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1.00 Carat Huggie Hoop Fashion Earrings in 18 karat White Gold
  • $3,300.00
1.51 Carat Round Diamond Pave Hoop Earrings in White Gold
  • $3,700.00
14.19 Carats Total Mixed Cut Diamonds Circular Clip-On Earrings in Yellow Gold
  • $40,500.00
5.52 Carats Total Round Micro-Pave Diamond Cushion Shape Clip-on Hoops Earrings in White Gold
  • $9,900.00
2.40 Carats Total Asscher Cut Sapphire with Diamond Hoop Earrings in White Gold
  • $4,800.00
0.91 Carats Total Brilliant Round Diamond Hoop Earrings in Yellow Gold
  • $2,800.00
2.06 Carats Total Brilliant Round Shape Diamond Hoop Earrings in Yellow Gold
  • $5,850.00
0.40 Carats Total Brilliant Round Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings in White Gold
  • $1,440.00
2.66 Cushion Cut Fancy Yellow and White Diamond Pave Hoop Earrings in White Gold
  • $8,640.00
8.11 Carats Total Brilliant Round Ruby Wave Design Hoop Earrings in Rose Gold
  • $13,000.00
10.58 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Pave Set Hoop Earrings in Yellow Gold
  • $28,125.00
9.55 Carats Total Round Diamond Pave Set Hoop Earrings in Rose Gold
  • $24,480.00
7.68 Carats Total Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Pavé Set Hoop Earrings in Rose Gold
  • $16,500.00
2.48 Carats Total Brilliant Round Diamond Hoop Earrings in Yellow Gold
  • $4,491.00
0.15 Carats Round Diamond Bezel Solitaire Fashion Yellow Gold Earring
  • $1,090.00

Visit Roman Malakov for Your Prefect Diamond Earrings

Diamond Hoop Earrings with Gold

It is no secret that hoop earrings have been popular for the past 60 or so years, ranging from prominence in Latin culture to Cher’s iconic hoops to those of French-American activist Josephine Baker. Diamond hoop earrings have long embodied power with a playful hint of confidence. Though they have made their way through a variety of styles, they have always been a symbol of beauty and have never lost their glamour. From thin, dainty white gold hoops to bold, thick yellow gold hoops, no matter the style or design, hoop earrings are a must-have.

Different Hoops Sizes to Make the Perfect Accessory

Though many jewelry lovers own multiple pairs of designer hoop earrings in a variety of sizes, not everyone loves the look of every size of hoop earrings. Some prefer a smaller, daintier hoop while others love the look of a giant round hoop, whether delicate or thicker in width. For every taste, Roman Malakov has a number of options that are sure to suit personal style and preference.

Small hoop earrings are a popular choice to add a trendy touch of class to an outfit without going over the top. They’re also a great choice for those who don’t typically wear a lot of jewelry but want to dress up for a special occasion. Small hoop earrings for women are also a good go-to for those looking for a subtle but beautiful addition to any outfit in any style, from casual everyday wear to formal, elegant apparel for a fancy outing. Small, round hoop earrings are found in a variety of metal options but are most commonly seen in white, yellow, and rose gold.

Big hoop earrings can be playful and fun or elegant and classy. They can be thicker for a bold look or slimmer to draw the eye to their delicate beauty. Big hoop earrings can be covered in diamonds or luxurious gemstones. Larger hoops may even have a double row of diamonds, a line of gemstones flanked by diamonds, or pavé-set stones all over. Gold hoop earrings are a popular choice among those looking for larger hoops, especially due to the numerous color options that provide variety.

If you’re not sure what size you’d prefer, it’s wise to explore a selection of diamond hoop earrings. You can compare the different hoop sizes, widths, and embellishments. You can also explore online to see dimensions of the most popular varieties of hoop earrings.

Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings at Roman Malakov

It should be no surprise that gold hoop earrings are, by far, one of the most popular options in this style of jewelry. Not only is gold the perfect balance of durability and affordability, it is also simply beautiful when fashioned into the classic shape of hoop earrings. When you combine beautiful gold with stunning diamond embellishments and pair that with the definitive hoop design, you’ve got a true match made in heaven.

Gold hoop earrings can be completely covered in diamonds, or they can have one or a few small diamond accents. They can be bold, wide, and big, or they can be thin, small, and dainty. They can also combine two opposing stylistic designs for an innovative look, such as thin and big or small yet chunky. Diamond hoop earrings offer several choices of settings, and some even allow you to add a favorite gemstone as an accent, making them more versatile and customizable than your average diamond and gold hoop earrings.

Diamond hoop earrings are sparkly and bright, and they suit any individual style preference. When you add gold accents or intricate details fashioned in gold, diamond hoop earrings are elevated to a whole new level of class and sophistication. Most people envision yellow gold when hearing the term “gold” used on its own, but Roman Malakov has diamond hoop earrings that include settings, embellishments, and details in lovely white gold, romantic rose gold, and traditional yellow gold. All of these choices are unique in their own way, and it’s easy to find something you love in the wide collection of stunning hoop earrings.

Shop Hoop Earrings at Roman Malakov

Roman Malakov jewelry experts would love to show you the collection of yellow, white, and rose gold hoop earrings, as well as unique diamond and gemstone hoops. Get help picking out the perfect pair for your next big event, for everyday wear, or as the perfect gift for someone special. If you still aren’t decided on style, and would prefer another type of earring for your upcoming event, to give as a gift, or to add to your everyday jewelry collection, choose from a number of other styles and designs, including U-shaped earrings, studs, chandelier earrings, drop earrings, dangles, gemstone earrings, and more. Shop online or visit the NYC location in the Diamond District. You can also contact the store anytime with questions regarding the collections or to schedule an in-store appointment or virtual consultation.