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GIA Certified 0.81 Carat Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Flower Ring White Gold
  • $12,500.00
4.53 Carats Total Round Cut Fancy Color Diamond Flower Ring in Black Rhodium
  • $8,680.00
GIA Certified 6.64 Carats Oval Cut Orange Sapphire & Diamond Halo Ring in Platinum
  • $29,000.00
8.11 Carats Total Pear Shape Sapphire & Diamond Dome Floral Fashion Ring in White Gold
  • $10,938.00
6.43 Carats Total Mixed Cut Ruby & Diamond Dome Ring in Two-Tone
  • $9,155.00
6.13 Carats Total Round Brilliant Cut White & Black Diamond Flower Ring in White Gold
  • $11,250.00
6.16 Carats Total Oval Cut Emerald & Round Diamond Open-Work Dome Ring in White Gold
  • $18,500.00
11.79 Carats Oval Cut Rubellite Tourmaline Dome Fashion Ring in Rose Gold
  • $31,500.00
1.17 Carats Oval Cut Blue Sapphire & Mixed Cut Diamond Cluster Fashion Ring in Yellow Gold
  • $6,650.00
1.57 Carats Total Mixed Cut Green Tsavorite Fashion Ring in Yellow Gold
  • $4,030.00
1.85 Carats Total Mixed Cut Red Ruby Fashion Ring in Rose Gold
  • $4,830.00
1.44 Carats Diamond & South Sea Pearl Cocktail Fashion Ring in White Gold
  • $4,800.00
4.79 Carats Total Diamond Sliced Flower Motif Fashion Ring in Rose Gold
  • $12,250.00
Palmiero 10.45 Carats Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Pavé Fashion Ring in Rose Gold
  • $60,000.00
12.90 Carats Oval Cabochon Turquoise Gemstone Cocktail Ring & Diamond Halo in Platinum
  • $8,750.00

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are big, bold rings that typically feature a large precious or semi-precious gemstone. They can be simple or elaborate, and they often have diamond accents or other small gemstones surrounding or emphasizing the center stone.

Cocktail rings have long been viewed as an exclusive and elite piece of jewelry, characteristic of sophistication, elegance, and style. In fact, the cocktail ring meaning and the story behind their namesake is quite interesting: Women’s cocktail rings were named as such due to women wearing them quite frequently at cocktail parties and related events. It originated in the 1920s when women attended underground parties during prohibition at which they drank cocktails. These women adorn themselves with large-costly rings to appear self-reliant and wealthy. Back then, gold cocktail rings were the most popular, commonly surrounded by smaller diamonds.

Today, emerald cocktail rings and blue sapphire cocktail rings are the most popular, with other gemstone cocktail rings close behind. These gorgeous rings are generally worn on the right hand, usually as a statement piece alongside other pieces of more subtle jewelry that won’t detract from the beauty of the ring.

Diamond Cocktail Rings in NYC

While a large majority of cocktail rings have diamond accents, there are several diamond cocktail rings that feature a gorgeous diamond as the center stone. These diamond cocktail rings are sometimes added with diamonds or gemstones around the center stone for additional depth and detail.

Another option for a ring without gemstones is a diamond cluster cocktail ring. This beautiful and budget-friendly choice includes several smaller diamonds clustered together to create a brilliantly sparkly look. The smaller diamonds may be all the same size or they can be a variety of sizes to produce a unique, intricate design that is full of sparkle, shine, and sophistication.

Gemstone Cocktail Ring

One of the best things about gemstone cocktail rings is that they are incredibly versatile. They can be a little more playful and fun, with a bright pop of color and a uniquely cut center stone; they can also be sophisticated and elegant, with a classic look and traditional style. One of the more playful options is an aquamarine cocktail ring. These rings feature the gorgeous aquamarine gemstone, complete with its bright blue-green color and gorgeous shine. Aquamarine cocktail rings look great in white gold, surrounded by diamonds, and with basically any shape for the center stone.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional or with a touch more elegance, a large emerald cocktail ring may be perfect. Large emeralds are rare. They exude the utmost sophistication. When that deep green stone is complemented with a beautiful and well-crafted setting, it is sure to be that striking statement piece you’ve always wanted. Blue sapphire cocktail rings are another popular option, as the dark blue color of a sapphire pairs well with just about any clothing style or color.

While there are certainly a number of modern options of both gemstone and diamond cocktail rings, vintage cocktail rings are also highly sought-after. The vintage styles and antique looks are stunning, and their design and attention to detail are beautiful. Antique cocktail rings have a different level of charm, class, and elegance to them, making them prized possessions for anyone lucky enough to own one.

Shop Cocktail Rings with Roman Malakov

No matter what style, size, shape, or stone you’re searching for, Roman Malakov has a large selection of cocktail rings that is sure to make you excited about shopping for one. Many cocktail rings are exclusive to Roman Malakov, and we have a number of estate pieces that you’re sure to love. To shop our vast selection of diamond cocktail rings, aquamarine cocktail rings, and more, contact us today. We can walk you through an online shopping experience, complete with a virtual consultation, or you’re welcome to visit us in our store in the Diamond District. Our committed sales team is available to help you in any way so that you can walk away with the perfect ring for yourself or that special someone.