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GIA Certified 4.74 Carats Pear Shape Paraiba Tourmaline & Diamond Halo in Platinum
  • $63,000.00
GIA Certified 3.01 Carats Oval Cut Brown Diamond Gypsy Style Fashion Ring in Yellow Gold
  • $22,800.00
1.05 Carats Total Pear Shape Diamond & Emerald Fashion Ring in White Gold
  • $2,645.00
6.43 Carats Total Mixed Cut Ruby & Diamond Dome Ring in Two-Tone
  • $9,155.00
GIA Certified Antique 2.48 Carats Total Double Pear Shape Diamond Cocktail Ring in Platinum
  • $37,000.00

Diamond Rings in NYC

While diamond engagement rings are some of our most popular rings, we also carry a variety of diamond rings that can be worn or gifted for other purposes, such as an anniversary, a birthday, as a promise ring, or just because. 

Types of Diamond Rings

Rings are amazing pieces of jewelry. They can be subtle and casual, or they can be boldly elegant. They can be a quick and easy addition to an everyday outfit, or the focal point of a sophisticated look for an important event. Whether you’re looking to buy a ring for yourself or for someone significant in your life, we are sure to have just what you’re looking for.

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings have long been viewed as an exclusive and elite piece of jewelry, characteristic of sophistication, elegance, and style. Originating in the 1920s, its namesake is derived from women wearing them quite frequently at parties during the prohibition where they drank cocktails.

Cocktail rings are big, bold rings that typically feature a large precious or semi-precious gemstone. They can be simple or elaborate, and they often have diamond accents or other small gemstones surrounding or emphasizing the center stone.

Back then, gold cocktail rings were the most popular, commonly surrounded by smaller diamonds. Today, emerald cocktail rings and blue sapphire cocktail rings are the most popular, with other gemstone cocktail rings close behind. These gorgeous rings are generally worn on the right hand, usually as a statement piece alongside other pieces of more subtle jewelry that won’t detract from the beauty of the ring.

While a large majority of cocktail rings have diamond accents, there are several diamond cocktail rings that feature a gorgeous diamond as the center stone. These diamond cocktail rings are sometimes added with diamonds or gemstones around the center stone for additional depth and detail.

Another option for a ring without gemstones is a diamond cluster cocktail ring. This beautiful and budget-friendly choice includes several smaller diamonds clustered together to create a brilliantly sparkly look.

One of the best things about gemstone cocktail rings is that they are incredibly versatile.

A classic choice is a large emerald cocktail— large emeralds are rare, however, which may entail a heftier price tag. Blue sapphire cocktail rings are another popular option, as the dark blue color of a sapphire pairs well with just about any clothing style.

While there are certainly a number of modern options of both gemstone and diamond cocktail rings, vintage cocktail rings are also highly sought-after— they just have a certain quality of charm.

Diamonds Rings

Classic and timeless, they come in thin bands to bold bands covered in diamonds. We carry triple halo diamond rings, intertwined diamond band rings, fancy yellow diamond rings, and more. Diamond rings make excellent promise rings, both when given between significant others and/or family members.

We carry triple halo diamond rings, intertwined diamond band rings, fancy yellow diamond rings, old European cut diamond rings and more.

Fashion Rings

High-fashion diamond rings can be worn in a variety of contexts to compliment ensembles for a special occasion or event. Fashion rings can help you stand out with an eye-catching piece of jewelry— we carry both women’s and men’s fashion rings.

Fashion rings are traditionally worn as right-hand rings, and are larger in size, made up of intricate designs and beautiful patterns. Various metal options and occasional gemstone accents make our fashion ring collection complete and versatile. 

You may also be interested in gold fashion rings with larger gemstones, it’s all to your preference. Whether you are interested in a more modern look with stackable rings or a vintage style with gold fashion rings, Roman Malakov has the perfect selection of fashion rings for you to choose from.

Gemstone Rings

Gemstone rings are simply any ring that has a gemstone in it as the focal point. Sapphires are probably the most popular gemstone for this type of ring, but any gemstone will do. Some other popular stones include rubies, aquamarines, tsavorites, and emeralds. Birthstone rings are also increasing in popularity among gift givers. 

Fancy Color Rings

Fancy colored diamonds are absolutely stunning and rare. There is no comparison in the world of jewelry to these amazing stones. Multi-colored diamond rings and fancy colored diamond rings are growing in popularity as more naturally colored stones are found and more people become aware of their unique shine.

Fancy Colored Diamonds make excellent engagement rings. The two most common and sought-after colored diamonds are yellow and pink diamonds, but other popular stones found in colored diamond rings include blue, black, orange, green, and red. 

Diamonds in the normal color range are described using the industry’s D-to-Z color-grading scale. Fancy color diamonds are diamonds that exhibit color beyond the Z range. These are rare and come in every color of the spectrum, including blue, green, pink, and red.

Ring Metals & Styles

Roman Malakov has a variety of choices. Some rings are made of multiple metals, such as both yellow gold and white gold, while others are made up of just one type of gold, like rose gold. Other metal types certainly have their place in jewelry, but when it comes to diamond rings and other stylish rings, gold is the most preferred metal type.

Platinum and white gold are both more modern choices, for rings, gold metal is used for a more traditional style. Gold is also a more economical choice as it doesn’t scratch as easily or dull over time as quickly as platinum does. 

Rose gold is gaining in popularity among women of all ages and is combined with copper and silver to give it that rose-colored, pinkish-red hue. Pinks and reds are often associated with romantic gifts, and a rose gold ring would be a charming present for a wedding or anniversary. 

Gold diamond rings made with yellow gold can sometimes have a vintage flair that attracts lovers of retro and antique jewelry styles. 

White Gold rings are typically lighter in weight and may be a better choice if you are looking for simpler and aren’t too wallet-heavy. This metal is made of pure gold and white metals such as: nickel, silver, and palladium; which increases its strength and durability.

Yellow gold is the classic, traditional option for for any pieces in your jewelry collection. These bracelets are a timeless and elegant option. Yellow gold helps the diamonds in your bracelet sparkle more— though it needs more regular polishing and cleaning, it is also the best option for hypoallergenic jewelry. 

Both white gold and yellow gold take turns as the most popular color and style as fashion trends come and go, so it will ultimately come down to your personal preference. 

Discover the Perfect Ring at Roman Malakov

To shop a vast selection of promise rings, diamond rings, and more, visit in-store or shop online today. Roman Malakov has a wide variety of rings for sale, including the most stunning gemstone engagement rings in NYC. We are here to help you find the perfect diamond ring for you or your loved one!