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2.16 Carats Total Alternating Mixed Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band in Platinum
  • $4,200.00
0.83 Carats Princess Cut Seven-Stone Channel Set Wedding Band in Yellow Gold
  • $3,000.00
5.15 Carat Total Princess Cut Diamond Encrusted Wedding Band Ring in Platinum
  • $12,800.00
0.41 Carat Seven Stone Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band in Yellow Gold
  • $1,475.00
1.45 Carats Seven Stone Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band in Yellow Gold
  • $4,800.00
0.29 Carat Total Ten Stone Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Band Ring in White Gold
  • $1,700.00
1.58 Carats Total Pink Sapphire Eternity Fashion Ring in Rose Gold
  • $2,250.00
1.43 Carats Total Yellow Sapphire Eternity Wedding Band Ring in Yellow Gold
  • $1,950.00
2.30 Carat Total Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band Ring in Platinum
  • $5,800.00
Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Wedding Band
  • $9,700.00
EGL Certified 0.55 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Wedding Band in Yellow Gold
  • $3,275.00
2.51 Carat Total Princess Cut Diamond Channel Set Five-Stone Wedding Band Ring in Platinum
  • $12,000.00
0.52 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold
  • $3,250.00
3.13 Carats Total Princess Cut Diamond Three-Stone Wedding Band in Platinum
  • $18,200.00

Diamond Wedding Bands for Men and Women

Choosing your wedding bands is one of the first decisions a couple will make together. From simple and chic to luxurious and ornate—Roman Malakov’s wide selection of diamond, gold, and other unique wedding bands will make it easy for you and your future spouse to pick out the perfect rings. These rings can have the stones set in them in a variety of ways, such as: 

  • Pavé
  • Micro-pavé
  • French-pavé
  • Prong-set
  • Channel-set
  • Flush-set
  • Open gallery set
  • Closed gallery set
  • Bar-set

Each of these setting styles are incredibly gorgeous and timeless but have their own specific advantages and disadvantages. There are three main types of diamond wedding bands:

Customize with Metal Choice

For further customization and for even more options, our selection of eternity wedding bands comes with a range of metal options. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum are available for most eternity wedding bands at Roman Malakov. Most people prefer to match the metal of their eternity band wedding ring to their engagement ring, while others opt for multiple metal options or even two-tone options for added chicness and elegance.

The choice of metal is primarily about personal preference. If you’re uncertain about which metal is best for you, you should consider the price points or how the metal impacts the overall look of the ring. While wedding bands for women and men differ in size and other details, purchasing matching wedding bands together is a great way to step into marriage on the same page.

Eternity Wedding Bands

Eternity wedding rings are bands that have the stones going all the way around them. These may be diamonds, gemstones, or a combination of both. The stones can be a variety of shapes, such as: round, emerald, marquise, oval, pear, and more.

You may wish to choose stones that are the same shape as your engagement ring’s center stone or accent stones, or prefer to have different shaped stones to accentuate your personal style and bring more variety to your rings. 

For more sparkle and a more ornate and extravagant look, consider an eternity wedding band with halos around each individual diamond. Halo eternity wedding rings are a bit more modern in style, but regardless of what style they are, they are absolutely beautiful and are sure to bring delight anyone.

An Eternity of Happiness Is One Ring Away

Come in to one of our NYC locations today or visit us online at any time. We look forward to serving you and helping you select the perfect eternity wedding ring.

Half-Eternity Wedding Bands

Half-eternity rings are bands that have the stones half-way around them. These may be diamonds, gemstones, or a combination of both. This style is easier to resize and they also allow for a variety of stone settings and design styles. It gives the same appearance as an eternity wedding ring but with a lower price point, making it a great choice for many couples.

Gemstone Wedding Bands

Some wish to pair gemstone engagement rings with a matching wedding band that incorporates the same gemstone as an accent to any diamonds on the wedding band. This makes for a luxurious appearance with a touch of modernity.

The most popular gemstones requested have been: sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Some gemstone wedding bands have alternating diamond and gemstones, while some are purely gemstones with no extra adornments. Other more unique wedding bands have a line of gemstones beside a line of diamonds, which makes for a versatile-reversible ring.

Half-Eternity Bands as Engagement Rings

Some prefer to wear a half eternity band as an engagement ring. Maybe wearing a large pronged diamond isn’t conducive to your daily life or line of work, or maybe you simply prefer the look of half eternity rings. No matter the reason, our entire selection is available to you to select the best half eternity band as an engagement ring. You can upgrade to a standard engagement ring later, or you can simply add another half eternity ring to your finger when you get married. If you opt for a half eternity band as an engagement ring, you could also transition that ring to a right-hand ring in the future.

Say “Yes” to Eternity from Roman Malakov

Whether you’re looking for uniquely-shaped wedding brings or thinner, delicate wedding rings or wider, bolder wedding bands with gorgeous gemstones, Roman Malakov has an incredible selection for you to peruse. Come by our store today or shop online. You can also contact us regarding any questions you may have about our wedding ring selection.

FAQs About Wedding Bands 

Who buys the wedding bands?

This choice differs with each couple. Sometimes, the wedding band or bands will be purchased at the same time as the engagement ring without the fiancée’s knowledge. Other times, the couple will shop together for all three rings. The typical scenario may be that the engagement ring is bought first, the proposal takes place, and then the couple will shop for and purchase the wedding bands together. 

Does the wedding band go on first?

Traditionally, the wedding band is worn closest to the heart, or inside the engagement ring. However, in today’s current age, it is perfectly acceptable to wear the rings in either order. Some people prefer to wear their wedding band on the outside to “seal in” the engagement ring, or they will do so simply because the engagement ring has more monetary value and they wish to keep it more secure.

What hand does the wedding band go on?

The wedding band is traditionally worn on the left hand in the United States, as well as in Canada, Mexico, and most of South America. But in many eastern countries, couples wear their wedding rings on their right hand. Although most stick to the “rule” about which hand to wear the ring on, once again, how to wear a wedding band is up to each individual.