Wedding Band Styles

Spending your whole life with the one you love sounds like an absolute dream, so why not represent that eternal love with an eternity wedding band? Eternity wedding rings have an infinite circle of diamonds or gemstones, symbolizing the never-ending love between you and your significant other. These eternity band wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of your infinite love, and they are beautifully paired with just about any engagement ring, or they can be worn stacked or individually for a modern look of romance and beauty. Diamond eternity wedding bands are brilliant and full of sparkle on every side, and they are the perfect representation of your commitment to your spouse and the love that you have for each other.

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Eternity Wedding Bands

Eternity band wedding rings are designed to stand out. They are full of gorgeous diamonds, brilliance, and pair well with a variety of other rings. They can be subtle and simple or big and bold, and eternity wedding bands always bring an air of sophistication and style to any hand they adorn.

Different Wedding Band Styles

Band and Stone Features

Diamond eternity wedding bands have five major setting styles; scalloped or french pave, micro-pave, prong set, flush set, and channel set. Each of these setting styles are incredibly gorgeous and timeless which have their own specific advantages and disadvantages.

The diamonds or gemstones featured on these eternity wedding rings can be a variety of shapes, such as round, emerald, marquise, oval, pear, and more. You may wish to choose stones that are the same shape as your engagement ring’s center stone or accent stones, or prefer to have different shaped stones to accentuate your personal style and bring more variety to your rings. For more sparkle and a more ornate and extravagant look, consider an eternity wedding band with halos around each individual diamond. Halo eternity wedding rings are a bit more modern in style, but regardless of what style they are, they are absolutely beautiful and are sure to bring delight anyone.

Customize with Gemstones and Metal Choice

If you want additional customization or a more unique eternity band wedding ring, you should consider gemstone accents in your ring. You may choose to alternate diamonds with sapphires, rubies, or another gemstone. We also have some eternity wedding bands that have a row of diamonds alongside a row of gemstones. Our wide selection of eternity wedding rings also includes some bands with just gemstones and no diamonds, which can add even more uniqueness and variety to your ring set. You may also opt for different colored diamonds to be included in your diamond eternity wedding band.

For further customization and for even more options, our selection of eternity wedding bands comes with a range of metal options. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum are available for most eternity wedding bands at Roman Malakov. Most people prefer to match the metal of their eternity band wedding ring to their engagement ring, while others opt for multiple metal options or even two-tone options for added chicness and elegance.

An Eternity of Happiness Is One Ring Away

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