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Pear Shape Colombian Emerald and Diamond Necklace
  • $688,000.00

Estate Jewelry: Vintage & Antique Jewelry

The selection of diamond pieces in our high-end jewelry collection will excite anyone looking for new pieces created by various designer jewelry brands from Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Bulgari, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpels, Buccellati, Piaget, Mikimoto, and more.

Recognized as symbols of luxury, elegance, and beautiful style; we are honored to create and craft jewelry for many of these brands, and we relish the opportunity to present them to our patrons in our store.

Classic High Jewelry

There are certain classic jewelry pieces that are absolute must-haves for any classic jewelry enthusiast. This selection of classic fine jewelry includes pieces from some of the most elite and exclusive jewelry designers.

Designs that stand the test of time, these pieces are just as elegant today as when they were first introduced to jewelry enthusiasts decades ago. Our Classic Collection contains pieces with diamonds as a focal point, creating a striking aesthetic— these pieces are all about making bold statements.

From designer rings to pendants to earrings, this collection will truly catch your eye! The classic jewelry pieces at Roman Malakov make up an elite collection of timeless jewelry, created with you in mind. Schedule an appointment today or come visit in-store. 

Anything But Ordinary

Make a sophisticated mark with Roman Malakov’s Anything but Ordinary Jewelry, a one-of-a-kind collection that exudes beauty and exclusivity. From statement necklaces to bold rings and more, unique fashion jewelry is the essence of Roman Malakov’s commitment to elite and high-end custom jewelry.

If you want a new one-of-a-kind diamond statement piece, Roman Malakov’s Anything but Ordinary jewelry collection is a must! Each piece is custom-made, created with the highest level of craftsmanship in the jewelry industry, with intricate designs, striking stones, and dazzling details. They embody uniqueness, resulting in extraordinary pieces. You’ll love adding one of these high-end pieces to your personal collection.

To explore this collection of unique jewelry and high-end pieces, contact Roman Malakov and schedule an appointment— we offer customization on certain pieces to fit your preferences and style.

Rare Colors

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but few question the beauty of fancy colored diamonds. Standing out from their hue-less counterparts, colored diamonds are a true sight to see, whether muted or bold and bright in color— these are highly sought after and held in high regard.

The Roman Malakov exclusive fancy diamond collection includes a wide variety of colors, cuts, and settings. From blue diamond jewelry, yellow diamond jewelry, or fancy pink diamond rings, you have many fine options. These make any proposal unique, especially for those who enjoy making an impression. You can customize these rings to your specifications or those of your bride-to-be to ensure your rare colored diamond engagement ring is well-loved and cherished for a lifetime.

If you’re searching beyond rings for jewelry adorned with a fancy yellow diamond or maybe fancy black diamonds, this collection includes necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that will add the right je ne sais quoi.

If you’re searching for rarest of them all, the answer is red. The boldest, deepest red hues in diamonds are incredibly rare and unique, and variations include purplish-red and brownish-red. 

With fancy colored diamonds, the higher the saturation of color, the more rare and expensive they will be. The top rare colors that most jewelry aficionados seek are: blue, pink, yellow, black, and red.

Fancy blue diamonds typically have a secondary hue and overtone that determines their overall look. Most fancy blue diamonds will contain tones of gray, green, or purple. Blue diamond jewelry is hugely popular amongst royals, primarily in the form of rings and necklaces.

Fancy pink diamonds are one of the most popular, as their soft color is reminiscent of love and romance. While a purely pink diamond is considered ideal in terms of quality, pink diamond jewelry may contain stones with secondary hues of purple, brown, or orange, which also bring out beautiful tones and deep colors.

Yellow diamond jewelry is another top choice among the most sought after fancy colored diamond pieces. The range of fancy yellow diamonds includes colors from within the colorless grading scale, known as the Cape colors, and passes through light yellow to intense yellow and finally to deep yellow.

Fancy black diamonds have become increasingly prized as their rarity and beauty are explored by jewelers and jewelry lovers alike. Although not technically considered a colored diamond, fancy black diamonds are gorgeous and bold, and they confidently embody power and passion.

Finally, the rarest: the red diamond. These highly coveted stones are found in pure, intense reds that can contain secondary tones of purple, brown, or orange.

Find Your Next Luxury Piece at Roman Malakov

To explore the collection of high jewelry, visit in store or browse online. Be sure to make an appointment regarding a particular piece that you’re interested in and staff will help you make the best decision regarding your high fashion jewelry. 

You can set up a virtual consultation to inquire about a specific jewelry item, or you’re welcome to visit the Diamond District location in NYC.