When it comes to building the perfect must-have jewelry collection, things like a diamond tennis bracelet, a right-hand cocktail ring, and a pair of diamond stud earrings all come to mind. They’re traditional pieces that can take a look up a notch and be used for multiple occasions. For more unique pieces of jewelry that still hold some sense of tradition, a piece featuring one’s birthstone is great to have. Women love personalized jewelry, and it will be even more special when that new piece is adorned with their very own February birthstone, the stunning amethyst.

February Birthstone: Amethyst

If you or a loved one have a February birthday, you’ve likely looked online to ask, “What is the birthstone for February?” at least once. If your results didn’t show the stone immediately, you may have then gone on to search, “What color is a February birthstone?”

The amethyst, a type of quartz, is the gorgeous February birthstone whose color varies in shades of purple. They are found primarily in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Uruguay, and parts of Russia, with many found in large geodes that occur naturally inside volcanic rocks.

History and Meaning Behind Amethyst Gemstones

The stunning February birthstone color has been used in jewelry and other items for several centuries. The word “amethyst” comes from the ancient Greek, meaning “sober” or “not intoxicated.” The ancient Greeks believed that the present-day February birthstone would actually keep them from getting intoxicated when drinking, so they would adorn themselves with amethyst jewelry and carved drinking vessels into amethyst gemstones to prevent drunkenness.

In medieval Europe, soldiers would wear February birthstone jewelry during battles because they believed it would keep them from harm and remain level-headed. Tibetans have long believed that the February birthstone color is sacred to Buddha, and they have used amethyst to make prayer beads. Amethysts are also believed to strengthen relationships and bring about intense courage in whoever wears them, making February birthstone jewelry an incredible gift for someone you love.

For a long time, amethysts were considered one of the cardinal gems, meaning they had more value and were rarer than all other gems. The other cardinal gems are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. That said, large deposits of these February birthstones were discovered in Brazil in the 18th century, and although they are still extremely valuable, beautiful, and sought after, amethysts are no longer considered one of the cardinal gemstones. That’s actually good news for you because it means that you can find gorgeous jewelry that highlights the February birthstone color at a reasonable price, with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

Shop Roman Malakov for February Birthstone Jewelry

Now that you know what color the February birthstone is, it’s time to start shopping for that special lady who has a February birthday. Surprise her with a stunning piece of February birthstone jewelry and knock her socks off. Maybe she’s a fan of bold, bright jewelry pieces, like this amethyst diamond ring. Maybe she prefers traditional jewelry styles, like something from our list of iconic jewelry trends through the decades. Perhaps she prefers a more modern twist on February birthstone jewelry; in which case you may consider a custom bracelet, a custom necklace, or another custom creation made just for that special someone.

No matter what type of jewelry you want to purchase that highlights the February birthstone color, trust that Roman Malakov can help. We have a wide selection of high-quality jewelry, all of which are handcrafted by expert artisans and master jewelry makers. February birthstone jewelry makes an excellent gift for a birthday, graduation, anniversary, and more. From young to old, all women enjoy having birthstone jewelry, and we’re confident you’ll find the perfect jewelry with a February birthstone for the occasion. Contact us today for inquires about our amethyst jewelry, or shop in store or online.