond rings are also popular for those seeking right-hand rings.

Another great choice when you’re looking for natural fancy colored diamond rings is the fancy pink diamond. These are one of the rarest stones in the world, and because of their stunning color and overwhelming beauty, they are incredibly exclusive and sought after. A fancy pink diamond looks amazing in just about any setting, including a fancy shape diamond like a trillion-cut or heart shape.

 Fancy blue diamonds and fancy black diamonds are also popular choices for those looking for fancy colored diamonds to adorn their jewelry. Fancy blue diamonds range in color from a slightly tinted light blue to a deep blue, and they also have a secondary tone in most cases, such as gray, purple, or green. Fancy black diamonds are stunning in their bold appearance, especially when paired with colorless diamonds or bright, fancy colored diamonds. They have taken the jewelry world by storm by beautifully starring as the center stone in many engagement rings and cocktail rings, as well as by establishing themselves as a beloved gemstone for countless other jewelry pieces and styles.

Shop Fancy Diamond Rings in Multiple Colors at Roman Malakov

Roman Malakov has a wide selection of natural colored diamond rings, colored diamond rings, and yellow diamond rings for sale, and we would love the opportunity to help you explore our collection. Every pink diamond ring, yellow diamond ring, and fancy colored diamond ring we carry is made with high-quality craftsmanship and materials. Our impeccable attention to detail makes each colored diamond ring exceptionally beautiful and is exclusive to the Roman Malakov brand. To explore our selection and inquire about a specific multi-colored diamond ring or colored diamond engagement ring, shop online or visit Roman Malakov in person at our store in NYC’s Diamond District.