Wedding Bands and Diamond Wedding Ring Sets

Choosing your wedding bands is one of the first decisions a couple will make together as they embark on a journey of marriage, love, and happiness. Wedding rings are not only a symbol of your promise to love one another forever, but they are also an expression of each person’s personal style. Whether you and yours prefer to have diamond wedding rings that are similar or you choose completely unique wedding ring sets, Roman Malakov has something perfect for you. From simple and chic to luxurious and ornate, our wide selection of wedding bands will make it easy and enjoyable for you and your future spouse to pick out the rings that will be cherished symbols of your everlasting commitment and never-ending love.


Wedding Rings

There are three main types of wedding rings for women: eternity, non-eternity, and gemstone. While all three options are gorgeous and can be found in a variety of styles, they do have some significant differences.

Eternity wedding rings are bands that have the stones going all the way around them. These may be diamonds, gemstones, or a combination of both. These rings can have the stones set in them in a variety of ways, such as pave, pronged, channel, and more.

Non-eternity rings can also have diamonds, gemstones, or a combination, but they have the stones on only part of the ring rather than all the way around. This style is easier to resize if needed, and they also allow for a variety of stone settings and design styles.

Finally, gemstone wedding bands are simply bands than have gemstones in them. They may or may not also include diamonds and can be eternity or non-eternity. Popular stones in gemstone wedding rings for women include rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Aside from the style and stone type, the other most important factor in selecting wedding ring sets is the metal choice. The most common metals for wedding bands are white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Some rings may have enamel accents, which allow for multiple options from a variety of colors, while other rings may combine two metals to create a more unique and distinct look.

Wedding Rings from Roman Malakov

If you and your partner are interested in wedding ring sets, you may enjoy some of our uniquely-shaped wedding bands that line up beautifully with a number of our stunning engagement rings. You may also wish to purchase stacking wedding rings for a more modern and distinguished look, or you may prefer diamond wedding rings to be gifted for an anniversary rather than at the time of your wedding. Some wedding ring sets can be added to over time, while other wedding bands can become right-hand rings as they are replaced with upgraded versions.

Whether you’re looking for thinner, delicate wedding rings with stunning diamonds or wider, bolder wedding bands with gorgeous gemstones, Roman Malakov has an incredible selection for you to peruse. Come by one of our stores today or shop online. You can also contact us regarding any questions you may have about our wedding ring selection.