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15.50 Carats Total Mixed-Cut Diamond and Emerald Antique Fashion Bracelet in Platinum
  • $46,000.00
5.75 Carats Total Old European Cut Diamond and Sapphire Antique Fashion Bracelet in Platinum
  • $17,500.00
13.22 Carats Total Round Diamond and Blue Sapphire Bracelet in White Gold
  • $22,750.00
5.68 Carats Total Brilliant Round Diamond Fashion Bracelet in Yellow Gold and Platinum
  • $22,750.00
26.69 Carats Total Mixed Cut Yellow and White Diamond Fashion Bracelet in White Gold and Yellow Gold
  • $88,600.00
4.50 Carats Total Round Cut Cluster Diamond Flower Bracelet in White Gold
  • $6,825.00
1.00 Carats Total Brilliant Round Cut Diamond Fashion Retro Bracelet in White Gold
  • $2,000.00
6.30 Carats Total Round and Baguette Cut Diamond Encrusted Link Bracelet in White Gold
  • $15,000.00

Retro vs. Vintage Diamond Bracelets

Vintage Diamond Bracelets

Diamonds have long been a symbol of love, status, and beauty. Gifted and worn since the beginning of time, diamonds adorn countless jewelry pieces as well as other accessories, décor, and more. Vintage diamond bracelets are one of the most significant forms of exclusivity. These older diamonds come with a price as it carries quality, history and a unique design from its time.

Retro Bracelets

Some of our more subtle retro bracelets include thinner pieces with floral motifs, inset with diamonds and geometric patterns of white gold bars alternating with basket-set diamonds. For a slightly bolder look, our link bracelets are a popular favorite in our retro collection. Links of white gold are encrusted with diamonds and attached to other links by more diamonds set in white gold.

Fall Back in Time with Retro Bracelets at Roman Malakov

With a few different styles to choose from, our retro pieces take bold and beautiful to a whole new level. To view our full selection of vintage or retro bracelets and explore your customization options, visit our NYC location.