Cartier has long been known as a designer of luxury products, particularly jewelry and watches. The company was founded in Paris in 1847 and was family-owned for over a century. With over 200 stores in 125 countries, Cartier does it all: they design, manufacture, distribute, and sell their luxurious jewelry and watches. The name Cartier is synonymous with prestige, and they have been a long-standing favorite designer of royals for over 100 years; beginning with King Edward VII of Great Britain and his order of 27 tiaras for his coronation.

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It was the third generation of Cartier business owners that really brought about recognition and success in the company. In 1904, a pilot friend of one of the co-owners mentioned the frustration of flying with a pocket watch and how impractical it was for aviators. Louis Cartier designed a flat wristwatch for his friend, which he then named after him and declared it the first Cartier watch.

Since then, the company has launched endless design campaigns and released countless new pieces, all with the class, prestige, and luxury expected from the Cartier brand. While their most popular items still fall under the categories of jewelry and watches, they also have a number of leather goods, sunglasses, accessories, and fragrances.

Cartier Jewelry: Bracelets, Rings & More

Roman Malakov is committed to supplying our store with the most incredible pieces made by the most talented and revered designers, and Cartier pieces are always a rare jewel for us to find. Most Cartier jewelry makes its way into our store through our estate collection, meaning the pieces were possibly designed and created many years ago and/or previously owned. We inspect and qualify every piece of jewelry in our estate collection, and we guarantee legitimacy of all designer brands.

If you’re searching for a stunning Cartier watch, you’re not alone. Myriads of people are in love with Cartier watches, and we understand why. The art deco style, clean lines, and stunning yellow gold features are at the heart of most Cartier watch designs, making them a unique and special edition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Cartier engagement rings are another popular jewelry item that many individuals search for. Engagement rings are designed to be worn day in and day out, and the Cartier brand is known for its durable, beautiful designs. Cartier engagement rings may be brand new or may be estate pieces, but if you’re on the hunt for the perfect vintage Cartier jewelry to propose with, we will work with you to find it.

Another popular jewelry item from the brand are earrings. With innovation, stunning craftsmanship, and the elite and prestigious style that only luxury brands can muster, Cartier earrings are a sight to behold. Whether drop, dangle, studs, or hoops, we have access to stunning vintage Cartier jewelry that will make your heart race and your eyes light up.

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When you want the best in Cartier jewelry, trust Roman Malakov. From watches to earrings to engagement rings and more, we have all that you desire when it comes to vintage in our Cartier jewelry collection.Our expert jewelers are constantly searching for amazing vintage jewelry to bring into our store, and we always have access to other incredible brands and stunning pieces. You can visit us in-store either in New York’s Diamond District or along 5th Avenue, or you’re welcome to shop online at any time. You can also contact us during store hours if you have any questions about our selection.