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5.22 Carats Total Brilliant Round Diamond By The Yard Necklace in White Gold
  • $23,550.00
3.86 Carats Total Graduating Round Shape Diamond Tennis Necklace in Yellow Gold
  • $8,290.00
16.89 Carats Total Oval Cut Ruby and Diamond Tennis Necklace in White Gold
  • $13,800.00
7.34 Carats Total Brilliant Round Diamonds Tennis Necklace in Yellow Gold
  • $14,250.00
3.77 Carats Total Diamonds and Mother of Pearl Long Necklace in White Gold
  • $14,000.00
14.46 Carat Total Black & White Round Diamond Crossover Tennis Necklace in White Gold
  • $40,000.00
11.90 Carat Total Round Diamond Crossover Tennis Necklace in White Gold
  • $42,500.00
20.58 Carat Cluster Diamond Tennis Necklace in White Gold
  • $54,000.00
10.99 Carat Cluster Diamond Tennis Necklace in White Gold
  • $29,000.00
9.59 Carat Cluster Diamond Tennis Necklace in White Gold
  • $25,000.00
8.71 Carat Total Mixed Cut Diamond Tennis Necklace in White Gold
  • $28,750.00
16.10 Carat Total Round Diamond Tennis Necklace in Platinum
  • $67,500.00
4.20 Carats Marquise Cut Diamond by the Yard Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold
  • $11,000.00
10.02 Carat Brilliant Round Three Row Diamond Necklace in White Gold
  • $24,579.00
6.83 Carat Total Pear Shape Diamond Halo Diamonds by the Yard Necklace in White Gold
  • $16,900.00
0.36 Carat Total Alternating Princess and Round Cut Diamond by The Yard Line Necklace
  • $1,680.00
0.52 Carat Total Brilliant Round Diamonds by the Yard Line Necklace with Yellow Gold Sun Bezel
  • $2,245.00
2.58 Carat Total Brilliant Round Diamond Long Fashion Necklace in White Gold
  • $7,425.00


Diamonds By The Yard Necklace


No matter where you live or what you do, every woman needs a stunning diamond necklace. At Roman Malakov, one of our signature pieces is the diamonds by the yard necklace. This luxurious take on traditional line necklaces makes for superb statement pieces for any apparel or event.

Not only are diamonds by the yard pieces gorgeous in their varying designs, but they are also versatile in the most exquisite way. Diamond line necklaces can be short or long, lightly or heavily adorned with diamonds, and designed with platinum or a variety of gold options. 

Roman Malakov’s exclusive diamonds by the yard necklace is one of the most iconic and luxurious of all the straight-line diamond necklaces available today. These gorgeous pieces became popular in the 1970s when women began wearing layers of chain necklaces in varying lengths and have since grown in popularity as the variations have become more unique and layering has become increasingly on-trend. 

Diamond Line Necklace in NYC Diamond District 

The diamonds by the yard necklace can be worn in a number of ways, including dressed up or dressed down, by itself or layered with other pieces, and with a pendant or simply on its own as a line necklace. Additionally, many of these pieces can be customized to your personal preferences. For example, a single-line diamond necklace can be purchased as is, or you can opt to add gemstone accents, larger stones, or a different metal, ensuring it’s the perfect piece for you. 

If you’re searching for a fabulous new diamonds by the yard necklace or looking to explore other custom necklaces, Roman Malakov should be your first stop.


What Is Diamonds by the Yard?

Diamonds by the yard are a unique play on a traditional line necklace. These pieces typically feature round-cut, bezel-set diamonds spread out across a delicate chain. The original pieces had the diamonds spread out quite a bit and were generally on longer chains that could be worn wrapped around the neck as many times as a person liked. But many options available today include those with diamonds quite close together, those with a variety of stone shapes on one necklace, those with unique and non-traditional clusters of diamonds across the chain, and those with two or three rows of diamonds rather than the standard one line. Other modern variations of these necklaces include those with gemstones, fringe or Y-shaped necklaces, and tennis necklaces.  


How to Wear Diamonds by the Yard

Because of their unique design and varied appearances, diamonds by the yard jewelry can be worn in a number of ways. The most common way is to simply put the necklace on in the normal way, while other ways include wrapping the necklace around the neck once or twice to create a layered look with just one chain. Many people opt to layer diamonds by the yard necklaces with other necklaces, too, such as a pendant necklace or drop necklace. 

The versatility of these necklaces is truly endless. They are simple enough for everyday wear, such as going the office or out to lunch, but they can also be paired with more elegant apparel for an evening out or a corporate event. They can easily be dressed up or down based on what clothing and other jewelry you wear them with, making them a must-have item for any woman who prides herself on her accessorizing. 

When wearing diamonds by the yard pieces with other jewelry pieces, you can play around with different combinations to see what you like the best. For example, vintage styles can be paired with other vintage jewelry for a gorgeously cohesive look, while modern necklaces can be worn alongside mixed metal necklaces and geometric earrings for a striking modern appearance. You can also play with mixing modern and vintage pieces together along with your diamond line necklaces to form a unique look that you are sure to love. 


Shop Diamonds by the Yard at Roman Malakov 

To explore a vast selection of diamonds by the yard necklaces and their many variations, visit Roman Malakov. Our store is located in NYC’s elite Diamond District, and our jewelry professionals are available to help you select the perfect new necklace to add to your personal jewelry collection. You can book an appointment now or shop online or in-store today.