Located in the Diamond District, Roman Malakov has been a trusted business for nearly 80 years by a large range of buyers and sellers for jewelry and watches of all kinds. We offer both the latest styles and classic, antique pieces to our patrons. Whether you’re interested in selling gold jewelry, used diamond rings, or want to minimize your collection and sell jewelry for cash, we’re here for you.

We have qualified jewelers who will always give you the fairest estimate for your jewelry, so you can feel good knowing that your cherished jewelry pieces are being handled by experienced professionals. We pride ourselves on being honest with our customers and committed to their satisfaction. 

We are always looking for, but aren't exclusive to, unique and high-end jewelry.  We understand that it matters to some people where their jewelry will go to—many online buyers or “We Buy Gold” stores in your area will purchase your jewelry only to melt the metals and remove the stones. Rest assured, when we resell pieces, they go to customers who have a deep appreciation for their beauty and value.

How Do I Go About Selling Used or Second-Hand Jewelry?

Selling your family heirloom or a sentimental piece can be difficult, and you may be nervous about choosing the right jeweler to handle your important pieces. Rather than choosing to sell jewelry online, we suggest that you sell at a reputable local jeweler. This will ensure the safety and security of the best value for your piece. 

Knowing how to sell jewelry doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Visit us in-store with your jewelry and we will examine the pieces and discuss its history with you. Our qualified experts will give you a purchase estimate for the jewelry, then you can make a decision to sell on the spot or visit other jewelry stores to discuss pricing with an appraiser or other professional.

If you are planning to sell used jewelry, there are some things you can consider in advance to determine what kind of estimate to expect:

* Condition

* Age

Roman Malakov knows that for many pieces, the story of the piece is part of its beauty, and we aim to consider every factor when estimating your piece’s value.

We encourage you to bring pieces in for an estimate rather than trying to do any repairs yourself. You can have a jeweler clean your jewelry before bringing it into the store if you are nervous about damaging the piece. Most pieces are best cleaned with mild soap and warm water on a soft toothbrush and no other chemicals. Make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry each piece after cleaning.

We look forward to seeing you!

When you’re ready, please give us a call, stop by our 47th Street location in NYC, or fill out the form above. We can answer your questions, discuss the sale of your jewelry, and more. Quotes or estimates are free!