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1.27 Carat Emerald Cut Emerald with Diamond Pendant Necklace in White Gold
  • $5,900.00

Diamond Necklaces in NYC

Necklaces are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry, perfect for dressing up with opulent luxury or keeping it chic and casual. If you're on the hunt for exquisite women’s diamond necklaces or other captivating diamond necklaces, look no further than Roman Malakov's impressive selection in NYC.

We have everything you desire in a necklace, including diamond necklaces, sapphire necklaces, emerald necklaces, ruby necklaces, and much more. Our NYC necklace collection is sure to delight you and make your search for the perfect piece an enjoyable experience.

Types of Diamond Necklaces

When you're ready to purchase a stunning diamond or gemstone necklace for yourself or a special person in your life, get in touch with Roman Malakov. We are passionate about helping you find the perfect jewelry to suit your style preferences and budget, and we would love to serve you either online or in one of our New York stores.

Explore our necklace collection in NYC today and discover the ideal diamond necklace women will adore, or find a variety of other diamond necklaces for women that are sure to impress.

Gemstone & Diamond Drop Necklaces

Drop necklaces are a popular style to pair with a plunging neckline or even a shallow V-cut or sweetheart top. They’re a versatile style that can be worn as a signature piece; either paired with drop earrings, or stunning diamond or gemstone studs.

A diamond drop necklace features a closed chain that has an additional “dropped” section, usually involving a gemstone, diamond, or pendant as the focal point. They are sometimes referred to as Y-necklaces due to the way the necklace falls when worn.

Drop pendant necklaces are unique, not just in style, but also in their production. Made with the finest materials, including 18k yellow, white, and rose gold; each necklace that is adorned with high-quality diamonds and/or gemstones that are cut and perfectly set by the most experienced jewelers.

Tennis Necklaces

One of the most timeless styles of necklace is the diamond tennis necklace; a single unbroken strand of diamonds. With little to no flourishes, the focus of these pieces remains on the quality of the stones and their sparkle, which make them frequent guests on the red carpet and other extravagant events!.

Though they are traditionally simple pieces, there are a number of ways you can make a tennis necklace your own. From adding colored diamonds or gemstones to layering lines of diamonds to create a stacked look; there are also different neck shapes to choose from.

Line Necklaces

Line diamond necklaces for women are the simplest in design, but they can make for a great accent in an outfit. They can be dressed up or dressed down and come with a variety of styles and combination gemstones such as sapphire and diamond necklace.

What are the different Line Styles?

A single-line real diamond necklace can come in a platinum or gold setting, but either way, it will be a simple, strong statement piece to add to your jewelry collection. 

From tiny and close together or large and wide for more of a bold look, a diamond straight line necklace may be of interest to you if you want a classic line necklace with a bit of sparkle and brilliance. Across all ages and generations, a diamond link necklace is a beautiful and beloved traditional piece of jewelry. 

Diamonds by the yard necklaces became popular in the 1970s when layers of long-chain necklaces became fashionable. They are known as diamonds by the yard necklaces because of how the diamonds are interspersed along the chain. These diamond line necklaces have become popular layering pieces as well as stand-alone options that make an incredible statement. 

As for the design, these diamonds can come in all shapes and sizes and may be spread out equally along the chain or clustered together in an intricate pattern or design.

A vintage-style diamond by the yard necklace may look like a dainty, gold link necklace with diamonds housed in metal frames and interspersed at regular intervals along the chain. Vintage and antique line necklaces tend to offer a unique option for your jewelry collection because these pieces are often one-of-a-kind, providing you with your very own piece of history.

Some vintage and antique line necklaces were also styled with a center stone in a round or emerald cut with diamond accents along the chain. Round diamonds are most commonly associated with diamonds by the yard necklaces, but if you want a more unique look, check out options that include princess-cut diamonds or pear-shaped gems. 

These diamond line necklaces have made their way into fashion trends of the modern era because of their versatility and timeless design. They can be worn individually or in layers, and they pair well with all kinds of metals and gems. 

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are one of the best ways to display one’s personal style. These necklaces typically consist of a very simple chain in a choice metal, along with a stunning pendant in a variety of styles, designs, metals, and stones. From floral motifs to religious symbols to halos and zodiac signs, pendant necklaces make stunning and invaluable gifts.

Short answer: Ofcourse! Some emerald necklaces, ruby necklaces, and other gemstone necklaces fall into the pendant category, but the bulk of pendants consist of diamond necklaces. No matter the style or gemstone accent on your pendant necklace, you are sure to look ravishing wearing it at your next casual, or important event.


Whether it’s a small accent stone or the central focal point of the necklace, you can’t go wrong with adding a little color in your style. Sapphire necklaces are incredibly popular as they are both trendy and classy. Emerald necklaces on the other hand are a top choice due to their elegance and sophistication. Ruby necklaces offer a bright burst of color to any outfit. No matter what gemstone you choose, gemstone necklaces are unique and beautiful in their own way.

Custom Necklaces

Necklaces are one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry as they can be incredibly luxurious and opulent, chic and casual. Everyone is sure to find a necklace they love—but what about the special, one-of-a-kind piece you haven’t been able to find in stores? This is where a custom necklace can make your necklace daydream into a reality.

A custom-made necklace is one where you select the details, such as the stone, stone color, stone size, metal type, and more. If you’re purchasing a custom necklace for yourself or designing and gifting a custom necklace for her, Roman Malakov is the place to go. We will consult with you about your design and, from our selection of diamonds and gemstones, help you make the best decisions for your custom necklace.

Necklace Metals & Styles

The setting for your gold diamond necklace is ultimately a personal preference of style and design. We have a range of options to accommodate your taste.

Though platinum and white gold both provide a similar and popular appearance for diamond bracelets, for necklaces, it’s more popular to have gold metal especially for fashion pieces. Gold is also a more economical choice as it doesn’t scratch as easily or dull over time as quickly as platinum does. 

Rose gold diamond necklaces are gaining popularity among women of all ages and is combined with copper and silver to give it that rose-colored, pinkish-red hue. Pinks and reds are often associated with romantic gifts, and a rose gold bracelet would be a charming present for a wedding or anniversary.

Gold diamond necklaces made with yellow gold can sometimes have a vintage flair that attracts lovers of retro and antique jewelry styles. 

White Gold diamond necklaces are typically lighter in weight and may be a better choice if you are looking for simpler and aren’t too wallet-heavy. This metal is made of pure gold and white metals such as: nickel, silver, and palladium; which increases its strength and durability.

Yellow gold is the classic, traditional option for for any pieces in your jewelry collection. These bracelets are a timeless and elegant option. Yellow gold helps the diamonds in your bracelet sparkle more— though it needs more regular polishing and cleaning, it is also the best option for hypoallergenic jewelry. 

Both white gold and yellow gold take turns as the most popular color and style as fashion trends come and go, so it will ultimately come down to your personal preference. 

Discover the Perfect Diamond Necklace at Roman Malakov in NYC

Visit Roman Malakov to see our stunning options of diamond necklaces in New York. Located in the heart of the city, we are proud to offer diamond necklaces for women that can suit any style; including but not limit to: traditional, vintage, retro, and modern looks. We are here to help you find the perfect diamond necklace for you or your loved one!