Getting engaged is an exciting event, filled with delight, joy, and anticipation. However, some of the traditions and so-called “rules” associated with engagement ring etiquette can be confusing and overwhelming for some. Those who are proposing or being proposed to often wonder about engagement ring shopping etiquette, as well as the many other “rules” regarding traditions and proper engagement ring etiquette.

You don’t have to abide by the “rules,” but tipping your hat to engagement and wedding ring etiquette in a way that feels authentic to you and your relationship makes for a clear proposal. Roman Malakov is here to help you make sense of these tips and master the standards of engagement ring and wedding band etiquette.

Engagement Ring Etiquette and Traditions

Because engagement rings and wedding bands are expensive and will be worn for several decades, extreme care should be taken during the shopping and proposal planning.

Who Picks Out the Ring?

Traditionally, the man buys the engagement ring on his own, then proposes to the woman. However, traditions change and in today’s world, there is really no hard and fast rule regarding engagement ring shopping etiquette. Some couples prefer the traditional route—the person proposing buys the ring and the person being proposed to simply receives it. Other couples want both parties to be involved. Maybe they go shopping together before purchasing a ring, or maybe the proposal happens first, and then the couple goes shopping together. Sometimes, the person proposing will take a friend or family member of their soon-to-be-fiancé(e) to get their input on the ring. When it comes to engagement ring shopping etiquette, you’re pretty free to do whatever works best for you.

How Much Should It Cost?

Traditional, proper engagement ring etiquette states that a ring should cost three months’ salary. This, too, has changed. Nowadays, wedding engagement ring etiquette requires only that the price is something that both significant others are comfortable with. Some people are perfectly fine financing a ring, while others want minimal expenses and no debt at the start of their marriage. The average engagement ring costs between $6,000 and $8,000, but engagement ring etiquette has shifted to whatever works for one’s budget.

What About Ring Size?

If you’re going by traditional engagement and wedding ring etiquette and purchasing rings without your significant other being involved, you’ll likely have an obstacle with ring size. It’s extremely important for an engagement ring to fit perfectly since you don’t want to chance its getting lost or stuck, or being horribly uncomfortable.

But how do you find out her ring size without giving yourself away? Engagement ring etiquette allows for to simply ask her—it’s better to have a proper fitting ring than a ring she can’t even wear because of poor fit. You can also have someone else try to find out for you, or you can take one of her current rings to a jeweler and have it sized. It’s kind of a bummer to have to give up a ring for resizing right after getting it, so do your best to get it right before purchasing the ring.

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Etiquette

Knowing how and when to wear the rings is engagement ring and wedding band etiquette 101. The engagement ring should be worn on the third finger (the “ring finger”) on the left hand during the engagement period. On the wedding day, the engagement ring should be worn on the right hand before the ceremony. Engagement ring and wedding band etiquette says that the wedding band is worn on the inside of the engagement ring, closest to the heart. Once the wedding band is placed on the left hand’s ring finger during the ceremony, the engagement ring can then be placed in front of the wedding band.

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